Creating Automated Reminders – 9 Helpful Web Services

When it comes to productivity frameworks, there are always those pesky tasks that can easily fall between the cracks. These are the items that need to be completed on or by a certain day, but not at a specific time.

GTD deals with these tasks with a Tickler file. A set of file folders that is broken down by month and day, and you simply place some sort of reminder on the day it will be needed.

But there are many online services that can be used in the same regard. For those who prefer digital tools over paper ones, check out the services listed below to automate your reminders. Never forget those routine, recurring or one time tasks.


A simple, clean interface for creating your reminders.

A simple, clean interface for creating your reminders.

Remindr has to be the most pure web application for creating reminders — and only reminders. A clean interface gives you limited options: name your reminder, set the date and time, then choose how you want to be reminded. Your options are by Twitter, email, Jabber account, or by text message.

The cleanest service of them all, it’s also free to use. That’s a hard to beat set of features.