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ApproveForMe: Get Your Docs Proofed and Approved, Online

As I have mentioned before in other posts, I love how the web has given us the opportunity to be able to work with people with no boundaries. Gone are the days of having to work in the same office with someone to get work done. With a variety of web apps that are out there for businesses, there is no reason why you cannot challenge the physical boundaries of having to work in the same space.

One of the tasks in just about any business is the approval of documents and getting feedback as well. For the longest time, if you were not working in the same space as someone else, you would usually email your document to them to get approval or feedback for it. They would then have to download it, open it, and then read it. After that they could make their comments on the document, but then they would have to email it back to you again. At the time, we thought that this solution was the easiest possible.

But, as the web has evolved, so has this process with the introduction of apps like ApproveForMe. It takes the pain of having to email documents to people to get their approval and feedback. I have been testing it out and it has come in very handy for me.


Authorea: Simple Research Collaboration

Document collaboration is an area that many are trying to innovate in. For general usage, Google has been at the forefront of increasing collaboration with Google Drive but the options become significantly limited when you want to specialise in a specific genre.

Authorea is all about writing educational and research papers in your browser in a convinent and intuitive manner while easing the process of collaborating with others. (more…)

GroupDocs: Be a Document Wizard

Irrespective of your career, there is hardly a chance that you could escape writing documentation. Creating, editing, collaborating, or organizing info – at least one of these tasks is part of the regular workflow these days. Office 365 and Google Docs are the biggest players in the online collaboration and productivity suites, and odds are you already use one of them in your daily workflow.

From time to time, a new web app rears its head to tackle the inefficiencies in the documentation process. GroupDocs is a next generation document management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share, and work with documents online. After the break, let us see in detail how to make the most out of it.


One of the things that I absolutely love about the web is that it’s a place where people can start to collaborate on projects and other things. As the web improves so does creating projects and collaborating on them, which opens up more possibilities for great things to happen. What is so great is that web apps are starting to replace desktop apps and are actually on par with them as far as features, and throw in social features and they’re even better than desktop apps could be.

Take for example a web app called, which gives the user a plain canvas on the web that they can use to their liking and then share it with others to collaborate on. What makes this so attractive is the fact that you can use for a wide variety of tasks and it can be used by just about anyone that needs a space to share things and get feedback. Not only that, but the developers of the app have made it very user friendly and have given you the ability to use many different formats to create your project. Let’s take a look.


Tasks that used to take days to do can now take a few hours or even a few minutes, thanks to the internet. Even ordering a physical book or CD from Amazon feels like it takes forever now that we’re used to instant digital downloads. When there’s any delay, it can feel incredibly frustrating.

Take, for example, signing documents. This process can sometimes take what feels like forever. We get the documents ready to be signed and either the signees have to travel to sign it together, or we have to mail the documents to them and wait for them to sign and send the document back to us. Try getting documents signed internationally, and the delays (and expenses incurred) are even crazier.

HelloSign, the makers of HelloFax, an app I reviewed a little while back, aims to make this process a whole lot easier for everyone that needs to get documents signed. Technology is moving forward and they are taking advantage of it, by giving you an experience that leaves you thinking “What did I do without this?” At least that was my initial thoughts as I played around with it and started to see how this could be very useful. (more…)

A little while back, I wrote a review of HelloFax and I came away definitely excited about where the technology of faxing documents was going. Like I had mentioned in that post, it still baffles me that the fax machine is still around and that people are still using it. What baffles me even more is the procedure that we need to go through to sign a document and send it back if we didn’t have a fax.

As someone who spends the majority of his day online, sending documents back and forth, this process can really be a pain. You have to print the document, then you have to sign it, scan it back in, and then upload it and send it back. There’s got to be an easier way to digitally send documents, if HelloFax could make it so simple.

Fast forward a few weeks and the last couple of days, I have been playing around with an app called BoxySign. The instant I saw the intro video, I thought to myself “This is it, someone finally has figured out how to do make the process of signing documents totally digital.” After that, I just had to try out it out and see if it was worth it.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Signsquid. The developer describes Signsquid as the secure and legal way to sign contracts online!
No fax, no printer, no delays!

Signsquid is the only platform that authenticates signatories in two ways—through an identity link sent by email and a unique code given to the signatories by phone. Signsquid is a simple, secure, legally guaranteed platform for signing contracts online.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Ever since the advent of the Internet, we have been subjected to huge information overload. This is particularly true in case you are a working professional. Multiple text documents have to be read, understood and summarized for team mates or to research more on the topic. At times, a brief summary of what the document is about could be a huge time saver.

Topicmarks is a web app that creates smart, interactive synopses from text documents in minutes. If you are someone who handles a lot documents over the course of a normal day, come find out how this web app could help boost your productivity.


Quick Look: FormLizard
Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting FormLizard. The developer describes FormLizard as an app that doesn’t just collect data, it produces completed documents from simple online interviews. Export forms in Word, Excel, or PDF. You can also e-submit to GoogleDocs, RightSignature and other integration partner accounts. Use FormLizard internally within an organization; open it up to selected persons, such as customers; or make your instance accessible to the public.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Are you tired of using a half-dozen different apps to manage your business in the cloud? Everyday it seems like there’s a new app released designed to help deal with a small aspect of your business, such as CRM or internal messaging, but with so many disparate apps it’s easy to forget what you’ve saved where. Plus, it can be expensive paying for so many different apps. aims at bringing some order to the confusion and make it easier to manage your business and, most importantly, get back to work. Its founders set out to bring style and simplicity to online project management and designed it to include all the tools you need to efficiently keep track of every part of your business. already offers an impressive number of tools, with more planned to be added before its released from beta.

Today we’ll look at what has to offer your business and see if it’s got what it takes to beat Basecamp and the thousands of other project management apps out there.


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