12 Fantastic Finance Tracking & Management Apps

Managing money can be as difficult as earning it. Proverbs like “A dollar save is a dollar earned” are awfully nice to read and quote but can be tough to put into practice. Starting to track the money you spend is one of the simplest first steps one can take. Once you see how much is going where, you will automatically scramble to cut down wasteful expenses.

Since our generation is known for its acute ADD, noting down every expense on a notebook or an iPhone app won’t last more than a couple of days. In the aftermath of the personal finance revolution spearheaded by Mint, there are a ton of online apps to help you pinch personal & business pennies and after the jump we’ve a compiled a few for your financial well being.




Mint is just like YouTube; they weren’t the ones who invented the idea but killed it for their competitors with their execution. Mint brings all your financial accounts together online, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets & helps you achieve your savings goals. You’ll be able to see all your balances and transactions together — on the web or your phone.

Mint automatically pulls all your financial information and categorizes them so you get the entire picture of your finances. Based on your spending patterns, the web app also suggests financial products that will serve you best. Now it’s open to users from Canada too.




Yodlee offers financial management solutions for the entire spectrum, from corporate companies to consumers. Just like in Mint, you can link your accounts securely to view all balances and transactions and pull pre-categorized reports to analyze your where your expenses go. You can also pay bills from the Yodlee account for free and transfer funds too.

Five out of the ten top financial institutions in USA use Yodlee’s solutions and hence you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial information.


Freshbooks screenshot


A great tool for freelancers and SMBs, FreshBooks aims to be the quickest way to manage your finances, specializing in tracking your time and invoicing your clients. FreshBooks helps you get paid faster with simple, beautiful company-branded invoicing. It offers your clients numerous payment channels: credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal. Operational since 2004, Freshbooks boasts more than five million users worldwide.




Moneytrackin’ is a free online web app that allows you to track all your expenses and income easily and without effort. The app intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool that offers you a clear view of your financial situation. One interesting feature of the app is sharing and collaboration. If you are working with a family member or your room mate to keep budgets in line, you can do so with ease and work together on the same account to reach financial goals.


FinancialForce screenshot


Directed at Businesses using SalesForce CRM, FinancialForce is uncomplicated yet dynamic and capable. Designed to be straightforward, easy to implement and require little maintenance, FinancialForce positions itself towards sales and service-focused businesses seeking to grow profitably and effectively. Boasting great integration with SalesForce CRM, businesses only need have one view of a customer enabling effortless transactions between processes.




Mvelopes is an effective online personal finance and spending management system. This award winning app applies innovative financial software technology to the traditional envelope method of budgeting to help you manage your finances, while living within your income.

Mvelopes supports 14,000 financial institutions and rest assured that if you have an account, it can be imported. Thanks to Mvelopes Bill Pay, you can pay any company or individual and create recurring payments. Bills can be received, examined and paid from the app too. Note that after a free trial period you’ll have to pay a subscription to continue using the service.




Just like their domain name, Xero is a neat and simple web app that focuses on assisting you in all financial transactions and accounting tasks associated with your business. In addition to a gamut of impressive features, Xero will try and match transactions you’ve downloaded to transactions in Xero. You can easily identify unreconciled items and reconcile when you need to — daily, weekly or monthly.




On top of assisting you in planing & managing your home budgets and special activities such as buying, selling or building a home, vacation planning etc., MySpendingPlan also helps you manage the budget, shopping, and tasks for organizations and social groups you are involved with.

Visit their Save More section, to print grocery coupons, find free stuff, get discounts and great bargains on a lot of items. Leveraging their predictive Auto-Assign Budget technology and based on your past and present spending habits, the app will recommend a future budget that is better suited with your income.


Kashflow screenshot


Built with the aim of making the running of your small business easier, KashFlow is packed with additional features that go above and beyond the standard accounting software remit. Each feature within KashFlow exists as a result of actual users requesting it. By doing away in the ‘accounting jargon’, KashFlow has created an app for the ordinary user.




SmartyPig is unlike a standard finance management app. It’s an FDIC-insured savings account, combined will all the goodies of a web 2.0 finance management app. SmartyPig helps you replace the destructive “buy-now-pay-later” approach with a constructive “save-then-spend” mentality. Decide how much you want to save and when you want to meet your goal and SmartyPig will suggest a monthly contribution automatically to help you get there fast.

Zoho Books & Zoho Expenses

Zoho Books screenshot

Zoho Books

Zoho’s apps have beautiful interfaces. It’s easy for non-financially minded people to use these apps to their advantage. Positioned to provide for SMBs and freelancers, Zoho’s apps cover invoicing, time tracking, expenses, and much more. Zoho Books recognizes each business has its own unique needs and therefore offers great flexibility.


Intacct screenshotIntacct pride themselves on their customer satisfaction ratings: 9 out of 10 Intacct clients indicated that they would recommend their service to their colleagues. Directed at SMBs, the Intacct system includes accounting,revenue recognition, contract management, inventory, vendor management, purchasing, financial reporting applications and financial consolidation.

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Update: This post was originally posted on 26th May 2010. It was updated on May 27th 2015.


