Do Your Part by Using a Green Web Host

The team at Envato has long taken part in Blog Action Day, and this year is no different. The topic chosen this year is climate change — and when it comes to the web, one easy way to make a positive difference is to use a green web host.

Web Hosting

There are a lot of us web savvy folks who host our own web site. Why not use a web host who uses more efficient, environmentally friendly energy to run the servers and host your site? Five years ago, the options for green hosting were limited, but a lot has changed.

There are many hosts focusing on this area now. Here is a round up of some good ones.

Eco Web Hosting


Sustainable Websites

Sustainable websites

Green WebHost


Taproot Hosting



And there are plenty more options available. Choose from any of the following to help make positive change.

Other Web Resources

In addition to using a green web host, we can help in even smaller ways. Each of the sites below are focused on small changes we can all make that can add up to big changes in our culture.



This site is simply a front end for Google, but uses a black background. White web pages take more energy to display on the screen, so the intention here is for millions of people to use Blackle to search Google and save power.

The following three sites focus on green search. It takes your searches queries and returns results that are more focused on green products and services.

Let’s Do What We Can

Making an environmental difference doesn’t come overnight — it takes an open mind and some observation to carefully assess our day to day living. Examine what you do with your time and most importantly, what you consume.

Then work on educating yourself to ensure you can make more informed choices.



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  • I’m sick of hearing about Blackle. It doesn’t save any power, especially on modern monitors, as LCDs use more power to render dark colors. Think of it this way: There’s a bright white light behind the screen that’s on as long as your monitor is on. In order to render dark colors for certain pixels, it has to use power to change the color of the liquid crystal in those places.

    If everyone had inefficient CRT monitors, Blackle might save some power over time, but a better course of action would be to push for people to upgrade to LCDs. (Which has happened for the most part.)

    At the present, if you want to save electricity, you should go and upgrade from an LCD with a fluorescent backlight to one with an LED backlight, and tell your friends to do so as well. (For notebooks, Apple’s have LED backlights, except for the current plastic one.) Oh, and set your computer’s energy settings to turn off the monitor instead of running a screen saver.

    • Full Ack!


    1 tree is planted for every 50,000 searches.

  • DreamHost are also green.

  • Canvas Dreams is also a green hosting provider. They are located in Portland Oregon and have a sister facility in the UK. They have great service.

  • Hey I have been using Canvas Dreams reseller accounts for years, unbeatable sales and support, they have been a big part of the green community in Portland, Oregon. They are accredited by Green America.

  • I run a web hosting company and we do our part to run green by using green servers. I plan to take part in the Blog Action Day.

  • It has been my experience to learn first hand the quality and security of a reliable and TRUELY sustainable, wind powered web hosting company. One of the key elements of a great web hosting company is its attention to their customers satisfaction and service. No matter where the servers that host your sites are located, the most important factor is support for your clients. Approved by Green America as a Green Business, they are committed to responsible and sustainable business practices.

    CANVAS DREAMS offers business web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated servers and server co-location facilities and all of their servers are run by 100% renewable wind power. They also have a No-oversell Commitment and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Thanks for this article. Never thought about such web hosting options

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  • You have forgotten to enlist Green Geeks? I have used them for many years, never let me down 😉

  • You should list as well.. They are really green! :)

  • You should also check out my web-host, TheCaringHost – it offers a 130% wind powered green solution and gives money to charity for every customer it has each month!!

  • Fantastic, Its good to see a variety of solutions I especially like the idea of Blackle!

    I would like to mention a recent Green Web Host provider who provide a shared web hosting solutions as well as donating $2 per enrolled customer to charity. Some hosts oversell there servers, not The Caring Host who provides a fair hosting guarantee.

  • I use they are Eco-Friendly and great pricing and response time.