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Paymo: Time Tracking Done Just Right

To freelancers, time tracking is probably the most important aspect of any project. It helps you keep track of exactly how much time you are spending on a particular project, how productive you are and, most importantly, how much you are owed when it comes to payday at the end of the month! There are many different time tracking solutions available for all platforms, however it seems that in this day and age of the Internet, an online-based solution is often more appropriate.

Why? For one, they are often cheaper than PC or Mac-based software and they have the advantage of being able to be accessed from anywhere, not just from your own computer. There is a wealth of online time tracking applications available. Today, let’s have a look at Paymo, which we just recently featured in a giveaway.

Paymo has a considerable advantage over other time tracking clients in that it is free (if you sign up to the basic account) and that there is a range of goodies that can be added onto it, assisting you even further. Let’s have a look at it in a bit more detail.


When it comes to web-based task and project management apps, the Web is literally overflowing with them. You’ve got the choice between a huge range of different ones all designed to promote greater integration within businesses and generally help towards a more productive workflow. I recently looked at yaM and Podio, which both boast a wide range of features and are pretty impressive tools to help businesses collaborate.

The only problem with these kinds of project managers is that they tend to be geared towards high-end business users and tend to over-complicate themselves with features that are wasted on the average Joe such as your author here. I’m a techie, so the more complicated things are the better they will stand out with me but for most people, these advanced features can be a bit overwhelming. Think of startup companies, who don’t want to blow their IT budget on one program and who want simple collaboration tools that lets everyone in the office know exactly what they are working on.

Enter cohuman. It is, like many others in its category, a web-based task management app but there’s a spark of insight woven into the program that makes it easy to use yet still retaining some mighty features. Cohuman has recently being bought out by Mindjet, a company that develops visualisation solutions such as mind-mapping software for both Windows and Mac. You’d think that this is a marriage made in heaven, wouldn’t you?

Well, let’s take a look at cohuman to see whether this marriage is eternal, or if it is already on the rocks…


Anyone who is self-employed or works a job that involves dealing with numerous clients and projects will tell you that one of the most annoying parts of the job is the administration. Planning, keeping track of your work, invoicing and analysing the project can be a pain in the neck. Of course this serves to distract us from the important work; actually getting the job done and satisfying the client.

In a previous life I had complicated Excel files, PDFs and saved emails scattered around my desktop. These were complimented by bits of paper, to-do lists and reminders tacked up on a memo board over my desk. They all had but one purpose in life; to keep me on track. At times it became a nightmare when a reminder would go missing or a bill accidentally went unpaid.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TidyLists. The developer describes TidyLists as a web application that allows you to manage all of your to do lists in one simple location. With TidyLists, there’s no learning curve involved. You’ll be able to use TidyLists right away without having to spend any time learning how to use it.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


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If you haven’t heard of AppSumo yet, you need to check them out. As stated on their site, “AppSumo partners with people who make the coolest apps out there to offer you exclusive price deals on their products. Mom would approve.” Mom would approve and we do too.

Today AppSumo is offering you lucky AppStorm readers not just a great deal but 10 free Freckle subscriptions. Fear not, this is not a subscription to increase your skin freckle count but rather for the fantastic web app that helps you manage your time and so much more. We recently published a review of Freckle — the app is ever improving and well worth checking out.

The Contest

Want to get in on this? It’s easy! Simply tweet, “I want to #Freckle with @letsfreckle and @AppSumo! (via @webappstorm)

We’ll track the tweets and select the ten winners at random in three days. We’ll announce the winners on Thursday, April 14th. If you want to help us out should you win, post a comment below with a link to your tweet. And of course, do yourself a favor and watch for more awesome AppSumo deals!

Quick Look: cronsync
Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting cronsync. The developer describes cronsync as a web based, transparent, inexpensive and easy to use time tracking solution. It simplifies and professionalizes billing and invoicing processes and shows you at a glance how profitable clients and projects are. It offers a very effective user and rights management for internal and external staff. And it allows flexible settings of internal and external hourly rates on client level.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Managing Time With Timecard for Billings Pro

Billable hours are the most sacred things that could either make or break a company, particularly if you’re in the service industry. Apart from being key to boost revenues, billable hours are a way to keep lazy employees in check and gain credibility with the customer. The biggest issue with tracking time is getting everyone to submit their billable hours in a timely, organized manner.

Billings Pro offers several fantastic tools to track and submit time slips from multiple platforms to a centralized server. After the break, we’ll take a look at how functional their web based tool, Timecard, is.


There are plenty of project management apps out there and while some are great because they have plenty of features, it’s obvious that some are going to be better at performing certain tasks than others. Because of this, many people can be left app-hopping when they need to do something that a certain app can’t. In some cases, there are even apps dedicated to a specific task that can be a lot better than the all-in-one apps and for the app-hoppers out there, they are well-worth checking out.

Freckle is one of these. Freckle is a web app dedicated to the task of tracking and managing time and can be especially useful for those who wish to complete the task with minimal effort. Find out more about Freckle inside the article.


Task management is critical to enhance productivity. Arranging tasks in a sequence and scheduling them is the key to efficient time management. promises to make your life efficient by managing your time and tasks. Can you depend entirely on to manage your tasks with its ability to delegate tasks to coworkers or friends? We will find out after the jump.


A key to running a successful business is to keep your costs as low as possible and to be efficient as possible in areas that will benefit your customers. But that’s common sense and most people already know that. What can be hard is finding out just how to cut costs and make your workflow more efficient.

Today’s prize fits perfectly into this concept.


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