6 Free Alternatives to Xmarks

It’s a sad day for Xmarks users, the most popular cross-platform and cross-browser compatible bookmark syncing app currently available. Xmarks has decided to close down operations January 10, 2011, leaving us wondering what we’ll do without the awesome app.

We’ve rounded up six free alternatives to semi-accomplish the same task Xmarks does. If you use and love Xmarks, you might consider making a pledge in an effort to potentially save the killer service.

Save Xmarks

Xmarks Home

Xmarks Home

Although there are other apps and services that put their best efforts towards accomplishing the same task as Xmarks, none have really rivaled the king of bookmark syncing across multiple computers and/or browsers. Unfortunately the freemium model isn’t feasible for the Xmarks team to continue with, but there’s a possibility Xmarks could be saved should the community show enough interest and make their pledges.

If you’re interesting in making a pledge, see the Xmarks blog for more information. I’ve already made my pledge!

Browser Specific Alternatives

Xmarks has listed a few browser specific alternatives that may just do what you need. We’ve also added a few to the list, covering a few other popular browsers.

Opera Link

Opera Link



1. Delicious

Although using Delicious as a bookmark sync tool across browsers won’t actually sync your browser’s true bookmarks, but rather the bookmarks you save with Delicious, it’s still a very functional option.

There may also be browser plugins that enable uploading your current browser bookmarks. This is something I’ll look into further, possibly for a future post.



2. tidyfavorites (Windows only)

Although tidyfavorites is Windows only, it’s a great way to get your bookmarks synced across IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. However, it’s not immediately clear if this option allows for synchronization across multiple computers.



3. BookMacster (Mac only)

Mac only, BookMacster syncs your bookmarks across all the major OS X browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, Opera and even with other apps such as Google Bookmarks and Delicious.

Another great Mac only option is AllBookmarks from Agile Web Solutions, which ties into 1Password.

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

4. Google Bookmarks

Did you know Google even offered an easy way to compile your bookmarks? You can even import, export and manage your bookmarks via labels. There are even several plugins for browser integration.



5. historious

Awhile ago we talked about Ditching Bookmarking with Search Powered historious, an up and coming new web app eliminating the old method of bookmarking and bringing it up to date with today’s technology. The historious team has made massive improvements since we last looked at it and it’s definitely a solid option.



6. Dropbox

If you only need your bookmarks synchronized between multiple computers (of the same platform), but the same browser, Dropbox can do it. Unfortunately it’s not an elegant solution, but it may do the trick for some of you.

Here’s a guide on setting up Dropbox to sync Safari’s bookmarks and history.

Final Thoughts

There’s no elegant or exact replacement for Xmarks, so it won’t be a surprise if someone else steps in sometime soon to take it’s place. Until then, however, we may just not have a solution at all for multiple computer, cross-platform, cross-browser bookmark synchronization. Very sad.

If you know of a solution we should have listed here, let us know via comment below and we’ll consider adding it to the list. Thanks!

User Submitted Alternatives



Fruux (Mac only)

Submitted by Armin. Fruux is a simple OS X system pane that syncs your Address Book, Calendars, Tasks and Bookmarks between multiple Macs. It currently only supports Safari but iPhone and iPod touch support are in development, along with a web app counterpart.




Submitted by Matthew Guay. Evernote is a fantastic application for capturing and syncing information, including your “bookmarks”, so you can access the information anywhere, on almost any platform, including iPhone and Android. This is one seriously awesome app!

  • http://www.rolug.ro Armin

    Don’t forget about fruux for Mac. Although it ony works for Safari, it can also sync address book contacts and iCal calendars between macs.

  • http://techinch.com Matthew Guay

    Don’t forget Evernote … the Evernote extensions for most browsers make a great bookmark solution since you can clip text and images, add notes, tag links, and more. I use it as my main bookmark solution, and it works great!

  • http://gamedev.michaeljameswilliams.com/ MichaelJW

    Nice list!

    I use Evernote to clip the interesting parts of web pages to a folder called “Bookmarks,” then tag them appropriately.That’s generally more useful than the big messy list of website names I have in my browser bookmarks folder 😉

    • Peter

      Wow….thank you!

  • http://aharmonyofhues.blogspot.com/ Ayush Kumar

    Is there any service to sync open tabs, just like Xmarks did? This feature saved my life SO many times whenever my Ubuntu crashed..

  • Andre

    It doesn’t matter. When Google Chrome synched boomarks and extensions to my google account I immediately knew it was only a matter of time before it was over for Xmarks. Sad but true. It can probably be truthfully said that Chrome did kill this.

  • RSphotocreation

    The best choice to get your bookmark synchronized is to use Google Chrome. It syncs all your bookmarks in your Google Documents, so you can sync all your Google Chrome browsers and also access them from other computer with Firefox, by going to your Google Docs. Although like Andre said, Google is making you ditch Firefox or Opera… for its browser. I guess than in one year or 2 everything will be on the Google cloud. All our datas with Google lol

  • Marc

    Hey, nobody about http://www.zootool.com ?!?

  • http://www.interfave.com BookLister

    There’s always http://www.interfave.com to collect and organize your bookmarks. They let you put your links into lists that can be shared all at once. It’s a newer site, but still pretty useful!

    I like it because I can use it from any computer I’m at, or even my Droid.