Top 10 Sites for Watching Super Bowl Commercials

While many watch the super bowl for the football, many others watch for the creative and often funny commercials. I’m personally not a fan of watching sports as I’d rather play them, but I do enjoy watching the super bowl commercials — usually after the game.

While many of these sites will show essentially the same commercials, it’s the additional features like voting, commenting, video quality and overall presentation that will make the difference. If you missed some or all of the commercials, or if you just want to see them again, here are the top ten sites for watching super bowl commercials online.

1. Hulu AdZone

Hulu Adzone

Hulu Adzone

One of the best, and most known, places to find high quality super bowl ads is Hulu. You’re even able to embed the Hulu AdZone widget in your site if you’d like to share the commercials with your readers.

When viewing a commercial at Hulu, a like and dislike button is located on either side of the ad so you can rate what you think. Just below the video player is a list of ads with their corresponding like and dislike ratings. Just below the ratings is some neat Twitter integration as well.

Hulu will be one of your best bets to see quality versions of the ads with some extra interactivity integration.

2. NFL FanHouse

NFL FanHouse

NFL FanHouse

If you’re a big NFL fan, NFL FanHouse will be a great place to watch the super bowl ads. You’re able to rate each ad on a five star system, leave comments and even view the ads according to the quarter they aired.

NFL FanHouse nicely lays out the ads with a well designed interface and the video player is large enough by default but also includes the standard full screen mode. Quality of the ads is next to Hulu.

3. Videos: Commercials Videos: Commercials Videos: Commercials

One of the most popular places to look, rightfully so, for super bowl ads is going to be The layout isn’t as nicely designed, nor does it include some of the more interactive features like ratings, but you can leave comments. The video player is nice and large while also including sharing options.

I did find that the ads appeared a little more blurry than Hulu or NFL FanHouse, but that may be due to the slightly larger video playing size.

You can also view the 2009 season of ads as well as view according to most viewed.

4. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBS Sports will likely be another, more popular, site to watch the ads. The interface design makes it easy to navigate through the many ads according to the quarter the ads aired or according to the advertiser. There’s a few minor integrations of Facebook, Twitter and other social media or sharing methods.

Unfortunately, the video quality of the ads at CBS Sports wasn’t nearly as good as the previously mentioned sites. I don’t see an option to change quality settings so I can only assume the ads are just provided at a very poor quality.

5. YouTube Ad Blitz

YouTube Ad Blitz

YouTube Ad Blitz

If you’re a YouTube regular, you’ll probably know about Ad Blitz. With a great interface design, this will be a good place to watch them. The ad video player size is rather small but the quality is quite nice. Unfortunately the videos don’t include a full screen mode or another way to increase their size.

Of course, YouTube includes integration with ratings, comments, sharing, etc. You’re able to search through the videos or just select Play All Videos.

6. lacks a quality interface design and this year’s super bowl ads are actually provided by Hulu, however, they offer an archive of ads all the way back to 1998. The video player is quite small and the video quality is sub-par, especially at its size.

The site includes a few social media integration features but lacks ratings, comments, etc. This is a site you’ll want to use if you want to view past year’s ads and can’t find them elsewhere.

7. Spike



You might know Spike as a go-to site for coverage on things like Football, UFC, etc. They, of course, have a great collection of super bowl ads with the ability to “like” and/or comment on them. They also have an archive of ads back to 2002 or you can view the ads according to advertiser.

Spike also includes a collection of banned commercials, classics and their most popular. Video player size and video quality is decent, with a full screen option and several sharing features as well.

8. Big Game Ads on Yahoo! Video

Big Game Ads - Yahoo! Video

Big Game Ads - Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! offers the last few years of super bowl ads but the video player size is relatively small. The video quality isn’t too bad but other sites like Hulu have much better video quality. The site doesn’t offer features like ratings, comments or any of the more popular sharing options.

Viewing the ads is limited to pages (of 8), a basic search or the best of the year. If you’re a Yahoo! fan, this might be the site for you but in general — this is towards the bottom of this list for a reason.

9. Google Videos

Google Videos

Google Videos

Although Google doesn’t offer a dedicated super bowl ads page, a quick Google Videos search will give you the results you might be looking for. Whether they’re found on YouTube, Yahoo!, CBS, NBC or elsewhere, Google will find it for you.

Some of the videos will play in the same Google Videos search window, while others will require that you visit the original video site. This method for viewing videos is much more limited than the others but if you’re in search of something specific, this will be your best bet.

10. Mahalo



Lastly, we have Mahalo; an interesting mashup of YouTube embedded super bowl ads, their related information, etc. It’s an interesting site, which won’t be all that great for watching super bowl ads one after another, but it seems like it would be a great site if you were just looking to use up some time.

The site design is rather lacking and includes more text than you’d probably want to see if you’re looking for videos but the site does include a decent site search, related categories, etc.

Where do you watch them and what’s your favorite?

Have a great site you go to for watching super bowl ads? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Also share your favorite commercial with us. This might be my favorite!


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  • Adland has pretty much every superbowl ad thats ever run. 38 years out of 44, not bad, eh?

  • really amazing commercials…

  • Ha thanks for this list. Hulu and Youtube both look like they have good options for watching these things