Ibrahim Rodríguez

I work for Envato doing ninja related things and actually writing some articles for AppStorm. I love Web Technologies and Video Games!

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In this digital age we are used to reading personal statuses from friends whom we are following via several social media mediums, but sometimes we don’t really care if they are eating, on their way to the office, etc. However, we might be interested in the content they read or browse through the web. When you follow friends using social media it is because you share a common interest, thus, you would like to browse suggested content based on their readings. Perfect timing, here is when Readness comes up.

Let’s find out more about privacy and Readness features.


Imagine a warm forest where you can share things, comment, add favorites and much more. But, what kinds of things would I share? And who would I share them with? Bears and deers?

Forrst is a fantastic place for developers and designers only where you can share snapshots, links, and code snippets with colleagues or friends. Also, you will be able to ask questions publicly and receive answers from your counterparts, or perhaps from a Forrst Ranger.

The concept is pretty similar to Dribbble but you are able to share more than snaps, which gives you a brand new social experience in the web technologies environment.

We’ll take a quick peek at what Forrst has to offer.


Still missing the World Cup South Africa 2010? Is the PGA Tour Season over? We’ve rounded up 10 of the funnest and best web-based sports games to help take your mind off your favorite sporting events until next season.