10 Marketing Resources Every App Should Provide

This is for all you web app developers out there. There are ten resources every app should make easily available to members of the press, including bloggers, via their website. These are resources for people interested in sharing information, reviews or thoughts about your web app — with a few being tremendously helpful for your users.

If you offer a web app or service, you need to check this list to see what kind of marketing you’re missing.


These are the top ten application and service resources, for both web and desktop, I find commonly missing. These resources should be available via your website, easy to find and accessible 24/7. You should not expect people to ask you for these. Neglecting to provide resources such as these does nothing but hinder the potential free marketing and advertising of your app or service.

I would like to point out that this is coming from someone who evaluates 15-20 or more applications and services each week. Hint: create a press/media kit.

1. High Resolution Logo

It might seem obvious, but a [relatively] high resolution logo is often hard to find when I’m reviewing an app or service. The common idea being that I’ll contact you and request one. The simple fact, though, is I probably won’t and will end up using whatever I can find via your website, social media networks or Google. I should not have to use Google to find promotional materials for your app.



The typical blogger almost certainly won’t contact you for a quality logo and will use something crappy, reflecting poorly on everyone.

2. High Resolution Icon

Most apps and services use an identifying graphic in the logo; provide this along with your logo but as an individual image. People like eye candy, bloggers and media know this and may want to use the eye candy you’ve created for your logo to promote your app. Many blogs, such as this one, use 200 by 200 pixel intro. images and we would prefer to use your sexy logo graphic, not necessarily your whole logo.



It’s usually best to offer this in a version with transparent background so we can put it on a screenshot of your website or application.

3. Short and Long Description

You should be able to tell people what your app or service does in one sentence but also offer a more in-depth explanation, usually on an About page. When people evaluate or talk about your app, they’ll have a short description to use (in tweets, on Facebook, in blogs) but will also have a better idea of what to expect from the app from your in-depth description.



If you don’t tell people what to say about your app, they’ll come up with it themselves and sometimes it’s inaccurate or crappy. Places such as directories and review blogs will have something to use as well.

4. Video Demonstration

When given the choice between reading 1K words or watching a 5 minute video demonstration, most people will choose the video. Why? People are lazy. If you want people to use your app, don’t make them work to understand it — just show it to them.

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration

If you make this demonstration video embeddable, you’ll get more people watching your application demo.

5. Application Screenshots

Demo videos are great, but not everyone will embed them when reviewing your app. If you provide screenshots of your app being used in a [simulated] real world situation, they’ll likely be better than the screenshots you’ll see from someone just reviewing your app.



As someone who evaluates apps, I would prefer to use screenshots of the app filled with data than spend a significant amount of time filling the data myself. I can evaluate your app without loading it full of data, so if you don’t provide great looking demo screenshots I’ll take them myself without the app filled with data.

6. Make It Easy to Find Press Contact Information

Many apps and services, surprisingly, don’t make it easy to find press-related contact information. In fact, many apps don’t even provide it at all. If I can’t find someone to contact with press-related questions, they won’t get answered and it will affect what is said about your app.

Press Contact Information

Press Contact Information

It’s usually safest to include this within the About page, possibly on a press informational page. A link in the footer is often very helpful as well.

7. Press Benefits

Most app developers are more than willing to provide qualifying members of the press with an evaluation account, though few sites mention it. I’m always more inclined to contact the app developers who specifically make an effort to let members of the press know they’re available for questions, demos or evaluation accounts.

Press Benefits

Press Benefits

8. List Your Social Media Networks

It’s actually quite amusing that I nearly use Google more often to find an app’s social media networks than their own websites. Though most people have caught on, this is a basic one that should not be overlooked.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Offering ways for people to share your app via their favorite social network is a good way to get a little extra exposure.

9. Create a Media Kit

Once you get all your media and marketing materials created, put them together in a media kit for download. This makes my job easier and enables people to display better demonstration or review materials in their reviews.

Media Kit

Media Kit

10. Include a Sitemap

This may seem obvious, but I find myself clicking around like a lost puppy all too often, trying to find the page with the information I’m looking for. Websites with sitemaps generally don’t have this problem and make it a little easier to find deeply nested pages people would otherwise never see.



Final Thoughts

When writing reviews and how-tos for applications, a relatively significant amount of time goes towards finding quality logos and icons to create an introduction image to represent the app as well as taking screenshots while evaluating the app. The apps and services that provide these resources generally look better in the review and give me additional time to spend working on the writing portion of the review.

If you’re not offering these resources, you should be asking yourself why not. You want people to spread the word about your great app or service and the best way to ensure they make it look good is to help them do it.

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  • Wow, thank you for that list – very useful!


  • this is a great list. great reminders for good marketing…!

  • Excellent, excellent list.

    These are great reminders. What you have listed not only make it easier to review and promote apps, but also makes it easier for consumers to decide on one. With such a heavily saturated market, it’s important to make things easy on people.

  • GREAT LIST!! Very Helpful
    Infact I have a great new app that i would like people to review and write about. Any iedas as to where to begin?

    • I would recommend that you start contacting sites (such as this one) and submitting your app for a potential review. Our About page: http://web.appstorm.net/about/ has more information about submitting your app to Web.AppStorm. Alternatively, you might consider our new Quick Look feature. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

  • Really nice list, and all these are essential for a nice app for real human being.

  • So true. I review music for a local media publication and nothing irritates me more than when I’m writing about a band and can’t find their MySpace page, especially if it’s a common or generic name- in which case searching in Google won’t help me any. If you want press, make it easy on the reviewers. Nothing having contact info easily accessible, pictures readily available, and lots of links to your various social media profile reflects an unprofessional person or organization who is not serious about providing value, be it a band or an app.

  • First, let me say thank you very much for these tips. We are in the midst of building our app, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate these tips.

  • I review music for a local media publication and nothing irritates me more than when I’m writing about a band and can’t find their MySpace page!!

    • Do bands even use myspace anymore? I thought that reverbnation was the go to social media site for bands and musicians.

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