The Top 8 Free Online Image Editors

Taking photos or making beautiful digital artwork is activities most people enjoy doing. Most people have heard of, and might be familiar with, Adobe Photoshop. It’s arguably the most popular image manipulation app around, especially for professionals. However, most people’s image editing needs would be met by apps available right in their browser.

While you won’t have the extensive capabilities Photoshop has, this list of the top eight image editing web apps will likely offer more features than necessary for most people in most instances.

1. is the lightweight version of the behemoth desktop app, Photoshop. It’s more of a small collection of photo touchup tools with image storage and sharing integration than a real image editor. None the less, it’s a great option for those of you who might be looking for quick photo touchup capablities and and the Adobe reliability factor.

  • Requirements: Flash 10+
  • Developer: Adobe

2. Splashup



Splashup is quite similar to Photoshop in respect to its interface, while offering a strong selection of tools and a few more than basic image editing capabilities. It’s capable of multiple image editing, layers, filters, etc. You can also pull images from Flicker, Picasa and Facebook.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Faux Labs

3. Aviary



Aviary offers everything from image editing to vector and audio editing. It’s a suite of web apps with some really great capabilities that let its users produce the quality of work you might expect from a desktop app. The app uses a simplified interface in comparison to Photoshop and similar web apps. It’s capable of layers, grouping, filters and quite a few more advanced features should you need them.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Aviary

4. picnik



Picnik is another editing app focused mostly on the photography aspect of editing but, is capable of a little more. It’s a great app for photo touchups, basic edits and applying some pretty neat filters but isn’t capable of features like layers. You can connect to Flickr, Facebook, PIcasa, Myspace and other photo sharing and online communities.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Picnik

5. flauntR



If you’re looking for a massive collection of pre-defined photo effects that take only a second to apply, this is the place. It’s not great for more advanced editing but definitely has enough tools to take care of most peoples needs and has integration with just about every major online community or image sharing site.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: FotoDesk

6. FotoFlexer



FotoFlexer is another editor focused on photos, without the capabilities necessary for editing anything else. It’s purpose, is fast and easy photo touchups and basic editing. As with most of the other apps here, it has integration with the major photo sharing and online community sites. It does have a great selection of photo effects, decorations, etc.

7. Pixlr



Pixlr is quite similar to Splashup, but doesn’t quite offer the capabilities or performance. The interface is another Photoshop imitation, so it’ll be easy to jump right into for those of you familiar with the desktop app. Pixlr does have slightly more refined features when it comes to individual tool control though so there are some advantages. Pixlr also includes the magic wand tool, which isn’t a feature in Splashup.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Pixlr

8. Sumo Paint 2.0

Sumo Paint 2.0

Sumo Paint 2.0

Sumo Paint is another Photoshop-like editing app, although with an impressive collection of tools (including the magic wand). It supports layers, grouping and many more advanced features. It’s interface appears to be well refined but I haven’t had an opportunity to use it as much as Splashup or Pixlr. They also offer a downloadable version, which adds to the capabilities you can get from their software — desktop or web app.

  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Sumo


There are many more free online image editing web apps available, but they just don’t stack up to the ones listed here. Some include advanced capabilities that will allow you to do much more than photo editing, while others have a more limited set of tools for those who might only be interested in some quick photo touchups.

The great thing about these editors is that you only need a browser and Flash; so you’ll be able to access quite capable image editing software anywhere in the world for free. Some are more system resource intensive than others, but that’s to be expected; after all, they are image editing apps!

If you use or know about a free online image editor that belongs in this list, share it with us in the comments below or shoot us a quick tweet @webappstorm. Thanks!


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  • I’ve used a number of these before, SumoPaint is seriously powerful with a neat UI. Could you imagine this running on the iPad? Shame about the Flash thing?

    • Yeah, Sumo Paint on iPad would be awesome!

  • what about one that no needs flash?


  • Very nice, so far my favorite is Aviary.

  • Not too usefull, this list – no information on requirements for signing up, using an API (as pixlr uses to return an edited images), etc.

    • Unfortunately we’re not able to include that much information on each one. Maybe we can do a top 5 that’s a little more in depth though.

  • I’m always love Picnik, its service very professional and has acquired by Google last year :)

  • Verry good…

  • I usually use PixlR when i cant find photoshop on a machine but i just tried sumopaint and i must say damn…i loved it

  • Include that much information on each one. Maybe we can do a top 5 that’s a little more!!

  • There is a website where you can simply convert your photo to sketch or painting or B&W with different colors with maintaining actual size..
    And that is totally free……

  • Maybe pixlr has recently updated but it looks a lot more sophisticated for photo editing than splashup. Unlike splashup it offers tools like curves and levels and even the clone stamp tool. Since those are such important tools for me, pixlr would be closer to the top of my list. This is a great list though. Thanks!

  • Introducing, a free, full featured, online graphic design software for doing layered painting, vector drawing, photo editing and page layout. It’s the first Flash based painting program with full support for pressure sensitive Pen Tablets.

    Fatpaint has more drawing and painting features than any other online graphics application, and it has built-in thousands of graphical resources.

    We have worked very hard developing Fatpaint and therefore we are interested in your feedback.
    So any suggestions or/and ideas for improving the software would be highly appreciated.


  • A demo requiring payment to use more then four useless features is not free in my book. Free means 100% free, not demo, lite or shareware.

  • great programs for editing photo’s. Still love using iphoto on the mac and cs5

  • There is a website where you can simply convert your photo to sketch or painting or drawing or B&W with different colors with maintaining actual size..
    And that is totally free……

  • I use sumo paint, it takes short while to get used to it, but overall great processoe, just make sure you got enough ram for operations

  • I’m surprised GIMP didn’t make your list. Perhaps I missed something that prevents it from consideration?

    • Well, GIMP is a traditional desktop app. This list is featuring the best online image editors 😉

  • Thanks for sharing. I will try them right now.

  • flash? no thankyou.

  • You should consider adding Ribbet to your list (since Picnik has now been shut down):

    It is an excellent online photo editor based on the Picnik platform, and for a limited time all their premium features are free. Ribbet has thousands of effects, stickers, frames etc and all uploads and edited photos are kept in an online history for registered users.

    • Thank you, BEN!! Finally got picnik back, but of course the name is different.

  • WOAH! I’ve just seen-ed MyPaint. It looks kickass!
    Did anyone of you guys try it out yet?

  • I use photoshop all the time, so to have some of these web apps on the go is very helpful!

    I agree with Ben, picnik has but gone for awhile, but there are now others like

    As some people have mentioned already, there are free web apps also now (Photocat) that take alot of the time out of editing for when you dont have much time. Frames, colorsplashing, retouches.

  • Great list of free photo editing tools, I also love to share new free picozu tool for edit and share your images and save privately with dropbox. Picozu is also responsive site we can also use it on mobile phone and tablets. Users are alos improve their creativity, sketching, and retouching skills with this tool. Not only for students and freshers but also professional photographer are use this tool to edit their image and directly share it with flicker. Most amazing thing is the app is not crashed in modern browsers because the app is developing in html5 and css3. It’s avilabel with verios option and features, designers are import their PSD file and start to editing with more than 120 filters. I think this one of the great online image editing tool after the autodesk pixlr.

  • Paint Doodler is free online painting drawing and image editing tool. I allows user to add new features by creating plugins. Written purely in HTML 5 and java script no flash or appelets
    Visit paint doodler at

  • Great list !! otshot is a great app if you want to rotate and resize a lot of picture at once I use photoshop all the time but if you’re not a graphic designer and if you’re only looking for something simple try otshot.