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Despite being one of the earliest forms of electronic communication, today email is probably the most disrespected formats. Be it the unscrupulous marketing mailers, mountain of spam or an overloaded inbox, everything works against the underlying platform – email. Even being a free, simple and relatively unintrusive modes of communication isn’t helping enough.

Every attempt made by technology companies, large and small, to improve the condition of email has either failed miserably or ended up just as a cosmetic addition. The need to being formal and elaborate is touted as one of the setbacks preventing email from becoming an effective communication tool. Shortmail is here is to change just that.

Even before the social media revolution, we have always linked to popular things things we find online, usually the latest trends and things that popular people are using. I like Will Smith and might be willing to check out the gadgets or apps he is using. However, not everyone likes Will Smith (outrageous, I know). But we all like our friends (at least we hope so!).

Usually, there is a very good reason we’re friends with the people we are – we have a lot in common. So, if they liked something, there is a very good chance you might like it too., wants to show you what is popular, right now. The web app does this by analyzing what links your friends are sharing the most. Let’s take it for a spin to find out more about this social app.


Those who have searched for a job will know how tough it is to get the right one, if you can find one at all. You will have to be able to market yourself to the prospective employer, and customizing your skills and appealing to different corporate environments can be grueling at best. But even before you can get a face time with the bossman, there is a major hurdle you will have to get across – creating a resume.

Resumes get you a seat at the table, and are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer (or at least their HR department). It isn’t a breeze to create a decent looking one, though, let alone an impressive one. There will always be a vital detail that has gone missing or hasn’t been highlighted prominently, and it’s so easy for your resume to look like just another plain vanilla piece of paper.

Resumebaking is a web app that promises to create you a winning resume. It’s time to check that claim for ourselves. Ready to brush up your resume? Follow along and see if Resumebaking can simplify the task.


I am a very vocal supporter of cloud computing. However, there are few limitations to moving your life and documents entirely to the cloud. First, you get locked into one service provider and their proprietary format. Second, if the service goes bust or you violate their terms (knowingly or otherwise), consider yourself banned for life.

This has happened to a lot of people even with big brands like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. So it’s always good to have a redundancy in place. If you are like me and are staunchly against storing anything locally – even for redundancy – apps like Splarchive are out there to help us. Splarchive is a web app that converts and saves all your documents in the PDF format.


The most awesome thing about social networks is the ability to share stuff with friends and loved ones. And it is really ironical that the same sharing feature is fast becoming the most annoying thing as well. From over enthusiastic peers to professional spammers, people just mindlessly click away the retweet and like buttons, overwhelming the social stream.

It took decades to reign in email spam, but thankfully, spam in the social stream is getting the attention it deserves from early on. KnowAboutIt is an app that helps you fight all the social noise and spam by highlighting stuff worth looking at. The web app makes sure you know about the best links passing through your social streams. Interested to learn how it pulls that off?


Games sure are a fun way to cool our heels after a hectic day of work. But for some of us games happen to be more than a pastime and in some cases, passion. Broadband played a pivotal role in not only making games more interactive but also making way for a cheap distribution channel.

The raise in popularity of the virtual goods economy in the recent years jumpstarted the online gaming industry once again and now we have tons of awesome games available for free. Here at Web.AppStorm, we never miss a chance to review and round up cool online games. Keeping up with the tradition, we have compiled a list of fun online games that are free to play online. Dive in!


Effortless and meetings are two words that don’t go well together. They are contradict with each other so much, they would make the term “effortless meetings” an oxymoron. Even with the help of enterprise grade calendering and scheduling apps, planning an all hands meeting might be a tiresome process.

A lot of Web 2.0 apps have tried to solve the issue of scheduling. is the newest one among them. The web app screams about making all your scheduling tasks simply effortless, breaking organizational boundaries. Does it really deliver?


Websites of all types and sizes require us to create an account and use that login credential to sign into their service everytime. This was all fine and dandy ten years ago when we were using just couple of websites often. But today, a lot of us learn and earn online, resulting in creating a truckload of user accounts.

This is true even for an average Internet user who is accustomed to casual browsing. Sure, you can use a password manager to remember and manage all your accounts, but given the number of devices we use everyday (at home and office) it isn’t the ideal solution. To solve this painful problem, Mozilla has proposed an experimental new way of signing into websites. Is BrowserID the silver bullet we are looking for?


As a photographer or a creative professional, it should be easy to shoot or design your best work, day in and day out. That isn’t the problem. Showcasing your work is. If you are planning to sell your work online, that adds another layer of complexity to the process. To avoid paying an arm and leg for web design and development and to get started instantly, hosted portfolio services are a popular choice.

Pixpa promotes itself as a web app that assists photographers, artists and designers in creating a portfolio to showcase, share and sell all their online. Does it live up to the promise? We sure are going to check it out.


Whether you’ve only got minutes of free time or have a week to kill, you might like some more productive way to use your time than simply watching TV. On the other hand, non profit organizations are usually under staffed and are looking for someone to lend a helping hand. Yes, you can send them money to carry out their activities or offer your expert services instead. But how do you know what kind of help nonprofits are seeking and how long the commitment might be?

Sparked makes it easy for busy people to give back. The web app assists people with expertise in various verticals find the right nonprofit task to lend their professional skills whenever and wherever they find time to spare. Interested in giving back to your community? Here’s one interesting way you can find a way to give back to a cause you love doing things you love best.


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