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  • I’ve been using Mint for a while now and it’s really a nice web app. It’s design is completely user-friendly and it lists all of your accounts in a highly-organized manner. It also allows you to make goals for things such as college, buying a house/car, etc. and to dedicate a specific account (or open a new one) just for that goal to keep track of your progress and calculate a set amount of money that you should deposit into that dedicated account on a monthly basis. Also, you can get alerts via email or mobile phone about spending or your accounts being low on money so you’ll be alerted instantly if your kid gets a hold of that credit card and starts spending crazy amounts of money. 😛

    You can track your expenses and budget yourself accordingly, you can see a pie chart or a list graph of your spending to find out where you’re spending most of your money, even in comparison to the rest of your country.

    You can also go to the Investments page and find out which investment/brokerage accounts are perfect for you!

  • It would be useful if you could include any geographical limitations on these web services. Mint is not for use in the UK, not sure about any of the others.

    • All apps work for USA residents unless otherwise specified. I understand your frustration though! Cant use any of them myself!

    • I agree. I get really tired of articles that don’t highlight the fact that an app is only available in the US.

      Look at Appstorms analytics – am I the only one outside the US that reads your site?

      ~ David (UK)

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, guys.
      I’m looking for some tool for financial management that work bouth on pc and Android. Fell in love with Mint’s desing, but… I can’t use it!
      If only I could use Mint without registering a bank account, as I do in Financisto…

      Larissa (Brazil)

  • If you think of using buxfer think twice!! It has become damn slow and site crashes at least once a month. And seems like no one is reading emails that are sent to support department. Be carefull!!

  • Wow, thanks for this list of wonderful apps

  • We’ve been using Xero for over a year now – the integration with other webapps (such as Freshbooks) is clutch. For a growing company we like it because as new needs arise, Xero covers them all since it’s packed with features.

  • you should have included which of these connect directly to your bank and which require you to upload your own data. that right there is what sets some (mint, indinero, yodlee) apart from the others.

    • A vast of the majority of the apps listed here import data directly from the bank. Will check and try to update the article if an app requires manual upload of data.

    • Not trying to drag anyone down. But I truly hope that you’re implying that mint, indinero, and yodlee (which do connect to your bank account) are leagues behind in security.

      Does it not make you feel ill inside when a website asks you for your Bank Account login and password? Would you give that to someone on the street even if they said they were “on the level” and a standup guy?

      • Mint provides and maintains a secure connection directly to the login page of the bank/provider. Its security is vastly superior and/or equal to many other high-use networks.

  • For business users, Xero looks damn nice. If it would be available as an offline version i could well imagine using it. As it seems to be available online only i am somewhat hesitant to use it: a.) because i’d rather like to have possibly confidential data stored locally and b.) because accounting data has to be accessible for quite long periods and you never know if company xyz will still be around in 5 years.

    • I agree. All web apps should have some sort of offline support or support for exporting data. Hope things will change with HTML5!

    • This page probably covers any reservations you have about online accounting with Xero


  • Mint is a very useful app for tracking expenses and accounts. It connects directly to your bank, is flexible and easy to use. BUT – the lack of some type of reporting or ability to manipulate data limits it’s usefulness. Hope this is planned for the future!

    • You can manipulate data entries.

  • I think buxfer has stop development, both founder were joined facebook and no longer have any update.

  • Also check out FreeAgent (http://www.freeagentcentral.com/) which is similar to Xero. Supports UK business very well.

    ~ David

  • Thanks for the list but which of these apps will work for users from the UK?

  • Great list! But I agree with a lot of the other commenters, can you possibly make a list of financial apps that work in the UK? I know a lot of people would be interested!

  • Just started playing around with Yodlee and Money Trackin’. Both allow you to manually input accounts without having to provide any sensitive information. The cons to that is to make sure you are disciplined to update entries regularly.

    I haven’t looked up Yodlee’s mobile login page yet. It appears they don’t have a mobile app so I think it can work via mobile web browsers. Money Trackin’ has an iphone app which I haven’t yet downloaded.

    Yodlee doesn’t have a wide range of foreign currencies as default currencies – I just ended up using the USD default. Money Trackin’ however has an extensive list of foreign currencies to use as your default.

    What I don’t like about Yodlee – unless I just can’t find that function – is that there appears to be no way to transfer funds between accounts and have that automatically updated in both accounts as debit/credit. Money Trackin’ does have that feature, which is something I loved from using Quicken for Mac eons ago..

    In general, I think barring some really strange occurrence, Money Trackin’ seems to be the one that suits my simpler needs. I use it primarily to see all my accounts linked across the board, and also be able to set a monthly budget for specific spending categories, compare it to my income, and devise a saving timeline/goal.

  • can’t use mint i’m from the philippines

  • Buxfer got the Paid Upgrade since i used it. You can only add 5 accounts in the free edition. I am existing using the Buxfer and i am looking a better one to replace it.

  • I love reading this post very much. In my point of view, Mint is the best application that has many user-friendly features which allows users to manage multiple financial accounts from one simple user interface.

  • checkout pibiapp.com , a free html5 alternative that is simple and yet packed with features