Top 10 Apps: Web-based Task Managers

I’ve been jumping from app to app, for as long as I can remember, in search of the best web-based task management app. I’ve never really been satisfied until recently when I discovered Flow. Finding the perfect task manager is a little like searching for a unicorn — it’s just not going to happen. But, you can find one that fits your tastes and needs better than any others.

Hopefully our list of the 10 best web-based task management apps will help in your search, if you haven’t already found yours.

Task Managers Comparison Chart

Note: I’ve ordered these according to my personal preferences and experiences but your mileage may vary. Also, if you notice any inaccuracies in the chart above or the information below, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll make the corrections. *Chart updated: 04/30/2011

1. Producteev



In my quest for the perfect task manager, Producteev stood out as being one of the absolute best, without a doubt. In fact, my decision ultimately came down to Producteev vs Flow and Flow really only won out because I liked its interface and usability better. Otherwise, Producteev would’ve had me and I would’ve been very, very happy.

Producteev isn’t just fantastic for the individual, it’s built for teams too. It has the best integration I’ve seen with Google Calendar and a host of other apps for top notch team communication. If you’re thinking about trying Producteev, stop thinking and just do it. You have nothing to lose considering it’s free and paid plans come with a free 2-week trial. See our review.


Producteev Pricing

Producteev Pricing

2. Flow



If you’re a fan of Mac-style interface designs, Flow will likely appeal to you. During its initial beta phase, I was impressed by its interface design but wasn’t quite won over by its functionality and features. Having taken another look recently, it really grabbed my attention. This is my favorite task management app, by far.

Flow has an elegance, simplicity and seamless functionality about it that just gets me. And what I mean by that is the app works with me rather than requiring me to work with it. That isn’t to say it will be such a great fit for everyone, but it’s certainly worth trying. See our review.


Flow costs $9.99 per month for individual accounts, so it isn’t cheap. The more accounts you buy, the more of a discount you get (up to 50% for 10+ accounts). You can optionally pay $99 per year and they have a 30% beta discount available right now coming in at $69.30 for the first year.

It’s not cheap, but some may find its worth the price. There’s a large number of people complaining about the $9.99 per month price point so who knows, maybe they’ll drop it in the near future?

3. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk (RTM) has been around for quite awhile; it’s time tested and Web.AppStorm approved. It’s not just our approval they’ve received though, RTM is used and loved by thousands of users. RTM is also available on a wide selection of platforms including Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

RTM has fantastic integration with a variety of services such as Google Maps, Google Calendar (and iCalendar), instant messengers and more. For the platform and feature availability RTM offers, it’s even more amazing that it’s free! Of course you’ll probably want to upgrade to a Pro account for all the features, but it’s only $25 per year. See our review.


RTM Pricing

RTM Pricing

4. Wunderlist



Wunderlist began on Mac and recently expanded to include web and Windows clients. This is, of course, in addition to iPhone, iPad and Android access. It’s a much simpler task manager than the others we’ve looked at so far but sports a great looking and well functioning interface. If you’re looking for a clean and simple multi-platform task manager, this may well be the one for you. Plus, it’s free! See our review.

5. TeuxDeux



If you’re a fan of minimalism and Wunderlist was right up your alley, TeuxDeux may well be your cup of tea as well. TeuxDeux takes minimalism to a whole new level, simplifying task management like never before. It’s a fresh take on task management that sports a different kind of interface and task view. If you’re looking for simplicity, give this one a try; plus you have nothing to lose since it’s free. See our review.

6. Nirvana



I discovered Nirvana back when it was in beta and was pleasantly surprised by its interface design and functionality. It wasn’t quite ready at the time but was rapidly improving and very usable. It’s a fantastic task management app, especially during a time when the competition wasn’t as stiff as it is today, but doesn’t seem to have kept up with the competition in a few areas (like platform support).

Although I’m much more a fan of Flow or Wunderlist’s interface design, Nirvana’s interface is still clean and very easy to use, also sporting features other popular apps don’t. It’s still in beta so you can expect more improvements before it’s fully released, but it’s definitely ready to use as is. See our review.


Nirvana is free at the moment and is said to always maintain a free version, though an upgraded version will likely cost you around $5 per month.

7. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is the perfect companion to your other Google Apps, specifically GMail and Google Calendar. Although it’s not, by itself, a full blown task management system, seamless integration with Google Apps completes the extra functionality found in most of its competition. If you’re a big GMail user, it’s a great way to keep track of your tasks, especially with Google Calendar integration. Of course, free is hard to beat too.

