40 Clean Wallpapers for Web App Enthusiasts

I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for a desktop wallpaper, I look for something that will make my desktop look nice and clean. Simple, not a lot going on, the image usually askew to one side to leave room on the other for icons, etc. This was especially important when I decided to geek-out my desktop using Geek Tool. I wanted to round up some of the nicer minimalist wallpapers out there (with a webapps twist, of-course!). Take a look after the jump!


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  • Loving those :) Death Star and Twitbird especially.

    • Thanks! I really like the Death Star one myself. Of-course, I’m a big Star Wars nerd…

  • I really like the ampersand wallpaper. ^^

    • I’m partial to that one and the typographic rain myself :)

  • Man, that’s not even the real WP logo but some hacked-up bootleg shit. If only you guys could post something of real substance…

    But then I guess you wouldn’t be owned by Envato, eh?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kyle. I don’t suppose 5 in-depth reviews and how-to’s on web applications each week counts as substance?

      • People only read what they want to read…which is apparently stuff they don’t want to read?

    • Just.. Shut up.

  • Loving all of these. :)

  • Planning to make a few of my own now

    • Awesome! I’d love to see what you come up with!

  • awesowe pics…. really inspiring, like them all… thanks for share all these wallpaper..

  • thank you for including my 4sq Nerd wallpaper. We all love foursquare over at mattersofgrey.com and it was a fun way to make our desktop reflect that.

  • Thanks for sharing. I will use one of them as my desktop wallpaper