12 Templates and Themes with Kickass Javascript Effects

Our sister site ThemeForest is jam packed with killer templates and themes, and many of them have some pretty spectacular Javascript and jQuery effects. We’ve compiled a dozen of the best and brightest into today’s roundup to show off what your next website could look like!


By Akay for $37

By Kriesi for $22


By epicera for $22


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  • Wow, those are some cool templates and themes. It’s awesome to see what Javascript can do these days. The end of Flash is near…. at least for these kind of animations.

    Nice roundup guys 😉

  • CleanCut is awesome! Anyone know what plugin is that? (or how to do it?)

    • Kriesi doesn’t use plugins, he creates all javascript from scratch for each of his themes. 😉

    • I love CleanCut too btw where is everyone getting this avatars, I see them all over but cant figure out where to get one…

      • I would like to know as well. Where is everybody getting these avatars?

  • These are some awesome templates! Thanks for putting the list together. Also, is the appstorm website making some changes it looks a little different…

    • or is it just me?

      • Not just you, some changes have been made. :)

  • Awesome collection! It never ceases to amaze me what kinds of crazy stuff is happening with jQuery on the web right now. Thanks for including a few of my templates Muj :)

  • I’m honored to be featured among such amazing talent!

    Who would have known that javascript could compete with flash on this scale (possibly even make it obsolete some day).

  • Great stuff people!! :)

  • I’m very glad that my template is also in this great list. Thanks for choosing.

    • You deserved it, Michael. Keep it up. :-)

  • Nice collection! Looking for the best one suit for my next project

  • Creative Zodiac is amazing… as well as many others.

  • very nice templates!

  • Thanks so much for these themes.

    I have a few picked out I want to use for some clients! I love these blogs. Keep them coming!