8. Todoist



Surprisingly I hadn’t heard of Todoist until late last year. Don’t let their lacking home page design fool you, this is one powerful task management app with all sorts of extra integration such as GMail, browser plugins and more. If you’re working with a team, Wedoist is their sister app built exactly for that.

Todoist’s interface is, like the other apps here, clean and organized, although some might not find it quite as simple. It’s definitely featured packed and powerful, not to mention a very popular (and time tested) solution. To make it even better, it’s free.

9. has come a long way since we last reviewed it back in 2010. They’ve since launched a brand new interface and the app sports lots of great features. The interface, while improved, has further improvements it will need to make before it will be able to compete with other top apps, but it might just be your cup of tea. Having said that, there’s a little icon in the app that looks like a beaker (indicating lab testing features).

Click that icon and you’ll see their brand new interface, which is quite an improvement over its predecessor. Just as with other apps listed here, the interface is AJAX enhanced and functions quite quick and smooth. Sign up is free so you have nothing to lose in trying it out. See our review.

Pricing appears to be free and research led me to believe there will always be a free version, though paid accounts may be available in the future.

10. TaskAnt



TaskAnt is currently in beta but is off to a great start. Its interface design isn’t quite as nice as some of the other apps here, but remember, it’s in beta. Having said that, it is very clean and simple (try it out to see what I mean) and might fit your taste nicely. TaskAnt offers lots of competitive features such as smartlists, task delegation and lots more. See our review.


Pricing ranges from free to $199 per month, just depending on the number of active projects you need. Paid plans also offer additional features such as daily reminder emails.

TaskAnt Pricing

TaskAnt Pricing

Honorable Mentions




Yet another cool app from the ZURB team, Strike is a super simple [to-do] list app that’s built with easy sharing in mind. This is another one of their apps I’ll be bookmarking with my other super awesome cool web tools. And it’s free!

MobileMe Calendar

MobileMe Calendar

MobileMe Calendar

MobileMe was a popular response in our recent poll on which task managers people used, which quite surprised me. I wasn’t actually aware that MobileMe had any form of task management built in and technically it doesn’t. However, some consider the Calendar app as a solid form of task management, and I would agree. We’ll be taking a deeper look at the MobileMe suite soon, so stay tuned.

Your Suggestions?

These are some seriously great apps, but I know there are even more out there. What is your preferred task management app? If you’ve used any of the above apps, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Fabiano Franz

    I recommend you try Coolendar ( It’s new and proposes a new approach on planning. Check out and give us some feedback, thanks! ;)

    • Thad

      It is similar to a free web based online time tracking and task management tool that is available in Google code. It uses Google Spreadsheet to store data. Best for project management too..

  • Frederic

    Klok is the best task manager. Runs on Adobe Air.

  • Michael Crumpler

    What about springpad? I love using it!

  • Stephanie

    Wow, I’m seeing a lot of new (well, for me) and interesting task management apps. Thanks! I’ll be keeping an eye on Producteev and

  • xxdesmus

    RTM does have delegation … click on the task then from the drop down either “Send to” or “Share with”.

    • Jarel Remick

      I don’t consider that task delegation because you’re simply sharing the task or sending it to someone as opposed to specifically assigning it to someone (team members or contacts) as other apps do. I view that as collaboration.

      • xxdesmus

        How is that not the definition of delegation? You’re assigning (hence the SEND TO) the task to another person to complete. To each their own, but I think you’re nitpicking on semantics at this point.

      • Jarel Remick

        Sending a task to someone isn’t the same as assigning a task to someone in the way that some of these apps function. Delegation is more of a team-based feature.

      • Alix

        I agree, Jarel. Assignment implies some status update feature for the assignee, thus a two-way communication not available for something merely shared. As a PM I think this isn’t delegation yet either.

  • alidabu

    the chart is not very accurate, e.g. Wunderlist (partially) supports Filters, Lists, Email etc.. and RTM has delegation, that are just two evidences for wrong facts in the chart

    • Jarel Remick

      I suppose it depends on your definition of each feature. For example, Wunderlist, in my opinion, doesn’t support filters because the only filtering it’s capable of is by date or basic status, which is what I consider task focusing (focusing on a particular task date range or basic status). While Wunderlist supports lists, it doesn’t support them in the sense that some of the other apps do (like folders or labels). Perhaps I should remove “lists” from that feature point. From what I saw of Wunderlist, it has a link to open your desktop email client to email your lists but that’s hardly email integration in comparison to the other apps.

