10 HTML5 Games Paving The Way

HTML5 is still a developing technology and we’re barley beginning to see its capabilities in more advanced uses such as games. Though HTML5 isn’t even in its infancy yet, it’s beginning to emerge and here are 10 HTML5 games paving the way.

Edit: With the addition of an HTML5 version of Asteroids, submitted by Shkwav.

Quake II GWT Port

Quake II GWT Port

Quake II GWT Port

Unless you were living under a rock or don’t use the internet, you probably heard about the Quake II port using WebGL, the Canvas API, HTML5 elements, etc., built by a few Google employees. It’s probably one of the best examples of a browser-based game using HTML5. To play it though, you’ll need to build it first.

Requirements: Safari (nightly) or Chromium




WPilot is a multiplayer space shooter you can actually play without building anything, that is – if you can find someone to play with. You can also run your own server if you’d like.

Requirements: Safari, Chrome, Webkit or Firefox (Win)

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D

For those who remember the older days of gaming, Wolfenstein 3D will probably strike a chord. It was a great little 3D shooter. The HTML5 version, shown here, isn’t actually the full game but a working demo allowing the player to shoot and move around.

Requirements: Firefox 2+, Safari 3.1.2+, Opera 9.27+

Aves Engine

Aves Engine

Aves Engine

The Aves Engine isn’t really a game itself but the framework for developers to create some really neat HTML5 powered games. The demonstration video (shown below) really shows the great performance and capabilities of the engine, giving developers something great to work with.

Processing Tower Defense

Processing Tower Defense

Processing Tower Defense

Though graphics may be limited, the strategy game is a great example of HTML5 gaming. PTD was originally built as a demo for John Resig’s Processing.js library.



The Akihabara Collection

The Akihabara collection is a group of five 8/16-bit games of different types, showing fun ways HTML5 and JavaScript can be used. Though the games are old and the graphics are what you’d call “classic”, it’s non-flash browser-based gaming none-the-less.

Requirements: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera




The classic Asteroids game comes back in HTML5 by Kevin Roast. Submitted via comment by Shkwav, thanks!


If you know of some neat browser-based games utilizing HTML5, let us know via comment below! As you can see, these are just the very tip of the ice berg but non-flash browser-based gaming is coming. JavaScript is a technology largely aiding and enabling many of these games and there are many fantastic JavaScript-based games, so if you have any favorites share them via comment and we’ll credit you with the find in our gaming roundup.

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  • Um, I only counted 6.

    • The last one includes 5 different games. Sorry, that’s probably a little confusing!

  • Wow it’s cool anyway

  • A fine example http://bit.ly/asteroids

  • These examples make flash needed for some time to come.
    They are terrible compared to what flash can do…

    They are much slower then flash doing the same thing. And flash ant fast enough for my likeing..

    I agree Flash will eventually be largely replaced by HTML5, but nothing I have seen convinces me it can completely replace it. Not yet anyway..

    HTML5 as a new tech designed for mobiles etc, should be SUPER FAST out of the box. Its not. I saw a video comparing HTML5 and flash doing the same thing the other day and 10.1 flash was 200% to 500% faster then HTML5 performance wise..

    As an online Game maker.. Why use HTML5 yet.. Because Apple is forcing you too?

    Somethings not right here..

    • Absolutely; HTML5 is barely in its infancy and will likely never completely replace Flash. Once HTML5 capable browsers fully utilize hardware acceleration HTML5 will be significantly faster than Flash in many situations. HTML5 video is a great example of this.

      Also, you can’t really say HTML5 should be super fast out of the box because it’s not a product developed by one company like Flash. There is no box.

    • “HTML5 is a new tech designed for mobiles”?

      No. It’s not.

      HTML is the language that drives the entire World Wide Web; every website uses HTML in some capacity. HTML5 is a newer version of that. It’s not “designed for mobiles”. It’s designed for every device that can access the web.

      So please, do a little research before saying ludicrous things like that.

      • You may want to learn how to use Cut and Paste so that you can correctly quote people. That way you don’t come across as a pompous jerk.

    • dude are you kidding look at youtube in html 5
      theve got a beta up and running and its way better
      it loads faster looks better and works on iphone without sacrasficing quality like with the youtube app

      • HTML5 cannot replace Flash for game design. Its like going backwards and reinventing the wheel. Do you really want to spend the hours flash was supposed to save hand-coding javascript and photoshopping sprites to get the same result as flash? REALLY? Think hard here… HTML5 should stick to browser support and interface functionality, but as for games, these examples are a step backwards.

    • Because Adobe is killing it’s Flash Player.

  • Halo CE would be awesome!

  • I implemented a demo version of crimson land from 10tons that runs inside a canvas element. Check it out here: http://dendiz.com/blog/?page_id=277 No IE of course.

