The Top Twelve Tumblr Themes

In the past couple of years, the ways in which a person can produce content and promote themselves online has increased almost exponentially. One of the more popular tools in this genre has been Tumblr. Sporting a clean interface and a good set of features, Tumblr gives the user a clean, easy-to-use experience and the ability to share multiple types of content.

But once you’ve chosen to go with this platform, you need to style it. And unless you’re a designer yourself, creating your own theme can be an exercise in futility. But not too worry — the team at Tumblr and the Tumblr community in general has you covered. You can head on over to the Tumblr theme garden and select one of the great themes from there.

Here at the Web.AppStorm headquarters, we’ve been slavishly poring over the available themes to come up with a list of what we think are the hottest, most unique designs for your Tumblr site. Whether you’re looking to customize an existing theme or simply use one as it is, starting with any of these is a good way to go.


One of the nicest free themes available.

One of the nicest free themes available.

Created by the crew at PixelUnion, Fluid is quickly becoming one of the most popular free themes.

Penguin Classic Recycled

Penguin Classics Recycled - nostalgia.

Penguin Classics Recycled - nostalgia.

Bringing up fond childhood memories, this theme makes a play on the classic line of books for kids.


An alternative approach.

An alternative approach.

Slightly zany, this theme is fun and well designed.


A two columned approach.

A two columned approach.

One of the better themes with two columns, Cavalcade has a polished feel. Your stream of posts will flow through both columns, which alone will make your site stand out from the norm.



A darker look.

Another theme with good polish, Munich is a darker look that is attractive in its simplicity.


For all the typophiles.

For all the typophiles.

You have to like this typeface if you’re going to like this theme. We do — this one is unique in its starkness, but the type and a good use of drop shadows give it a nice finish.


A clean look with great icons.

A clean look with great icons.

The key to this theme is the great use of icons to distinguish the different types of posts. It is also quite easy to customize this theme, especially in regards to the colors.

Mac Envy

An oldie but goodie.

An oldie but goodie.

Designed by the estimable Cameron Kenly Hunt, Mac Envy is one of the first freely available Tumblr themes. Modeled after the iPhone interface, the timelessness of this theme still stands out and makes it one of the best.


A unique look and approach.

A unique look and approach.

A very unique theme due to the columns hugging the sides of your browser window, 101 stands out amongst the other free themes. Click the link for the full effect.



Somewhat similar in look to the Fluid design, Innovate is also very polished and nicely breaks up the different types of content.


One column of niceness.

One column of niceness.

A softer look, the April theme is chock full of the little touches that add to the overall design. A solid option.

Godlike Bliss

A cheery theme.

A cheery theme.

I love the feel of this theme. No dark content please — Godlike Bliss is a happy place and a good option for happy people.

Get Started

So head on over to the theme garden and find the theme that suits your fancy.


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  • Fluid is definitely my favourite one, though I don’t use Tumblr. The colour mixes and transparency give it the edge for me. Maybe a WordPress version is called for?

    Nice roundup.

  • Looks to be some great themes =)

  • I ABSOLUTELY love Fluid. I just switched all my blogs over to Tumblr. Though I have some issues getting the site to load quick enough sometimes, I love the fact it’s micro-bloggable and you can post quick little thoughts, pics, etc. I am going to try to figure out how to make themes when I get a moment..I generally have always preferred dark themes because the pictures stand out nicer.

    • Hey, great options. Dark Paper especially.

    • I like the look of Dark Paper, embedded goodness.

  • Certainly Fluid is my fav. The nice blend of transparency makes it look so cool.

  • Cavalcade is very nice, as for Fluid, well – too many colours ;).

  • sexy themes and very user-friendly.

  • Nice themes. I like fluid and Godlike Bliss.

  • Nice themes, like most of them although I don’t use Tumblr. And hey nice site, keep up the good work!

  • Awesome Alliteration Appstorm!

  • I like PostCreate it’s simple and clean.

  • Fluid is the best one!

  • Penguin classic, all the way.

  • Godlike Bliss is one of my fav, I liked the elegant look and feel it had. The theme had few bugs though, in HTML formatting etc., but one of the best around. Thanks for the roundup guys.


  • My theme made the list; thanks guys! The ‘innovate’ theme received a major update by the way:

    Hope you like it!

  • check mine

  • wow this is cool!

  • Great Post, I am using the first one for my blog

  • How do you add other icons like the RSS feed on the “Futura” theme that link to other sites?

  • This theme is amazing and very easy to customize!

  • Gotta be honest… these are nice but I have seen other Tumblr themes that were better. Mac Envy really doesn’t look much like an iPhone interface to myself. The top reminds me of Windows XP.

    How about…


    For.Screen (already mentioned)

  • Nice list ombre. Thanks.
    Old list, but some of theme are still cool.

  • really awesome themes. .