10 Great Online Support and Help Desk Apps

Providing great customer service can make all the difference in creating a brand that people trust. There are plenty of examples of great customer service out there, from the supermarket who took advice about their bread from a three-year-old, to the LEGO employee who delighted a seven-year-old boy who lost a minifigure by writing a cool personalized letter.

As a company, your support system is the first step to delighting your customers, or at the very least, solving problems they have with your products. If you’ve ever tried using plain old email for customer support, you’ll know how quickly it can get out of control. A far better solution is to use one of the many support and help desk apps around. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten customer support apps to browse and consider:


Screenshot of Desk.com


About Desk.com: Salesforce’s popular customer support application is loaded with a range of features designed to help you easily manage requests from a range of channels (email, phone, live chat, forums, etc.) Desk.com gives you a universal inbox for streamlined communication, case management, and a host of productivity utilities to help staff manage issues more effectively.


Zendesk screenshot


About Zendesk: Helping your business deliver good help desk karma, Zendesk is a force to be reckoned with. This cloud-based, multi-channel customer support app strengthens the relationship between customers and the company. It monitors all feedback sources, allowing agents to check over all tickets and quickly act. Its handy ‘Triggers’ system allows users to automate tasks by providing set responses based on the actions of a customer.


Freshdesk screenshot


About Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a smart help desk solution with bags of customization. It includes a customizable dashboard that gives you a clear view of all tickets and recent support activities. Freshdesk’s automated ticketing system sorts through all incoming support tickets and assigns them to the most appropriate agent. The software’s self-service portal lets you set up an online space to store all your company’s documents, for sharing internally or with your customers.


Samanage screenshot


About Samanage: Doubling as both an IT asset management tool and a support software, Samanage enables you to manage the ‘health’ of your IT assets by logging all the support tickets raised for each asset. You can use Samanage to create service catalogs to automate common processing for particular tasks. Samanage offers integrations with more than 200 different applications, such as Google Apps, Zendesk, OneLogIn, and Okta.


LiveChat screenshot


About LiveChat: LiveChat is a SaaS tool designed at covering the needs of both sales and customer service teams. The core feature of the software is its real-time chat tool, where both service and sales staff can communicate with customers online. It’s an intelligent system that provides the user with details of previous communications between the customer and the company. It also supports the transfer of a conversation between different colleagues.

Help Scout

Help Scout screenshot

Help Scout

About Help Scout: The purpose of Help Scout is to integrate all customer support requests in one place. It takes the form of an invisible email-based help desk with a robust API, integrated knowledge base, real-time reporting, and collaboration features. An interesting point about Help Scout is that it deals in ‘conversations’ rather than ticket numbers, with an ethos on treating the customer as more than just a number in a line.

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk screenshot

Vision Helpdesk

About Vision Helpdesk: Vision Helpdesk takes a three-pronged approach to customer support, offering a trio of products in one: help desk software, satellite help desk, and service desk ((ITIL/ITSM). The help desk software uses digital tickets to pull together customer conversations that are taking place over email, web, live chat, and telephone. The satellite help desk is built around self-service portals that allow customers to open and track tickets, as well as to access your knowledge base.


Teamsupport screenshot


About TeamSupport: As the name suggests, TeamSupport is all about collaboration. Instead of focusing on one-to-one communication between company and customer, the software encourages the whole team to work together to resolve ongoing issues. There are some cool features for working on support tickets collaboratively, and tickets can be assigned to predefined groups to ensure that customers are responding to effectively within the quickest time possible.


Kayako screenshot


About Kayako: Another multi-channel support software, Kayako is bursting with features designed to centralize and organize communication. It supports custom tickets and live chat forms, customer-facing support center, live chat with real-time visitor monitoring, and more than 100 report templates for monitoring what’s going on with your support team.




About LiveAgent: LiveAgent combines an all-in-one ticket support system with customer portals, universal inboxes, and live chat software. The application gives team members the ability to respond to emails, chats, phone calls, Facebook posts and private messages from anywhere at any time of the day. LiveAgent can also be used to monitor tweets for particular keywords or brand names.

Did we miss any?

If you know of any great support apps or resources we’ve missed, be sure to add them in the comments section below. Thanks!

This post was originally published on June 28th 2010, and has been updated to reflect the latest top cloud-based helpdesk apps.


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  • My fav isn’t really a Help Desk App, more like a Live Chat Support. Maybe you guys could make a Top Live Chat Support Article!

    Well I like Zopim, great features and just purely amazing!

    My fav feature is that you can reply by IM.

    But GetSat is deff my favorite from your list. Thanks for the list!

  • I use RedMine. http://www.redmine.org/

    • Redmine is a great project management tool, but i dont like it for Help Desk.

