Ash Beardmore

Hi, I'm Ash. I run my own app developing company, Shining Pixel. Also, having some apps of my own such as Hiking Howard goes to China and building the Shropshire Council newsroom app.

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Since 2003, WordPress has helped build and run over 72 million sites worldwide with their simple yet incredibly powerful platform. You can create a blog in minutes and fill it with the content you want, or you could spend hours finding the perfect theme and plugins to make your site work exactly the way you want. WordPress powers everything from  minimist blogs that focus on writing and photography to advanced sites that use it as full-featured CMS, and everything in-between.

With thousands of free and paid plugins available for WordPress, there’s likely dozens that you might like to use on your site but have never heard of. Our reader Ash Beardmore rounded up 10 of his favorite WordPress plugins that you might not have ever heard of. Whether you want to send email newsletters straight from WordPress, monitor file downloads from your site, or more, keep reading to see if these plugins are what your WordPress site is needing.