8 Great Apps to Make Your Christmas Wish List

I have a confession to make. I’m 26 years old and I still give my parents a Christmas list. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I don’t volunteer the information. They usually have to ask me several times for it over the course of a month before I give it up.

The last couple of years, I’ve looked for good ways to keep my list online so I could just send it to my parents via email. This makes my life easier since I have links to stuff I’d buy for myself, and their lives easier because they don’t have to go hunting places for the stuff they decided to get me (my parents are awesome, by the way). In this round up, I’m going to tell you some of the list web apps that I’ve tried.

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist is probably my favorite of all of the list apps. It’s definitely the best if everything you want can be found on Amazon, but it’s also got some really nice features for rating/reviewing and marking the items as owned, as well as creating multiple lists. The best part however, is the extension available for most browsers so that you can add any item on any website to your Amazon Wishlist.



I used Wishlistr last year for my list because it was simple, easy to use, and had some nice themes. You add all of the information yourself, which means you’re not restricted to using only items you can link to. There are 3 fields for title, link, and “other info,” which is where you can put price/description/etc. What I didn’t like about it was that you cannot create multiple lists or delete items en masse.

List Ideas

List Ideas

List Ideas is actually a really nice site for creating lists. You sign up and you’re taken to a dashboard where you can create any number of lists (some are pre-made for you, Christmas being one of them). You can then manually as items yourself, but you can also browse the site to see what other people have added, popular items, and more. You can automatically add these items to your list on the item’s page, which I thought was a nice touch. The problem is that the site seems to go down a lot, and got a “site is down temporarily” message more than I get the Fail Whale.

Google Shopping List

Google Shopping List

You didn’t think I’d let this list go without mentioning Google’s solution, did you? Google Shopping List is a service that integrated right into Google’s Product Search (formerly known as “Froogle”) to bring you an easy way to add stuff to your list. You have 2 lists: a shopping list, which is private, and a wish list, which is public. Click, “Wish List” and start adding stuff. Google will then provide you with a link to send to family and friends.




Not exactly a traditional wish list, per-say, Delicious allows you to create public lists of links while adding descriptions, tags, and more to each link. To create a Christmas list, you can tag each item with “Christmas 2011,” or now you can create a “stack” of links, which you can make public. You can title your stack however you’d like, as well as add a banner image. This is a great solution, especially if Delicious is already something you use often.

Today I Wish

Today I Wish

While Today I Wish doesn’t have some of the features of the other apps I’ve mentioned so far, it’s worth mentioning because it’s different. You just create a wish list of items, no links, descriptions, etc. The wish list is broken down into: Gifts, Things money can’t buy, Favorite Stores, Favorite Music Artists, Favorite Authors, and Favorite Activities. I thought this was a nice twist because instead of just a list of things you want, it’s a list of interests to help your family and friends get ideas for what to get you.

TaDa List

Tada List

Like Delicious, TaDa List isn’t exactly a wish list app, it’s just a list app (todo lists, to be exact). I’ve included it here because it’s free, dead simple, and you can share lists with either specific people or the public. Just add items to the list, share it, and you’re done. This is the best option if you’re not looking for any of the fluff!



Wishpot is more of a wish list social network. While the sign up process is a bit more complicated than I’d like, there are some really nice features to the app, including privacy settings, multiple lists, and a bookmarklet that will grab a product and its info from most sites to add to your wish list. You can also share your list via Twitter, Facebook, or even add a widget to your website or blog. This is definitely the most feature-rich site in the round-up.


There are definitely countless apps out there to create and share wish lists. Of all of the ones I’ve tried, this group of 8 was the best and most diverse I could find. I think there is something here for everyone, regardless of what kind of features you’re looking for. What do you use to create shopping/wish lists? Let us know in the comments!

  • Christian

    I use Whimventory (http://www.whimventory.com) which is quite good, you add stuff with a bookmarklet, which is nice, although not ideal if a site has frames. but other than that, i like it.

  • http://pgdahl.dk Peter

    For the past couple of years for birthday and Christmas, I’ve simply shared an Evernote note where I jot down things, I’d like to have during the year. Asides from the convenience of just sharing the always up-to-date note, I don’t need to scramble to get a list ready when family is putting pressure on me to produce one.

  • http://twitter.com/stepamitaki Stepa

    My personal favorite is Svpply (http://svpply.com/), it is incredibly easy, visually stunning and most of all, has an amazing community. You should totally add it to your review.

  • http://www.tombatey.com/ Tom Batey

    Good roundup – there is wishlist app not mentioned so far, which is Wishlings (http://wishlings.com/), which is really easy to use.

    They have just released version 4 beta so it is worth checking out.

  • http://www.bhall.com Brian Hall

    Also check out WishyBox (http://WishyBox.com). It’s a simple, intuitive (drag and drop interface) social wish list and gift registry. You can invite friends and family and then reserve gifts from each other’s wish lists, and coordinate gift giving with comments without spoiling the surprise.

  • http://brnkr.tumblr.com Andrew Brinker

    Gimme Bar (http://gimmebar) also presents a solid way to do this. It isn’t specifically a “wish list” app, but it certainly has that capability.

  • http://www.givemeagift.eu Adrien

    Check http://www.givemeagift.eu it’s new and it seem very good !

  • Poppet Davies

    Didn’t realise there were so many options out there. I’ve been using a site called dont ask dont get for just over a year – they have an awesome bookmarklet and also a iphone app that scans – I’ve found it really simple. Check it out… http://www.dontask-dontget.co.uk

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  • http://www.cryptonet.be/ Junior Hemelaer

    There is another one on the market, for free: http://gifthings.me. They are still in beta but it has potential.