  • We use Request Tracker (RT) from Best Practical (http://bestpractical.com/)

  • We are using Vision Helpdesk for 8 months now and its simply awesome ! Vision Helpdesk’s Satellite Helpdesk feature has helped us to manage support for our three companies at one place.

    Further we are planning to go for Vision Helpdesk Unlimited Domain Version to offer End User Support to our Reseller Clients Clients..

    We highly recommend Vision Helpdesk, First its Economical starts from $9.99 per month Second Feature Rich and Third Best Support offered by Vision Helpdesk Team.

    Infrenion Networks

  • Thanks for the list. I will check out osTicket. I hope it’s better than http://otrs.org/

    • I think OTRS is the best Open Source option out there

      • Wonder why you didn’t told it in the post itself :S

  • IzzyHelp.com is missing, it’s a dynamic FAQ/Knowledgebase with Helpdesk, easy to install and use.

  • I’d be interested in a review of Cerberus

  • Kayako is pretty good. Some of these tools are very good for web hosting companies.

  • Would love to see you review kayako.com

  • I’m a bit impartial to http://Beetil.com – Great SaaS based implementation of ITIL

  • Hi,

    I would recommend you to review Zoho Discussions, an online forums software that helps you to setup customer support forums, intranet communities, etc. It is feature-rich and cost effective!

    You can evaluate the service at: http://discussions.zoho.com/home


    ps: I work for Zoho discussions

  • I use OggChat (http://www.oggchat.com) which is a live chat service that works with Gmail and Google Talk.

  • great addon to helpdesk system is http://nicereply.com – customers can rate responses of your helpdesk agents

  • We are looking for one to be used by HRstop.com .. lets see which one is viable for us.

  • I believe Assistly.com should be on the list. I’m actually researching on this for our start-up Flabell.com, and I am to choose between this and ZenDesk. :)

  • We’re using HP’s OpenView solution. But the tool is not so easy.
    I believe help desk tools are not easy to suit for every company.

  • How did you guys missed TeamSupport.com? That is one of the most beautiful apps with a ton of great features. It is more of a “rich internet application” than your typical website format – and their support is the very best. You can call these guys, chat with them or submit a ticket.

    I even spoke with their CEO once and he personally helped me.

  • Worthy is http://www.helpspot.com/ based on CodeIgniter.

  • Wonderful list. I suggest to add http://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/ to your list.

  • I use issuecentre and would recommend it, http://www.helpdeskcentre.co.uk
    Free trial and free android app!

  • thanks to everyone for your info. You really helped me in my research.

  • Great list. Has any one used this http://helpdesk.bigwebapps.com/ ?

  • I use the versaSRS as they are very flexible and affordable with ITSM modules.

    http://www.versasrs.com and my sporting club use this as well for free as it gives 1 Tech license for free.

  • Hot Help Desk is a free ticket management and100% web-based help desk system which can be accessed from any browser, with no plug-ins, no client maintenance and no client updates. Your customers can create and update tickets via online web based form or email easily, so you are able to track the history of support requests from inception to resolution, including routing, ownership and transfers . Hot Help Desk also provide powerful service modules like automatic email notification, searchable knowledge base, administrable download and reports analyzer, so you can offer your customers different options to help them get their issues resolved quickly. With a complete feature set and an affordable price tag, Hot Help Desk will improve the efficiency of your business. You can transform your cost center to a revenue center.

  • I’m also surprised that Service Cloud by SalesForce isn’t here (http://www.salesforce.com/servicecloud)
    It has Facebook and Twitter integration, along with their chatter app, it’s completely cloud based, and takes very little effort to move into.

    That said, I’m interested in a comparison between Zendesk and Service Cloud – I want to know the difference between development, service and prices (it would just seem to me that Zendesk takes ages to develop and update important features – such as the Facebook ticket submission – which other services already have incorporated.)

    • Thanks for mentioning that. Truth be told, it’s been a while since I’ve looked into SalesForce’s offerings, and I should give them another try. Perhaps some SalesForce articles are in order?

  • Assistly would be a great addition to this list. The product is less than a year out of beta and it’s already garnered an A-list of customers, from 37 Signals to Pandora and Yelp. We’re the all-in-one customers tool that makes your team super-efficient.

    And now you can get started for free, as every account includes a free Full Time Agent. And then you can add unlimited agents and only pay $1 per hour (or a flat $49/month/agent for full time, unlimited use).

    • Thanks for stopping by! I actually use Assistly daily in my work, and love the new features that have been added lately. Keep up the great work!

