Top 10 Web Apps for Music Streaming

Whether you’re at home, work or on the road, music surrounds us. In the age of the internet though, we’re no longer limited to the radio you hear in the elevator, in your car or maybe while you’re at your desk working. Not only are we no longer limited by traditional radio but the same goes for mp3 players like iPods and Zunes.

Streaming high quality music from your desktop, laptop, iPhone, Blackberry or other internet connected device, is relatively common place now and becoming more commonplace as we increasingly move towards a cloud connected world.

We’ve rounded up the top ten music streaming and discovery sites and web apps to help you find something better or maybe just get started all together.

1. Grooveshark



If you missed our Grooveshark review, it’s definitely worth checking out to get an idea of how great Grooveshark really is. Grooveshark is your music library and discovery app in the cloud, enabling you to upload your own music and connect using piles of internet connected devices. Based on our review and responses from Twitter followers and readers, Grooveshark is one of the absolute best apps available.


Among the Grooveshark review comments were many recommendations for Although it isn’t quite your library in the cloud type app like Grooveshark, it’s one of the best ways to discover new music based on what you listen to. Really, if you’re in the mood to explore new music or even learn more about the music you already listen to, is a must.

Of course wouldn’t be complete without cross-platform capabilities covering iPhone, Xbox, desktop and many other really cool ways of integration (like social networks, websites and Skype).

  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Ltd.

3. Pandora



Pandora has been around for quite awhile, so chances are you’ve heard of it. Pandora is like radio on crack. It has a great web app and tons of device compatibility. Unfortunately though, it does have limitations similar to traditional radio. You’re not able to listen to specific songs, create your own playlists, etc. It’s radio, just digital and way more awesome. That being said, it’s still one of the best ways to find some new tunes or get your music fix.

An important note about Pandora, is quality is limited in the free version. Jump into Pandora One (paid) and you’ll get higher quality streaming (192Kbps), no advertisements and you’re able to listen without limits (free version is limited to 40 hours each month). If you love Pandora, it’s definitely worth the $36 per year to upgrade to Pandora One.

  • Price: Free / Pandora One: $36/year
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Pandora Media, Inc.

4. Lala



Lala has gone through some transformations over the years and is now one of the best music streaming and discovery sites on the web. It’s integrated with social media and enables you to login with your Facebook account to connect the services. Unlike many of the other streaming apps, Lala is actually its own music store enabling you to purchase and download mp3’s.

While Lala is quite great, it’s focused more towards those looking to eventually purchase music rather than just listen for free all day every day. You can listen to every song they have, once. Then you’ll have to either purchase the song for 99 cents or pay 10 cents for unlimited streaming (of that one song).

  • Price: Free / 10 cents per song (web) / 99 cents per song (download)
  • Requirements: JavaScript (for web player)
  • Developer: la la media, inc.

5. Slacker Personal Radio



Like Pandora, Slacker is another app jacking up traditional radio into today’s internet slurping society. Slacker is quite similar to Pandora, in that you’re not able to listen to specific songs but are instead limited to radio stations. It’s a great way to get your music fix and discover new music, but not so great if you’re looking for a music library in the cloud. Slacker supports several mobile devices from BlackBerry to iPhone, Android and even Palm. They don’t stop there though, they even have dedicated devices to take music with you sans-internet or home devices like traditional radios.

If you want to get rid of song skip and request restrictions, advertisements, etc. then you’ll want to upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus for $4.99 per month or $47.88 per year ($3.99/m).

  • Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $47.88 per year
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Slacker, Inc.

6. Rhapsody



Rhapsody is certainly not a newcomer to the music streaming game and although they get less attention these days, they’re still one of the best apps for streaming music. Unfortunately, you must sign up for an account before you can get started (unlike other apps) and it isn’t free. Rhapsody is a subscription service with plans starting at $12.99 per month for unlimited listening.

Rhapsody is a music library in the cloud, with over 8 million songs available to you. You’ll have to pay $14.99 to be able to take your music with you though. Mobile apps are available and with the higher price plan you can even burn CDs and download songs to your favorite mp3 player. It’s actually a pretty good option to get all the music you want, as long as you’re willing to pay for a subscription.

  • Price: Plans start at $12.99 per month
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer:

7. Myspace Music

Myspace Music

Myspace Music

What used to be imeem has now become Myspace Music, combining social networking and people’s love for music [streaming]. If you’re still a Myspace user, you might already know about Myspace Music; if not, it’s worth checking out. Their music library is likely going to be more limited than some of these other apps, but I was able to find everything I searched for.

The interface isn’t “media library” type, but more social networking with music tossed in. Having said that, if you really want to connect with your favorite artists and explore music a little differently, Myspace Music is worth checking out.

