33 Killer Web Icon Sets for Free

Everybody loves free. This is especially true for something of value and the icons we’ve listed below have just that. If you’re a designer or developer, you can’t go wrong with adding some spice to your design or application using any of these icons.

Click the images to visit the source. And please remember to read the specific licenses for each set and use accordingly. Enjoy!

Social Media

Social Network Icon Pack

Created by Rogie King, this has to be one of the nicest sets of icons for social media, both in depth and quality. Each icon looks smashing and with over 40 social applications included, you should be covered.

Social Media Pack by Rogie - Dark


Over the past couple of years, there has been a glut of free RSS based icons made available. Many were large and glossy and somewhat garish. Not these — this set contains 69 icons that are very tastefully done.

RSS Feedicons

Social Bookmark Iconset

There are two packs here, containing icons for most bookmarking or link-sharing web applications.

Social bookmarks

Social Web Buttons

In the same vein, this set contains button icons for bookmarking services.

Social web buttons

Handycons 2

This unique set is hand drawn and consists of 20 icons for social web applications.



Another great looking group of social web application icons, all made to represent a polaroid photo.


Free Glossy Social Icons

From the same source, here’s another set based on these web services. This pack resembles iPhone application buttons.

Glossy Solcial


WYSIWYG Sapphire

A nice set of application icons, perfect for an online editor.

WYSIWYG Sapphire

Free Vector Set from monofactor

This a simple and clean set of 25 icons, all in vector format.



This is a more cartoonish set for use in an application.



Here’s a great set of detailed icons that could be used in an application or a new web design.

Web Injection

Danish Royalty Free

This is an exquisite set of all purpose icons that would nicely adorn a web application.

Danish Royalty Free



A gorgeous set of icons for mimicking the app buttons on the iPhone interface.


iPhone Template and Material

This site provides a lot of backgrounds and icon examples for working with the iPhone. They could also be used in other implementations as well.

iPhone Template


This is a widely used set of icons that, as the creator describes, can be used for “Designed and carefully optimized for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone apps, they’re also perfect for Android apps, websites, t-shirts, tattoos and more.”

Well said.


General Web Design


An interesting set of 43 icons that cover a lot of different web and desktop tools.


Gmail from iconaholic

A nice set of icons for everyone’s favourite web mail application.

Gmail from iconaholic


Check out the full list of icons from this designer. Plenty to choose from, but here’s our favourites.

Banking Icons

Iconshack - Banking

Mac Web Icons

Iconshack - Mac Web

Office Icons

Iconshack - Office

Construction Icons

Iconshack - Construction


A nice set of photography related icons.



This site has a number of great free offerings that work well for web design.


Here’s a good all around set perfect for print or web design.

Iconeden - Bright


This one is a great set of financial related icons.

Iconeden - fresh


Another professional set that covers multiple themes.

Iconeden - Milky


And lastly, here’s a nice set based on Twitter.

Iconeden - Birdies

Ruby on Rails

This small batch of icons are perfect for any Rails-related projects.

Ruby on Rails Pack

Office Space

Yes, I’m a sucker for icons of cups of coffee …

Office Space

The City Icons

A funky batch of mixed icons in png and ico format.

City Icons

Bagg and Boxes

Another interesting set, this one includes a lot of laptop and camera related icons.

Bagg and Boxes

Wheat Icons

This group of icons were intended for the Menu bar in OS X, but they actually work well in other situations.


Sidebar Replacements

Another set intended for use in OS X, there are PNG files included that would nicely spruce up a web design.

Sidebar Replacement


Consisting of 128 icons in dark and light, this beautiful set could be used in various forms of media.


The End

The web can be wonderful place, especially when talented individuals share their hard work. I hope you enjoy putting some of the icons to good use!


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