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Edison Kent is an IT & Digital Communications professional who graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Technology and Culture. His passions include the study of language and society, cognition and learning, design and visual communication, rhetoric, fine arts, and information science.

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The Hype Machine is a music blog aggregator app that was launched in 2005. What the service does is pull streaming music from hundreds of different blogs (over 800 at the time of this writing), and compile them all in a single location for visitors to listen to, rate, and ultimately discover.

The great thing about The Hype Machine and the characteristic that keeps users coming back, is that it is always fresh, filled with new content, and has the uncanny ability to find truly great music before it ever even hits the mainstream.

If you enjoy music and like being on the edge of what’s currently popular and trending on the web, you should pop open a new tab or window in your browser and start playing with the Hype Machine immediately.

(more…) is a publishing platform which allows users to showcase their work in a streamlined portfolio format with no prior knowledge of coding or web design. Filling a void somewhere between Flickr and Blogger, Jux strives to set itself apart by being a publishing platform for creative professionals.

Users not only have the ability to quickly and easily post block quotes, articles, photos, videos, slideshows and top-10 countdowns, but also the tools to do so in a beautifully organized and fully intuitive gallery format. was launched just a few short months ago, but it is already demonstrating why good design and approachability can lead to a substantial following. The rest of this post will delve into Jux and discuss the many benefits it can bring to your creative ventures.


The Khan Academy is a free to use educational platform which allows individuals to easily find and view lessons and lectures in a wide range of areas such as mathematics, history, finance and biology. The ultimate goal of this nonprofit organization, is to provide a freely and easily attainable education to anyone across the globe, through an open and social learning environment.

With over 2,600 educational videos in dozens of areas of interest, the Khan Academy is not only rapidly approaching this goal, but is also beginning to completely revolutionize the way people are approaching education in digital space. With continued support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as Google’s Project 10^100, the Khan Academy has already begun to challenge traditional outlets for educational viewership on the web, and there is really no limit to the project’s potential.

This in depth look at the Khan Academy will cover everything you need to know to get started, and will additionally demonstrate how students of all ages are already benefiting from their time online with this system.

(more…), founded in 1995 by the nonprofit organization Action Without Borders, is an online community promoting the connection of people, organizations, opportunities, and resources to build a better world through community engagement. Now with over 6,000 job listings, 13,000+ volunteer opportunities, and over 320,000 registered users, there has never been a better time to look at what the community has to offer, especially for anyone looking to make a difference.

Need a job? Need more experience? Both of these opportunities could just be a few clicks away. If you have ever wanted an easy way to give back and get involved with your community, read on to see how you can leverage to get the opportunity or position that you have always wanted.