  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: MySpace

8. Maestro



While Maestro is a music streaming app, it isn’t a music streaming app in the sense you may think. Maestro runs a small application on your desktop that enables you to stream your personal music collection from other internet connected devices. With iTunes and social networking integration, this is one cool app.

Maestro is relatively new, so new features are likely on the way, including mobile access. Keep in mind that this requires a computer to be running any time you want to access your library from another location and uses that computer’s internet connection to stream the music.

  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Maestro Music Inc.

9. Deezer



Deezer is a radio type app, like Pandora, with additional capabilities for a more personal music library feel. You’ll have to register if you want more than basic features but as far as I can tell, it’s totally free. Their music library is likely to be more limited than other apps listed here due to the totally free price and how the big music labels don’t like “free”.

Deezer has apps for lots of mobile devices and even home devices like TV’s, so if you’re looking for something completely free to discover new music, this would be a great choice.

  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: Flash
  • Developer: Deezer

10. Spotify



A new app in the music streaming wars; Spotify looks as if it could bring some great new features to the table. Although it’s actually a desktop application, it streams music from the web for instant listening. They’ve also integrated plenty of social networking and sharing features to enjoy playlists with your friends or even collaborate on playlists.

Unfortunately Spotify isn’t available in the US yet but it’s growing and becoming available in more countries fast. One great feature of the app is it provides higher quality bitrates, up to 320Kbps, which isn’t typically provided by other streaming apps (like others listed here). There are no ads (premium), offline capability and access anywhere including on mobile devices.

  • Price: Free / Premium (price unknown, not available in US)
  • Requirements: Mac/Win
  • Developer: Spotify Ltd

Missed One?

With these ten music streaming apps, you should be able to find something to fit your needs (or wants) and do a whole lot more. If we missed a really fantastic music streaming app, share it with us in the comments below.

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  • Andy

    You missed my favorite two!

    The Hype Machine –
    The Sixty One –

    • Meme

      Lawl the sixty one is garbage.

      • bb.

        No, it isn’t :-)

  • Robin Lundgren

    Spotify eats every other service listed for breakfast 😀

    • Mike

      Yes, and it eats your bandwidth for Lunch, dinner and dessert.

      Spotify is P2P, meaning not only are you hosting other peoples music experience, but you’ll find a 2gb+ deficit of HDD space (after a few days) and anyone else on your network will be hugely pissed.

      Also, your ISP won’t be too happy.

      Grooveshark offers the same service, for free, uncapped and no adverts.

      So yeah, nice selection of music, and a very nice program, but terrible means of delivery.

      • Cheap printing

        The problem i have is with my internet connection, i live in a new house and it is so poor. such a shame really.

  • Dude

    Spotify:”There are no ads […]”. What are you talking about? Spotify free is a motherload of ads. You should spend a bit longer with your “reviews” before hitting the publish button.

    • Jarel Remick

      Sorry, I was referencing the premium version. Try not to be so quick to burn people, as we all make mistakes. 😉

  • rod rodriguez lets you listen to similar music of artist you have chosen, it also allows you to create your own station.

    • Bruneian Dollar

      Second it. Plus, it allows social networking too. Getting to know other people who have the same tastes and interests as you. It’s “Social” + “Music”!!

  • Davidmoreen

    I would like to point out that Grooveshark is also the best music streaming app for the desktop as well. The guys over at GS really know what they’re doing…

  • Chris

    You missed Pure Volume –

  • Sunil

    My favourite is GrooveShark. I really like the UI of the website and it’s pretty fast.

  • Johan Brook

    Like #2: Spotify eats the other for breakfast any day of the week. For those of you who have had the chance to try it out – you know. If Spotify ever will expand to North America, you’ll pee you pants. It’s ridiculously good, fast and has a huge library. It’s free, got a native client (both Mac/PC), mobile clients and a bunch of other features.

    • Patrik

      Can’t agree more with you! 😀

    • Jarel Remick

      I want to try it out really bad! I keep hearing great comments like yours about it. I wonder if they have plans to release it for NA soon?

      • Cheap printing

        Yeh i tried these they are really good, would definately say that they are worth a chance.

  • FR33Q

    What About Mu.Ga.Sha?

  • Matt , with real-time info on what’s on air

  • Faust is not free in Italy… it costs 3,00€/month.
    It was my fav one, but since it’s not free anymore for me, I stopped visit it.

    btw, thanks for the nice article…seems like I have a lot of alternatives to check out now!

  • Shaylin and Pandora are the only ones on the list that I actually have any experience with, but of the two I much prefer Pandora. doesn’t have the kind of station customization options (i.e., adding artist/song seeds to fine-tune the feed) that Pandora has.

  • pixeljunkyard

    What about well I guess that’s more like sharing.

  • Daniel

    Wow Grooveshark is the pinaccle of Web App UI design imo! It runs so smoothly unlike some “bloated” web apps at the minute. It also makes so much sense, and i haven’t spent a second wandering what anything does!