      In regards to RTM delegation, see above reply.

  • ZagPoo

    Wow, amazing, thank you for sharing. Wow.

  • Matthew Guay

    Thanks for mentioning; I’d entirely forgotten about it. Its new beta interface is almost as nice as Flow. Now if they’d just say how much they’re going to charge eventually, I’d feel better about commiting to it :)

    Actually, I just wish CulturedCode would make a Things webapp. I’d switch to it in a heartbeat if it wasn’t too expensive and worked as good as the iPad version. Or they could just make a Windows version that would sync…

    • Jarel Remick

      I think I heard a rumor that they had one in the works. I hope it’s true, I’d like to see what they can do for the web. :)

  • James Gentes

    You forgot – it’s way better than Producteev, I’ve run them side-by-side and Toodledo has subtasks, task templates, and magic prioritization, all of which are critical and missing in Producteev.


    • Jarel Remick

      I tried Toodledo. It has lots of neat features, but its interface doesn’t compare to these other apps. It almost made the list though.

    • Ian Breakspear

      I agree – whilst Toodledo’s user interface is horribly clunky compared to many of these others, it seems rock solid in reliability and has a good feature set. I also like the fact that I can use it to sync with my iPhone/iPad task app of choice – Appigo’s Todo.

  • Rasmus

    Please.. Enough with all the to-do apps…

    Please bring something new to the table.

    • Jarel Remick

      I suspect this will be it for awhile. A top 10 comparison was due considering the interest they’ve had.

  • Francois

    You forgot, and
    They are great!

    • Jarel Remick

      Solid apps for sure, but not quite top 10. ;)

      • Name

        Thanks for the useful list of task management software. It was helpful to include the feature grid as well.

        Thanks for the useful list of task management software. It was helpful to include the feature grid as well.

  • Andrew Macdonald

    Thanks for the useful list of task management software. It was helpful to include the feature grid as well.

    For those of you interested in similar lists of online (or desktop) task management software, I’ve compiled lists and reviews at the Task and Project Management Software List.

    Note: also includes to-do list and project management software.

  • Dan

    For implementing GTD you can use this web application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

  • Chris Ames

    Our team recently switched to Apollo ( and we’re digging it so far. Apollo is to Basecamp what Flow is to Things.

    • Jarel Remick

      Ah yes, Apollo is a great one too. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • Hosam

      can you give me an update on how you are finding Apollo so far !!

  • Roman

    You forgot to mention which is great for personal tasks management as well as group collaboration and project sharing.

  • Tina M.

    What about 5pm (

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  • Ulrich Riedel

    I love to use my own task mgt. app – Organisemee. It’s task management with a collaborative touch – including REAL task delegation.

    And we tweet tips how to become more productive – check Organisemee on Twitter.

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  • Josh

    I started using Producteev and it’s good just wish it had a mac app as well. Wunderlist looks great and works well on my iPhone and on the web but the mac software is extremely flakey and after a while refuses to start without crashing, in the end I gave up on all of them.

  • Jon

    Just launched – be great to hear peoples thoughts :)

  • Jack

    Thanks for that list. I don’t like to think about the research time it must take. We looked at a couple of comparison lists when we were thinking about a task management solution but a client suggested so we went with that. It’s really good and now that we’re using Dooster I’m curious about who uses what and kind of hoping to see Dooster on a list like this. I recommend you take a look at Dooster. It’s woth a recommendation.

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  • Gayathri

    HiTask is amazing online task manager.. easy to use .. has free version as well as paid versions.. you can also fwd yoru email to your hitask id and tasks get automatically added.. check it out..

  • Sid

    Google tasks is new to me, I am using ‘Things’ in my iPhone, I am thinking about switching to google tasks because it supports online task management and can be used with my desktop and phone.

    Thanks for providing this list. I also check our other options mentioned in this.

  • Denis Golomazov

    Workflowy ( is by far the best organizational tool I’ve tried. It’s changed my approach to personal information management and collaboration. I’ve completely stopped using Google Wave, Remember the Milk, Google Notebook, Google Docs (except for files handling) in favour of Workflowy.

