9 Email Marketing and Newsletter Apps

Email is arguably one of the cheapest, most effective marketing tools at your disposal. Assuming your subscribers have knowingly signed up to your email list, you have at your fingertips a group of customers who have given consent to hear from you at regular intervals about your product. You’ll still need to package your marketing so that it’s useful and informative for subscribers, or you risk them unsubscribing in droves. But with a bit of care and thought you can create emails that are both sales and user value driven.

Thankfully the technicalities of creating and sending large volumes of email marketing is quite simple thanks to a number of competing web apps. From MailChimp, the most well known of the bunch, to Interspire’s Email Marketer, a self hosted solution, the range is huge. So today we’ve compiled up 9 great email marketing apps here along with a set of email marketing resources for your perusal!


  1. Themeforest’s Email Templates
  2. 5 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Work Better and Why Email Marketing is Dead (And How To Bring It Back To Life)
  3. HTML Email Templates
  4. Campaign Monitor’s Gallery
  5. 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your HTML Emails
  6. The State of CSS3 in Email Templates
  7. 20 Email Design Best Practices and Resources for Beginners
  8. Litmus
  9. A Guide to Creating Email Newsletters
  10. Creattica Email Design Inspiration

If you know of any great email apps or resources we’ve missed, be sure to add them in the comments!


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  • Campaign monitor seems like it has the most features, but Newsberry looks most promising/cost effective for contact lists under 2,500 has anyone tried them yet?

  • We can also add Octeth‘s Oempro E-Mail Marketing Software to your list.

  • For you, which one is the best to publish posts from a wordpress RSS feed? Or which one is the best for a company that does not want to have any webdesign + HTML skills?

  • If you’re looking for a simple mailing solution — check YMLP.com, they’re dirt cheap and very simple to use.

  • I have designed a html email template that uses a css file. Do I need to combine the files by putting the css inside the html file, or it is okay to use 2 files?

    I tried sending the e-mail in multiple ways and I just received plain text mail.

  • MailChimp is the way to go. For an added bonus, check out Flowtown to integrate e-mail with social media.

  • I’ve always been happy with Constant Contact… http://www.constantcontact.com

  • LOL, and how much will the next 5 years ….

  • If you own or operate a restaurant, check out Fishbowl. We serve over 40,000 restaurant locations.

  • One of the email tools that I recommend is Omnistar Mailer because it will automatically manage every aspect of your email marketing

  • Awesome. We’ve been looking for things like this. Thanks for listing these, very helpful!

  • Woo, nice list! It’s new, but I’ve found pbSmartConnections to be really easy to use so far – http://www.pb.com/pbsmartconnections/.

  • What about flashissue???

  • What about email it (http://www.emailit.co) ?

  • I was looking for online email marketing software and this list help me to search best one. Thanks