    Also, I vaguely remember seeing the logo in a logo design roundup somewhere too lol.

  • John

    what about

  • viaria
  • Dave Fowler

    Like John said –

    twitter integration
    You can live out your DJ fantasies and gain a listener list
    Badges to collect as incentives for use

  • Jerry Allen Rose – Know it.

  • A2f it used to better :)

    • pdoley

      musicovery is good and fast i tested it using a 2g slow connection it streams good……great work….design of the site great

  • Isaac Steiner

    Correction on the post… Lala Beta offers a full cross-checking of your entire iTunes Library.

    Anything they have on their servers, you can listen to for free, anytime, everyday. Anything they do not have, they upload to the servers and you an listen to it for free, anyt… you get the idea. The only caveat I’ve noticed is any record label distribution rights that have not been approved. In that sense, there are other ways it works on Lala.

    Beta also plugs into to scrobble your tracks so your data is there. You can bookmark for listening later, and see who’s listening to songs that they’ve found through your profile.

    Less ads, more music exploration. Other than that, great writeup!

    (Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated in any way with Lala besides having a profile and being an avid user.)

  • Ulrich

    If you like Tekkno you will love

  • Bilal
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  • Rich U

    Psonar is another worth checking out.

    It’s a free cloud-based solution which is focused on allowing users to do more with music that they own, unlike streaming services where you effectively ‘rent’ the music as long as you continue to subscribe (and hope that the music doesn’t get pulled by the copyright owner.)

    With Psonar you can upload the music you own to the cloud, so it’s accessible everywhere, from any internet-connected device.

    You can also search and listen to 30 second clips of any other track uploaded to the cloud and buy that music if you like.

    Psonar also provides web-based iTunes-style management so that you can drag and drop tracks to any device that you can connect to a PC via USB. This enables you can have your music on your device when that’s best, but also in the cloud. This means it is great for backup:

    So – it’s perfect if you love your old MP3 player, want to keep your music on an inexpensive memory stick or for when you don’t have an internet connection and thus offers you the best of both worlds.

    Finally, by utilising the cloud, Psonar can do what the cloud is great for – discovery and social.

  • Manuel

    All in one streaming tool

  • Pablo

    Missed AUPEO! My favorite with no doubt specially because it´s accessible from everywhere. Check out the hardware devices they work with:

  • Dusse

    Spotify is by far the best, it “just works”. It’s hard to imagine what I would do without it now.

  • Mukei

    You missed

  • Meme

    Also, never mention thesixtyone, ever. That place is pure garbage. If you knew what it used to be, you would be disappointed in it now.

  • Koenrad

    You missed! (at least I didn’t see it when I skimmed over the page)

  • ryan

    How about You can stream music/movies/photos/etc.

  • Josh

    What about and

  • LanaLang

    Do not forget about WiFi2HiFi App: It turns your iPhone or iPod into a wireless audio receiver for a stereo system or sound-dock.

  • Matthew Lowery

    Spotify is easily the best. Grooveshark second, third.

  • Andrew D

    Lala is dead, isnt it? Apple bought it a while back, and shut down the site or something. that used to be my fav site, now grooveshark is.

  • Asterix

    My favorite is the wifi2hifi iPhone app. It can stream any of the menstionned audio programs or web players to the iPhone

  • Alex

    You fail to mention on any of these reviews anything about availability. For example Pandora is not available outside the US, which is no good for 90% of the world’s population!

  • Ray

    I miss LAUNCHCast very much. :(

  • Andy

    You missed jango!

  • ali

    what is one that dont need wifi to connect and can download music so i can listen to it in class

  • Josh Tompson

    I would like to recommend, a great music streaming site that allows you to create music playlists with friends on facebook. Pretty Awesome, you have got to check it out, I just love it and use it for creating playlists for parties with my friends and then we play the playlist at the party after all songs had been agreed on.

  • rich

    tuneinradio 4 android rocks!!!

  • Stefi

    earbits, finetune, and goear are also great! i use them all the time

  • Salil

    Don’t forget !

    And it’s not illegal like some of the services out there…

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  • basura

    most of these sites REQUIRE free registration and will only let you play a few songs, then you have to pay. LIST OF FREE SITES??? WTFFFFFFF ?????????

  • Dominic Son

    Holy I used to own the domain around ’98! I tried to renew it but slipped out of my hands at the time. Anyways, bigger, greater things lie ahead with!

  • Tiebaby

    Hi.why Deezer radio not free in our state?i

  • Pedro

    You missed !

    Great streaming, we listen to it all the time.

  • ian

    I like for electronic music. web/ipad/android

  • Guest

    Hey, just wanted to add that Spotify just started to limit the free access to music. You can listen to 10h of free music per month, then you can only listen to your own media library or you purchase Spotify Premium/Unlimited. Loved the app until they started the 10h limit! Pity!

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