  • Dinodd88

    Zoho Task( is a cool online task manager. It is free with zoho mail suite( you can set reminder mail, repeat task ,subtask , assign tasks to others ,tags ,reports. And its Easy to use , do check it Out.

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  • Alex Cook

    I recommend you TeamWox – is a free task manager for 10 users and groupware which include crm, helpdesk and hrm. (look at

    • Ron Shelly

      Thank you, very rich functionality for free

  • Babu

    I’ve not tried all of these. But, among whatever I’ve seen, clearly stands out. It’s the only app I’ve seen – that supports reminders for “non-hard landscape items” (truly GTDish in that aspect).

  • Muki

    Seem to me like sponsored. by producteev. did not see any single feature that producteev doesn’t have.

    I think Asana and are picking up well.

    Producteev is user friendly and fast. The don’t support sub tasks. and when working with teams(more than 2 users) it becomes expensive. The pricing is on higher side. Also, they charge per workspace so that’s ridiculous.

    Asana is very user friendly and keyboard shortcuts is a big plus. Its free upto 30 users which solves my purpose of working in a team of 20+. Their Mobile app needs more improvement.

    Do is again a good app but the mobile app is not at all user friendly. looks like they have launched it in a rush. did not explore it further after reading their review and comparison with asana on techcrunch site.

    • Matthew Guay

      Thanks for adding your opinion! This article was written earlier this year, and was our editor at that time’s opinion. It definitely wasn’t sponsored; our only sponsored posts are the Quick Look posts. The field’s changed quite a bit over the year, though, and there’s definitely a lot of apps to check out now.

  • Martin Ptacek

    I recommend to try – sharing tasks and requirements, creating teams, creating your own categorization, etc.

  • Aymeric
  • Alina

    Thank you for this review,
    Our company uses Todoist and some other online application for some of our projects (I am not sure whether it is on the list), these things are quite good for our needs yet, but… could anyone here please recommend some application that can be simply transferred from the online mode to the offline mode. I mean some tool that can be implemented within our own office network and managed by our in-house admins (probably the software server can be installed on our corporate server somehow). That’s because we want to reduce these monthly fees for subscription and administration, and also to avoid problems with low-speed performance when online! Thanks!

  • Phil

    Very cool list. I tried a few eg flow – but dont love it like you do ;-) It def looks nice But there’s something more style than substance about it. The opposite is an app called dooster which I’ve started using quite a lot. It’s kinda cluncky – design wise. But its got great features

  • Kari

    You should also signup at for soon to be launched beta. It’s a task management app designed for teams, and looks nothing short of delicious.

  • AndyP

    You’ve mentioned “Getting Things Done” in the first sentence of your Producteev review, but nowhere else.

    I share your, uh, fanatical interest in task mgmt software. I think the methodologies they are based on (however loosely) create a dimension to the market worth understanding, along with software features and mobile integration.

    I’m guessing you’ve dabbled with what GTD is. If you’re over 40, you probably know the Franklin Covey daytimer process (worth experiencing, if not).

    I’d love to see you do another “Top 10″ pass based on methodologies, and strengths of the implementation & product choices. Things vs. RTM vs. OmniFocus, for example (as leading GTDs) – if you approach your day like that (Inbox; Contexts), then how does Producteev or Flow stack up? In your opinion, is GTD as a method just not as useful as the approach the Producteev team has taken (even if they don’t have a sexy name for it, a book and an evangelist)?

    I guess I’m saying, software is only as strong as its use case focus, and use cases are only as strong as their methodologies. I’d encourage you to bring that layer into your reviews. Cheers.

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  • Konstantin

    Guys, you can try Nozbe (paid), TeamLab (Projects, CRM, Shared Docs, Calendar, etc etc, all free), and Asana (sort of like Nozbe but a bit more freebies).

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  • Markeez

    Thanks for sharing your list.

    Please try Comindware Task Management – – it is free web-based task management software based on ultraflexible technology.

    • Jeff

      I just started using SaaS solution and I like it. Allows me to manage multiple teams worldwide.