  • Feedback wanted on the progress of my game.


  • As if the everyday user cares whether it’s Flash or HTML5? Flash is so entrenched in modern day browsers, users barely batter an eyelid. It’s only the Dictators with agendas like Jobs who want to raise the issue. Because he has something to gain from it.

    All Adobe will do is make a kick-ass software package that allows non-code monkeys that reside above the surface like myself, to create games/apps etc on the HTML5 platform (as CS5 has started). Flash will never die or be replaced. It will just evolve. These games make me cringe. I’d rather boot up my NES and reminisce about the 80s.

    If I have to read another Jobs fan boy blog/site pondering over the death of Flash through the uprising of HTML5 I think I’ll burst a blood vessel. Go forth. Take 5 steps backwards to say you’re moving forwards. When you’ve caught up to the rest of the world, let me know.

    • Huh? This is not a Jobs issue… HTML5 is not meant as a Flash killer, there’s plenty of stuff that Flash can do that HTML5 will never be able to. And vice versa.

      Also, HTML5 is a W3C draft. Read: **for all platforms**. HTML5 uprising is good, because it means we can get out of the grasp of Adobe-only web games.

      As for users… users do care, a bit: with HTML5, they will not have the annoying “Upgade your Flash player” message, and they will be able to experience it without installing plugins. There’s a plus for Linux users too.

      Games from the 80’s? That’s your choice, old timer; but why bother looking at HTML5 then?

      • I don’t know much about computers and don’t know how to use any professional softwares or programming. But I play a lot of games and lately a lot of them on Facebook. The games on FB are, I suppose, mostly flash based. I heard about HTML5 recently and about how it is going to revolutionize the web and that is how I got to this site. Flash games are great but I would certainly say it sucks at times because it hangs up my PC a lot. If there is an alternative to flash games, I won’t mind playing them and I’d sacrifice the graphics if it runs well (fast) and gives me the same enjoyment of playing the game.

  • HTML5 is still a developing technology and we’re barley beginning
    barley huh?

  • Here’s another HTML5 game. It’s a realtime multiplayer game using websockets and HTML5 canvas :)

  • Don’t forget about Onslaught! http://lostdecadegamesapp.appspot.com/

  • I have a game which should work on your iPhone.
    It’s called Wizard Wars and is here: http://www.wilfscorner.co.uk/games/wizardwars/

    Just also wanted to say that early Flash games were dire. Then devs got to grips with it and the technology developed. Comparing mature Flash developments with games written to a standard not even released is pretty pointless.

    I can see HTML5 games gaining ground on Flash games but it will take a while.

  • Hey, I wanna pave the way too !
    Here’s my project : http://sourceforge.net/projects/planetrescue/

  • These games are sick.

  • We launched our new website http://www.html5-games.org/ yesterday. :)

    A new HTML5 game will be added every day.
    If you have a game and you want us to add it, use the “Submit a Game” link on the website!

    (If you register an account soon, your ‘user id’ will be super low, which could be something nice to brag about if HTML5 games become more popular during the coming years. :D)

  • Try & Play Biolab Disaster http://playbiolab.com/

  • I’m just wondering about how one would make money with such games. I really can’t wait to see all the business models that evolve from this new gaming medium.

  • Pirate Love Daisies – http://www.pirateslovedaisies.com/
    Very addicting and just plain awesome.

  • I recently remade one of my Flash games, Gridshock, in HTML5:

    • Thanks Josh, I tweeted it for our readers. Fun game!

  • Thanks for great inspiration!

  • Here’s my first HTML5 game, Mutant Zombie Monsters. http://www.mutantzombiemonsters.com/

    It’s a side scrolling zombie shooter!

  • Love the list, especially Asteroids. I created this tank game in HTML5 called Nano Tanks:


  • Last Man Standing: A Zombie Apocalypse is a top down survival shooter written entirely in JavaScript where you control survivors defending themselves from hordes of Zombies.

    It can be played on iPhones or in the latest Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers

    Dev Blog: http://mndlss.com/
    Game: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/165110/lastmanstanding/index.html

  • Hey there! =)

    Btw there are more cool projects than I thought. I am so checking some of these out.

    Anyway! Contributing to the HTML 5 gaming community, I’ve been working on this ORPG for a while called Buglets. It has a capture – train – battle creatures kind of scheme. Check it out =)


    Cheers! =)

  • Personally, i m just sick of flash.. I m a programmer n i’ve started to develop a game in html5 and i love it.. We haven’t tapped the full potential of html5 in my view n the future will b bright for html5 u’ll c..

