Top 10 Alternatives to Pinterest

There is certainly no denying the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest. With over 2.5 million users participating in the beta, Pinterest provides a new and unique way to discover and share the web. This growing popularity has, of course, spawned numerous sites that utilize a variety of Pinterest elements.

If Pinterest doesn’t seem to be quite what you need, you might consider trying one of the many alternatives. Whether it’s a “manlier” alternative like Gentlemint or a specific niche like tech-centric Curisma, you are sure to be able to find something up your alley. Read on to learn about ten of the best alternatives to Pinterest.


The front page of Pinterest definitely doesn’t scream masculinity, so “manly” alternatives are always arising. One of the most popular is definitely Gentlemint, the invite-only Pinterest twin that focuses on male-oriented content. The tagline calls itself a “mint of manly things,” offering up a Pinterest style design (white background with boxes around images and links.) The Pinterest-like features even continue with a “mint it” bookmark, which allows users to save images from around the web.

Price: Free
Developer: Brisky Business, LLC
AppStorm Review: Gentlemint: Pinterest for Men

We Heart It

While Pinterest is popular with a variety of ages, teens are not really its target audience. We Heart It is a Pinterest alternative that targets teenage and college-aged women, clearly evidenced by the fashion and celebrities present on the front page. We Heart It features Pinterest-like design, user experience and a browser button for saving images while browsing.

Price: Free
Developer: We Heart It, Inc.

Knack Registry

Finding items to purchase or make is definitely a very popular way to use Pinterest. One subset is those who want to subtly let others know about gift ideas. If you are using Pinterest in this way in preparation for a wedding, check out Knack Registry. Knack Registry focuses on allowing brides-to-be to share gift ideas from small, local shops and artisans rather than having registries only at big chain stores. The interface and sharing process are, again, very similar to Pinterest.

Price: Free
Developer: Knack Registry


A large part of the focus of Pinterest is sharing images. However, the images are not always the greatest quality and tend to be pretty much all over the place. Jux is a site that focuses on creative individuals, providing a space to share high quality images that typically revolve around some sort of creative field. Jux does not have a browser button to share images, but rather focuses on sharing your own creative work, be it audio, video, image, text, or more.

Price: Free
Developer: The Juxers

Image Spark

Image spark is another site that focuses on providing an experience that is great for creative folks of any capacity. While many of the other Pinterest-like sites focus on images that utilize great design or artistic technique, they all have a similar organizational structure for images, which is to place them into categories. While Image Spark allows users to save and share images in a similar way, images are organized into customizable moodboards that are far more project oriented.

Price: Free
Developer: Teehan+Lax


While Pinterest does allow users to share video, the focus is definitely on still images and text. If you want a Pinterest-like site that focuses more on video, then Chill is for you. Chill has almost identical functions to Pinterest, allowing users to save, categorize and share video from all over the web in one convenient location. The layout and browser button are just like those found in Pinterest, making it a familiar environment.

Price: Free
Developer: Chill


A number of these Pinterest alternatives allow users to share images of just about anything, but there are some Pinterest alternatives with a focus on a specific type of product. Curisma is a technology-centered site which allows users to share, discover and purchase new and unique gadgets and technological items. Users have a customizable experience and are able to “like” certain items in order to make similar items show up on their home screen.

Price: Free
Developer: Curisma, Inc.

Little Monsters

While some sites market themselves for certain products, others market to a certain group of people. Realizing the power of any form of social media, Lady Gaga worked to develop, a Pinterest-like site which allows little monsters to share images, video and more amongst a network of similar fans.

Price: Free
Developer: Backplane

Pinterest allows users to share individual images, while a user could potentially share a screenshot of a website, most images will just be single images found on a different website. allows users to save and share entire web pages. even saves the web page on their server. This means that even if a page is removed from the web, as long as it was saved to that archived copy is still available.

Price: Free


If the publicity of Pinterest is what makes you be opposed to it, you might check out a more private alternative. Clipboard allows users to clip, organize and share a variety of information, from images to maps to recipes and more. However, unlike Pinterest, all boards are private by default. This guarantees at least some semblance of privacy and makes this factor plus the huge variety of information you can clip makes Clipboard a tempting option, particularly for private projects.

Price: Free
Developer: Clipboard, Inc.
AppStorm Review: The Clipboard, Reinvented for the Web

These are just a few of the more than fifty alternatives to Pinterest that I discovered while researching this article, so chances are that if one of these still isn’t right for you, there are still many out there. These represent some of the biggest categories for alternatives, however, and show a good sampling of the various alternatives.

I’m curious to know what you use – are you a dedicated Pinterest fan? Or do you have an alternative choice of your own? If you still haven’t figured out the buzz around Pinterest, be sure to check out our Pinterest review, then share your favorite Pinterest-style site in the comments below.


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  • It’s good to have alternatives that are always ready just in case you decide to try another.. nice list.

    • was missed off the list (Although it’s only recently gone live to the public) – definitely my pick of the bunch :)

  • I might have missed a crucial difference but I think is also worth to be appended to the list. I’ve been using it for a long time and it is superb and evolving rapidly.

    • I second that ! I’ve been using fancy before pinterest and I use both of them for the same reason.

  • My favorite alternative is I evaluated it against Pinterest before Pinterest took up. I chose Fancy because of its visual appeal and quality of the content. Pinterest just has too much going on for my liking. Fancy focuses on high quality pictures presented in a distraction free manner. If Pinterest is a virtual inboard, then Fancy is the framed pictures on the wall.

    Fancy was the clear choice at the time. Nobody I knew was using either so the social factor was missing. Now that Pinteret is mainstream, I’ve started using it primarily. What good is a gorgeous collection if you have no one to share it with?

  • What about tumblr?

    • Hmm… Tumblr is more of a new take on blogs, but with the dashboard and especially the archive view, I see what you mean. Interesting how many different ways we can come up with to, essentially, do the same old thing!

  • I used pinterest for years, but when gimme at came out and let me consolidate all my web clippings in a visual format (not just images but video and website screenshots too) I switched right over. Highly recommended.

  • Oops, stupid autocorrect. I meant to type Gimmebar.

  • What about I like the clean user interface and it seems to be more male oriented.

  • I think you missed the spanish one, they have about 1.5m users.

    • I think its the most awesome pinterest kind of site so far.

  • is a growing fashion site that should be considered on future articles.

  • is a great one for CAR type of people!

  • Another great alternative is which manages bookmarks and notes with online pinboards.

  • Don’t forget Pinterest for web design only

  • Very useful list. Thank you!

  • This is the first round up of Pinterest like programs that actually lists some new sites I’ve never heard of before. Pinterest is the most popular but it’s hardly the most usable site, lacking many basic organizational features. Clipboard and Bolt are closer to what I was looking for. Kudos.

  • Try this site it’s the manly version of Pinterest:

  • I wish someone would write a program similar to pinterest that had a hierarchical structure to it, at least 3 levels deep.

  • You forgot a competitor to gentlemint.