  • Rich

    Todosie is the newest web based task manager out there. Very simple and organized. Has some cool features like tagging and email forward. Its currently free with no data or project limit

  • Marc

    Really impressive round-up.
    Thanks for the chart as well, very useful to have a quick glance at the winner.
    our company use, very convenient, neat and simple interface. it handles our collaborative tasks for projects.
    As a personal tool, i’m using Beesy, an iPad Note taking and To-Do manager, that helps to take notes in meetings and generates To-Do directly from my notes, then pushed into Groupcamp

  •!/AbbyOle Abby Ole

    I agree with James, templates are key. We use GroupCamp Project ( too for 3 key features: import of task lists from template projects 2) the Google Calendar sync of tasks and 3) the must have : the ability to add tasks from my email by Ccing a dropbox addess and the task is assigned to the person to which I send the email (changed my life!)

  • canciller

    excelent rticle … thanks !

  • Julia

    Great rund- up. I would like to mention another useful tool, KanbanTool ( ). My team likes it because of a possibility of adding tasks and comments via email, sync with calendars and friendly layout (which works right in all browsers).

  • Grace Clapham

    what about Action method by the Behance crew

    • Alix

      I’m using ActionMethod for some stuff, and recommend. It takes a little bit of practice to really streamline your process for their interface, but for me that turned out to be a good adjustment. Also they have coordinating paper products, if (like me) your inspirational processes seem to work better with paper and then move to the computer…

  • Tony

    If you just want a dead simple todo list manager without any bells and whistles then give a try.
    You don’t even need to create an account to start using it.
    Very simple UI and some funky features to make life easier.

  • Rajeev S.

    Try Organisr ( …

    It gives option to create multiple dashboard for different projects and each dashboard allows you to add multiple lists with different tasks which you can share with your team mates. Also have colour coding option for prioritizing your tasks.

  • Leslie

    Thank you! Wow, I couldn’t even find all these when I did a Google search. So I really appreciate your work putting these together.

  • Jason

    I’m surprised Basecamp from 37signals hasn’t shown up here. I think it should probably get mentioned!
    I used it for a year and dropped it because I didn’t need its functionality at the time, but I’m considering signing up again. It’s super-powerful and rally popular…but maybe its more project management than task management (so didn’t make this list?)
    I’ve used Mavenlink too. Loved the sync with google tasks but not much else about it.
    Just wish so so much that google tasks was collaborative…it would be perfect because I use google apps for everything else anyway. But until I can share a list (not just send a static list) it’s useless for more than one person.

  • Iulia

    Great article! I now want to use producteev was wondering if you know any solution for it to track also the effort in minutes/hours ? i appreciate feedback. 10x!

  • Awesome Web Designer

    this whole list seems like an ad for producteev.

  • Danny

    There are so many complex apps just to manage todos. We used some task management app to share todos on projects with clients. Most of my client never used it as it was too complex for them. They ended up sending emails or word/google docs.

    Still evaluating a good app that can work.

    Has anybody got beta invitation from The app looks promising.

    • Romy

      I wanted to try this, but haven’t managed to obtain an invite as yet. How do you like it?

  • The Joker

    Uh, nobody mentitoned Action Method by Behance
    Web based, standalone app, iPhone and iPad. Not cheap (9$/month) but great.

  • Grace Snow

    I’m trying out Teambox at the moment and it seems pretty good. I don’t think it syncs with calendar, but it does have other integration and some great tracking features and charts to help show progress on tasks.

    I liked Producteev but a lot of their features seem to be down at the moment (like filtering tasks, synching to Google calendar) and they have no iPad app – that last one is a small problem, but Teambox ticks it!

  • Agiler

    I liked fleents a lot.

    • youkick

      I like the facebook look and feel of this one. Good for team and personal use. This site deserves my +1.

    • geakid

      Why is it still in beta? I’m been using it for 2 months now and its still in beta..

  • Greg

    I too looked all over the place. Productivity wise, is best – keyboard shortcuts, subtasks, copy/paste and tags all included. Weakness is no native app on mobile – apparently they are next on the list though.

    • G

      I just signed up for this and it works great plus its quick, easy and cheap. On the mark!

  • Kumar

    How about Asana? Would be helpful if you can provide some information or feedback on it.

  • dashakol
    free, intuitive,fully keyboard integrated, elegant non cluttered interface.

  • Scoobi has a Pro version now, the price is 2$ per month and 20$ a year. Many new features is added, recently also a Review and it’s great!

    If you wish to get Pro for free, you have to submit some ideas until 2 September:

  • amcabi

    google trackthrough, free+source; simple, you can not compare this with basecamp or assembla

  • Chart Innacurate

    Hey, I wanted to let you know that flow absolutely works with teams, and it works really really well.