  • I created a Breakout clone using the HTML5 Canvas and Audio APIs. You can find it at http://nicolahibbert.com/demo/breakout/

    Biolab Disaster and Onslaught should definitely be on this list though :)

  • Awesome list. We also have an HTML game as well called “Victors United”. If you like games similar to Risk, Settlers of Catan or Axis and Allies, then you’ll love VictorsUnited.com. It’s all done in HTML5 on the .net stack. Come check it out and let us know what you think. Thank you.

  • I am so checking some of these out!!

  • I noticed you mentioned the Aves engine and processing.js, and you also asked for info on other HTML5 games that are being built. So I’d like to mention Play My Code (www.playmycode.com) which I and my brother are working on.

    It is a HTML5 powered game platform where you can building games within the browser, publish them right away, and then embed them anywhere else online.

    For example we’ve got a member who regularly builds small games on his blog, and he has about a dozen small games he’s built on our site but shows on his site. We are still new and small, but we are also at that alpha-feedback stage, so anyone who sees this can feel free to try our site out (and hopefully give us some feedback!).

  • HTML5 games a really ready for prime time now. No more need for Flash!

  • We’ve just released our HTML5 canvas space strategy game:

    Astriarch – Ruler of the Stars is a turn-based, single player space strategy game. Build planetary improvements and star ships to capture planets and defeat your enemies. Your ultimate goal is to become the master of the known universe, and earn the title of Astriarch!

    Developed in 2010 by Mastered Software, Astriarch combines aspects of other classic space strategy games such as Master of Orion 2 and Stellar Conflict.

    Currently Astriarch is realeased as a free casual web game. Planned future enhancements include multiplayer mode, research tree, and desktop/tablet versions.

    You can play directly here:

    Astriarch is also available in the Chrome Web Store:

  • Hey nice posting on html5 games,

    Check this post, on how to make simple html5 game.

  • Here’s an example of our full html5 bejeweled style game -http://gems.bushidoit.com/example1.php.
    We are aiming into mobile market too (already have one game in developmnent.
    Hope you like it. Enjoy and email us if you wish!

  • Here is another HTML5 game: http://goo.gl/OW1aB


  • really enjoying with these games even some of these under grip. thanks for sharing

  • Quake II GWT Port is looking good.

  • newest addition to the HTML5 game family : http://99challenge.com/ .. its a cool game that allows you to win prizes!

  • Puttopia is an html5 Minigolf Game where you can play, make and share your own course with the world.


    Also somthing a little bit seasonal – best viewed on a mobile.


  • Newton’s Tower

    Simple but nice!


  • Here is my first attempt at HTML5 Game Development:

  • You can try my new HTML5 game. Dogs in Space. Defend your dog against attacking cats.. ITs crazy!! HEHE.. Hope you enjoy it.


  • Great list!

    We just released Dollar Isle, our first HTML5 social game that runs on both desktop and mobile browsers. Check it out: http://www.dollarisle.com

    It would be great to get on this list :)

    • DollarIsle looks impressive. What’s it made with. You use a game platform or IDE or just pure HTML/JS?

  • I developed a HTML5 game which also makes a great addition the the above list. You can find it here http://asteroidsinc.com/

    • Great Game ! :) Keep up the good work!

  • Here is a list of some better HTML5 Games http://www.FreeHtml5Game.com

  • Hi guys I would like to add http://www.voiddust.com . I released it recently, it’s an HTML5 MMO using new interesting technologies :)
    Jump in if you have time, it’s in early stage, but I keep updating it.


  • Nice round up of html5 games. I love the possibilities html5 gaming. Another decent collection is over at http://playfreehtml5games.com/

    thanks for the game links!


  • Try youmio.com – it’s a HTML5 3d game on facebook.

  • Hi I made a small browser game in html5 a small 2d side scrolling shooter. You will have to fight UFOs, to liberate our solar system. You can collect bonuses to improve the performance of our spacecraft. The game has 8 levels. Use the arrow keys and space . The name is Arcadia.
    Here’s an image indicative: http://gamequiz.altervista.org/files/html5/Arcadia/images/Immagine_1.jpg
    Start game : http://gamequiz.altervista.org/files/html5/Arcadia/Space.html
    I hope you can include as one of your games
    Italy text.
    Thanks, greetings civic71

    Finally, an introductory page and description in Italian: http://www.gamequiz.altervista.org/portale/?q=node/65

  • Not a game but a 3d engine written in JavaScript and using HTML5 canvas… impressive stuff: http://www.zynaps.com

  • Found this HTML5 game on JCPenney’s Christmas site:

    • Hey, that’s a nice looking game. Would’ve thought that was Flash.

  • Also new to the list is Social-Wars. It’s a retro doom-like multiplayer shoot-em-up where Facebook players play against Twitter. Have a look at http://social-wars.com

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