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Mailstrom: Achieve Inbox Zero With Ease

The concept of inbox zero is nothing new. It is a nirvana-like inbox state that many people try to attain. We all know the feeling of glancing at a bulging inbox with emails that are yet to be read, more that need to be responded to, and yet more that need filing or deleting. Doing this by hand can be time consuming, but if you have thousands of messages to deal with, Mailstrom could be the tool to get you back on the right track.

Mailstorm is a new beta email app designed to help you keep your inbox under control. Lets see if it’s the app you need to take your unread messages in your inbox by storm.


For most of us, a large chunk of emails received are usually automated and unimportant stuff like notifications, newsletters, bills, mailing lists, registrations, event invites and the like. Even when you set up multiple filters to move them into their respective folders skipping the inbox, you will still end up getting the same (and new) automated mailers. In fact, services employ people who specialize in making sure that emails land in your inbox rather than a spam folder.

It’s a good sign that a horde of startups are working to address the problem of email overload. A lot of new tricks are being tried out like converting emails to tasks, make reading emails a game and so on. While they offer a partial fix, a fool proof solution is yet to come to market. ZeroMail is a web app that strives to remove clutter from your inbox. It’s time to learn how to put the app to use.


I don’t have to write anything more about the annoyance of dealing with a constant barrage of emails day in and day out. From those dealing with a handful of emails to those getting hundreds of them, the collective feeling is that of pain and boredom. What is supposed to make sure that you get the job done, ends up taking up a major chunk of productive hours.

In the last few months we have reviewed a few apps that try to help people tackle their overloaded inboxes. SaneBox separates your most important emails from the ones that can wait, helping you prioritize the way you read your messages all the while saving you time and frustration. Come join me to learn how to put this app to use and enhance your productivity.


Cure Your Email Overload With Email Game

We do get a lot of email these days. I am not talking about spam – clean, legitimate emails from people we know and do business with. Leave it unattended for a couple of days, your email inbox will look like a war zone with the causalities being your productivity and reputation. Besides, it has become a fashion to complain about email overload.

For those who are really serious about clearing out their inbox and get things done, there are some great apps to lend a helping hand. Email Game is one such app and is a new way to read and respond to email.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Feed My Inbox (FMI) giveaway, generously sponsored by the FMI team! Read inside to see if you’ve won.

Not long ago we also reviewed Feed My Inbox, a great way to receive RSS feeds via email. If you haven’t read the review yet, be sure to take a few minutes to give it a read—RSS to Email with Feed My Inbox.


We recently published a how-to covering Feed My Inbox (FMI)—RSS to Email with Feed My Inbox—which talked about several RSS solutions the web app is capable of. If you need (or want) to receive RSS feeds via email, FMI is a great app to check out.

The FMI team has been generous enough to offer our readers five free lifetime accounts! Read on for more information on entering the Feed My Inbox giveaway.


We’re all pretty much familiar with RSS feeds and most of us probably already use an online reader (or desktop reader). However, there are situations when using an RSS reader just isn’t ideal and email subscription isn’t offered. Feed My Inbox has the solution, allowing you to subscribe via RSS and have those feeds delivered via email either in real-time or on a set schedule.

Feed My Inbox provides solutions to many problems, which we’ll walk through in this how-to.