  • Lendil

    Very Good Article! Keep Rocking!

  • Bryan Bulte

    The simplest one is

  • Tina

    I’ve been using GQueues for about a year an a half. It has a lot of great features but two major flaws: First is that there is no Search feature. Second is that one cannot select the completion date for task– meaning that you have check an item complete on the same day you actually complete it or else your completed task list will have errors and tasks that repeat based on the completion date will not be correctly scheduled.

  • Hosam

    I am an office guy who works in a fast past environment and use Outlook extensively.
    I need help finding a software which does all the following
    – project management for one user (just me) or an advanced task manager to help me organize my quarterly assigned projects/tasks
    – organize contacts/Accounts/groups and sync contacts with Outlook

    it looks like i need to combine a CRM to get the advanced contact/account management functionality and a simple project manager (single user)

    web based is preferred
    ability to sync contacts with Outlook is a big bonus
    Integration with email is not necessary

    please help

    • Shepherd Moon

      @Hosam: You could take a look at Remember The Milk (RTM). They now have a way to sync with Outlook tasks. You may end up needing to add another tool or graduate to something more complex, but if Outlook sync. You could also look into combining RTM with Gmail to get contacts and calendar sync as well.

      If not, then you may be right in needing a totally separate CRM-style tool. If you do, please report it back to this page. It’s a great centralized list of task management apps.

      Good luck!

    • Frontjer

      Hi, I would recommend you VisioTask (, which has features you are looking for. It is not WebBased and for office use only (at least as of now), yet quite helpful for broader task management, as well as for effective coms with emails integrated with Outlook. Trust it helps, F.

  • WPcustoms

    we are currently testing trello which works well and would fit into the list.

  • jafer

    I would like to recommend Cloudship ( It has subtasks, scheduled tasks, notes, collaboration. The interface is very clean and smooth.

    Cloudship recently sponsored web appstorm.

  • Joggler

    We think that calendars and to-do-lists are tedious and unintuitive for most people to use. That is why 2B people use email but a tiny fraction use calendars and to-do-lists. Lot of things we need to get done come through email and get buried under other email – e.g. a meeting request. Or they may pop in our heads at a random times. It is not convenient to pull out a calendar or to-do-list to put it on there. Just the # of clicks it takes to enter an appointment is hard.

    It is much more natural to “tell” it to someone to get reminded about it – e.g. text it, send an email. Probably, why busy (and rich) people hire personal assistants.

    Realizing this, we have created a service: to do exactly that. It makes calendars, to-do-lists and time management as simple as sending an email or a text message to your free personal assistant.

    Please check it out and give us feedback.

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  • Pestka

    I’ve been using TaskWorkshop, up to 3 project is free, but I’m gonna stay here forever:) it’s the best tool I’ve ever had.

  • Himali

    Another great tool you can also take a look at is Brightpod, a project management app specifically for marketing teams. It takes the entire campaign planning & collaboration online so you don’t miss anything.

  • Dan Rock

    We use Azendoo where I work and we LOVE it! It’s all about Task Management and Teamwork Collaboration. We assign Tasks, share documents and stay connected on the message board. It really keeps us in sync, plus I’ve almost stopped using email completely. :)

  • Ben Kaufmann

    ProjectDesk is for web based project management – and it is free for up to 4 users.

  • Greg Anderson

    Orbisoft have a free 45 day trial of their new task management software.

  • Frontjer

    I am using another one, which is quite different from those ones in style and features. It is named VisioTask ( It has great colorful layout of tasks by priorities; all tasks are kept on just one page. Emails are liked with tasks, so it is easy to work on them. The tool also intelligently sorts them for me by tasks, which is useful and saves time. It is integrated with MS Outlook, so it helps working with my corporate emails.Overall, quite helpful to keep all data together with clear priorities. See yourself. Cheers. F.

  • blackdogdays

    we use never had any issues and support is excellent

  • yongguoyin

    Efficient To-Do List is also a very nice program, can you add it on your article?

  • Krish Ran

    Are they free to use.

  • Kelly

    I was looking for a simple task manager and I found really great one. Does anyone of you heard about SmartGTD? It seems to be a revolution in managing tasks created from Evernote’s notes :) Check it out: maybe some of you will find it useful

  • Phick Steven

    I would like to suggest Replicon’s task management softwar ( ) to be included onto this list.