  • We released Freshdesk in June and in the short while have seen very encouraging feedback. The icing on the cake was Freshdesk winning the Microsoft Bizspark India Startup Challenge. Do check out http://www.freshdesk.com/ , we’d love to get your feedback/review too.

  • We chose Zendesk about 12 months ago and we are delighted with it.

  • A different HelpDesk app for the advanced tecnician – ControlUP
    (It’s free)

  • We use zendesk. All emails sent into the system get converted to text and there is no method for viewing them at all. It is a deal killer for us and we are currently looking at other solutions.

  • You guys totally forgot about Desk.com (http://desk.com, formerly – Assistly) and LiveChat (http://livechatinc.com)!

  • Am I the only one missing “HESK” on the list?

  • Hi! Thank you for mentioning Helpdesk pilot. I invite you to try out HappyFox (http://www.happyfox.com), a cloud-based version of Helpdesk Pilot. We would love to hear your feedback on it.

    Marketing Co-ordinator (HappyFox)

  • I use http://www.TeamWox.com, including Service Desk, CRM, Online Chat, IP PBX and other features. 10 users for free. it’s a very cool app

  • I know this is an older post, but I know spiceworks.com has a helpdesk module included. I’ve used it for a while, Its simple, fast to setup, and has a surprising number of features. The deployment is very customizable, has a configurable customer portal w/AD integration, and tons of extra feature modules that expand its usability. The spiceworks community can and do assist with questions and there is training and support for all features. It is also free.

  • Would be nice to see a review of http://www.smicloud.com

  • Nice list – We combine Zendesk ( helpdesk ) and ClickDesk ( live chat ) in our company for support. They’re both brilliant.


  • I have kayako support suite V3..it worked but had a lot of bugs, so over the course of few months I stopped using it….and now that V4 is out with ‘new’ features and maybe less bugs..the price has gone up….and after missing the ‘deadline’ to upgrade by 27 days here is what Kayako support had to say to their old customer.

    ” The upgrade offer for our v3 clients ended on August 1′ 2012. Now we are unable to give you an option to upgrade your help desk to v4 at $130 for an year.”
    Buy the product at full price now – $999

    This is what they do to a customer who paid $500 for the ‘full’ product with lifetime licence…granted I can still use the V3.

    I for one will not like to pay another single dollar to such a company…I would much rather try/test any other software..thats just me.

    Its an Indian company, so yes I understand their mindset.


  • We make Jitbit Helpdesk. It’s fast and simple unlike the others on that list. Please, do not treat it as spam, I honestly think that anyone, who is looking for helpdesk, should at least take a look at ours.

  • Thank you for adding Vision Helpdesk to your list – Can you update the screenshot its way old on your website. You can take new screenshot from http://www,thevisionworld.com

  • We are using our product RedmineCRM Helpdesk plugin (http://redminecrm.com/projects/helpdesk) for Redmine (http://redmine.org)

  • Our recommendation goes for Vision Helpdesk (http://www.thevisionworld.com), which we have been using since last 3 years now. We have found Vision Helpdesk to be one of the most perfect helpdesk when it comes to customer support management portal. We have been using Kayako earlier, but have found Vision helpdesk to be far more better than Kayako.

    Vision helpdesk is economical and have delivered robust features that we needed to manage support for our end user clients. Not only the software is purely multi-domain helpdesk, but is also one of the best white-labelled platform to offer support to end user clients. Their company support is top-notch, always ready to help you to configure or customize their helpdesk. Highly recommend them anyone who is looking for online customer support helpdesk at the most affordable and economical rates.

  • I will contribute with this one: http://www.orcadesk.com/
    We are using it about 5 months and there where no problems with it

  • We have listed most of these apps in GetApp: http://www.getapp.com/software-system/Web-based/help-desk-software . I think you could include a few more, for example Desk.com and Freshdesk. Just in case I leave here comparison table so you can easly see the differences between them and the mentioned competition.

    Zendesk – Desk.com – Freshdesk


    AtTask – Help Scout – AtTask


    Hope this is helpful!

  • I was searching for one myself yesterday and I found this one that seems to be very very good and it’s very nice!! Just check it out: http://www.invgate.com

    • InvGate its an amazing piece of software. We been using InvGate Service Desk for the last 6 months and its the best out there. http://www.invgate.com/

  • May I suggest Jitbit Helpdesk – http://www.jitbit.com/hosted-helpdesk/ (available both as “on-premise” and hosted version)

  • Great list of tools. Remedy problem management is another very good help desk ticketing tool. Also, for providing remote support or technical assistance, logmein, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC, on premise RHUB remote support appliances etc. are advisable.

  • It would be great to see any reviews of Re:Desk Help Desk:
    The software is simple and clearest, and I hope will be liked by everyone. Hope to hear some feedback soon.