Top 10 Free<br> E-Card Sites<br> for Valentines

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14th. People exchange tokens of love and affection with beloved fellows. Though people have mixed feelings when Valentine’s Day arrives. Some argue that it has become too commercialized while others believe that it should not be celebrated at all. Those in love want to celebrate their love with pride and glory. This is a special day to observe, which will honor the love of your partners.

Everyone may have their own plans to make Valentine’s Day special; you may intend to send flowers, cakes, cookies, sweets, hampers, and many more gifts but e-cards have their own uniqueness. There are ample choices to be selected from which are also much easier to send quickly.

We’ve rounded up the top ten free websites to send e-cards this Valentine’s.

1. 123Greetings

123 Greetings

123 Greetings

123Greetings keeps itself aligned with the new demands of almost every culture and religion since 1997. Their creative line of e-cards for Valentine’s Day is really awesome for delivering personal expressions. They have many specific categories for Valentine’s Day, such as Happy Valentine’s Day, I Love You, Friends, Be My Valentine, Family, Fun and many more.

The cards are usually animated with embedded sound. The sound can be changed when a card is viewed. You simply need to enter your name and email along with recipient’s name and email.

2. egreetings



egreetings has a nice collection of flash-based e-cards for Valentine’s Day. The process of sending cards is very simple; select one and send via e-mail. Multiple recipients can be added.

Optionally, you can enter a picture or modify delivery date. The cards can also be easily shared on Facebook.

3. Free-e-cards-online

Free E-cards Online

Free E-cards Online

This free service lets users create customized e-cards depending on their flavor. In a few simple steps, the user can change text and background color, music, poem, heading, and message.

In order to preview the card, the user must enter name and e-mail along with the recipient’s. Multiple recipients can also be added.

4. Care2



E-cards for Valentine’s Day are divided into different categories for easy selection with respect to relation. Care2 has categorized them in four sections which are humor, friends, family, and sincere.

Once a card is selected, the user can personalize it with different postage stamps and backgrounds. Inserting several recipients is relatively easier than other sites because Care2 allows you to import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook. In delivery options, the user can opt to receive a reminder.

5. FunPunch



If you are tired of sending traditional e-cards with a soft look, and want something different, FunPunch is a great choice as they have funny, rude, sexy and silly cards.

You can upload your picture and look like a celebrity. There are several ideas which they offer such as dancer, stripper, Dracula, fireman, super hero and many others. The sending process is similar to other services.

6. JibJab



JibJab has its own understanding of human expressions and translates them through astounding animation videos. The team of painters, photographers, illustrators and sculptors has established their own standard for e-cards.

The dedicated team has come up with smashing ideas for Valentine’s Day. Usually, you need to personalize the video e-card with pictures of yourself and your valentine but there are also some e-cards available which can be sent without customization. JibJab also has a premium service which provides access to more e-cards, videos, and pictures.

7. The Best Ecards

The Best Ecards

The Best Ecards

This is a simple and decent collection of flash-based e-cards. There are multiple highlighted text fields in every e-card which have to be filled in with your own messages. The sending procedure is effortless and contacts from Gmail,Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL can easily be imported.

8. Hd Greetings



Hd Greeting is a wonderful web application where you can send high definition video e-cards for free. It uses an advanced technology called “Light Factory Media Platform” to produce cool effects.

The service is still in beta, but works as normal. In our tests, we didn’t find any bugs or errors in its functionality.

9. Rattle Box



Rattle Box is another free video e-card greeting service, which gives you the facility to send free video e-cards to your beloved ones. There are more than 1000 awesome e-cards in their repository; a must check if you want to send greetings with real entertainment value.

It acts like a mature application although it is also in beta version.

10. American Greetings

American Greetings

American Greetings

American Greetings is one of the largest greeting groups in world. They offer greeting e-cards for annual memberships. They provide a two week free trial in which you can send greeting cards for free; which is why it has been included in this roundup.

As mentioned earlier, they are one of the largest greeting groups in world with an enormous collection of e-cards. Yahoo! also uses American Greetings for its paid service called Yahoo Greetings.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of websites to send free e-cards for your Valentine. Usually, they are categorized to make the selection process easier regarding different relationships. Almost every service offers personalization of e-cards to some extent. The majority of the e-cards are flash-based or video. Unfortunately, the capability of importing contacts from email services to easily add several recipients is lacking in many websites.

Now, you have many choices in hand to send free e-cards! So, don’t delay and acknowledge the love with your beloved ones.

If you use a great e-card site that you think should’ve been listed here, share it with us in the comments below. Thanks!

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    Awesome collection. I love to express my love using these egreetings card. I do use the iHappy Holidays for sending the cards. I would try some other from the list.

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    Free, no membership required, add your photo, tongue-in-cheek humor.

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    In Recent Scenario egreetings card is one of the best way to Preserve Nature… Excellent work done by these company make our earth green by less paper greetings card…

  • Barbara should definitely be on this list. They are truly “The Art and Soul of e-cards.” The cards are gorgeous, the animations are very creative, and the music is beautifully matched to each card. They offer free cards as well as a membership-based plan to schedule and send unlimited cards all year. Check them out!

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