Focus on You with the Top Web Portfolio and Resume Apps

We’ve had a lot of coverage on self-promotion of late. Web 2.0 seems focused on just this — whether it’s displaying your work with an app like Carbonmade, publishing your bio on Magntize, or broadcasting your witticisms on Twitter, the modern web seems wholly geared to let others know who you are.

And with so many ways to promote your work and your business, it can be hard to focus your efforts. Let us help by rounding up the top applications for displaying what it is that you do — your work.

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A site that we’ve looked at in the past, Raveal is the efforts of the team at Flowz. It’s designed to meet all your self-promotional needs: it includes a resume, and portfolio and your social voice. This voice is a combination of all your online presences — twitter feed, blogs and wherever else you’re involved.

If you want one tool to represent you, Raveal is the tool for the job.



Krop is a combination of an online job board and portfolio management tool. It allows employers to look for potential employees and vice versa. This service can be used for absolutely free with no advertisements.

There is also a paid plan that allows for the storage of more images and access to more page styles. If you want to shop yourself around where people are also hiring, Krop is a great option.



A service I reviewed last week, Carbonmade has grown in leaps and bounds this past year. And for good reason.

There is no resume service here. This app was designed to give you a blank canvas on which to display the most important aspect to selling yourself: your work. Talk is cheap — Carbonmade gives you the ability to prove your skills by your actions, not by fancied up text.

Good Portfolio


This service is aimed more at creative types who do not have skills in the area of web design: photographers and illustrators for example. It’s focused more on being your portfolio rather than a resume.

The site is simplistic in its look, but that may be the purpose in order to accentuate your work.



Recently launched, Haystack is the work of 37signals. The concept behind the service is similar to Krop — it’s a place for designers to list their services, while at the same time allowing companies to seek out designers to hire.

But spend a little time on the site, and it appears to have quickly been populated with listings for design agencies. Agencies that charge a lot more than the more common designer working on his/her own. The service may be more useful to larger teams than to freelancers.



This is a new entry in this space and is still in beta. But it has gotten a lot of attention from the design community.

It bills itself as a CMS on the front page, but also includes the following description:

Cargo evolved out of the system that runs the SpaceCollective community. We found it remarkably successful and efficient in creating visual content on the web, placing a strong emphasis on design, layout, image quality and typography. Our goal is to dramatically increase the accessibility and exposure of creative individuals on the Internet, while aspiring to build a networked context that will contribute to the culture as a whole.

Almost a community focused service, CargoCollective looks like it could be a strong player in this space in the near future.



In a different direction from the other services listed here, CeeVee focuses completely on resumes. There is no uploading of thumbnails here — other than an avatar, it’s text only.

For those who are not graphically skilled at all and looking for work in other sectors (writers, project managers etc.), give CeeVee a look. It’s 100% free after all.

Make the Best Choice

These apps are all well thought out and do much to show off who you are and what you can do. Make the choice that best suits your medium and then prepare yourself for new business.


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  • – has the clearest layout for portfolios.

  • Another coming soon Resume and Portfolio Web App

  • carbonmade is sweet.

  • is also good but it seems more cluttered than ones listed above.

  • Thanx for sharing this.