8 Bug Tracking Apps

Any software project is going to need issue and bug tracking. The bigger the project, the more the developers and the larger the userbase, the more critical it gets to keep tabs on what issues are outstanding, what features are in the pipeline, what schedules you are keeping and what is urgent.

Here at Envato we’ve used a number of apps over the years including Trac and PivotalTracker. Our main tool however is Lighthouse which is generally a solid app and scales well for the many projects and many people we have using it. There are some issues with the app, mainly to do with the search tools and some of the UI design, but overall it’s been good to us with our problems with the app being of the “that’s annoying” category, rather than deal breakers.

Here are eight different options for bug tracking that you might like to check out. Most are web services with free trials available to take them for a test drive. If you know of any we’ve missed, leave a comment!

Did we miss any?

Please share any apps you’ve used or heard about in the comments section below.


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  • Handy list. Are there any of equal quality that can be purchased rather than these hosted solutions? Nice to have it hosted on our sites.

  • It’s always a headache to find the right bug tracker, project management tool, SCM, etc.
    There’s a good service for each category, there’s nothing that covers all of these well done. And having miscommunication between services is painful.

    I’m still searching for the holy grail in project management + bug/issue tracking + SCM + CRM.

    • you should check out Freedcamp, it sounds like they have everything you need in one place

      • I’m having the same problem, I’ll give Freedcamp a look and see how things will go. Thanks!

  • Yeah, redmine (http://www.redmine.org/) I think is one of the best out there, free.

    • I agree with Irimia. I’ve been using Redmine for years. It’s definitely my favorite. Personally I think it trumps any of the other you have on the list.

    • +1 to Remine. Tried many, this one looks good and has everything I need.

    • Yes, Redmine is best from free bug tracking applications.

  • Why don’t you pick up JIRA (http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/) and JIRA Studio (http://www.atlassian.com/hosted/studio/)?

  • I’ve heard good things about Tender: http://tenderapp.com/

    GitHub uses it, so it must be good.

    • Tender is more for customer support / feedback than ticket-tracking. It was built to integrate with Lighthouse to split those workflows.

  • What about http://www.springloops.com ? The best around imo. They even have GIT support.

    I also really like http://hitask.com/ they have a great UI, everything in one single place.

  • In my work used quite good bag tracking system Mantis

    • +1

      Plus it’s really easy to add further enhancements/customizations ( extra user fields, extra columns in lists, etc. )

  • What’s happening? All of this author’s articles are like watching a silent movie. No reviews or comments and just useless screenshots. This blog is going down the toilet with pointless screenshot posts.

    • It’s not a bad idea to round up some great apps once in awhile, but don’t worry, this format won’t be the norm. Muj was an intern for a bit with the Envato team.

    • Ah yes. That will be fixed from now on. I was just instructed to create the post. Not add comments.

    • I agree that some comments, criticism, etc. would be useful – why is it good, what’s it good at, what’s it bad at.

  • really helping resources for Q.A Engineers and also helping for those who want to test own product. thanks for sharing

  • TrackJumper is a new bug tracker with a very simple approach.

  • Bugzilla is the gran-daddy of them all. You can host it yourself or we can do it for you.

  • Getsatisfaction.com looks good.

  • Great list, but like others said there always some missing..

    What about http://www.axosoft.com for a bug tracking system to be added to this list?

  • I would like to suggest Gemini which is a complete project management application which is great for bug and issue tracking and is very user friendly. They also provide hosted solutions for customers who do not wish to project manage within their organizations.

  • We couldn’t afford fogbugz and tried a few of the open source solutions you listed.

    We found that most of the systems out there were a bit too confusing for our clients (who tend not to be too tech savvy).

    At the end of the day we created our our simple bug tracker (www.thekillingjar.com). It is a barebones solution but has worked great for our clients. If anyone is looking for a simple bug tracker check us out.

  • Snowy evening (https://snowy-evening.com) is a seriously awesome tool that should be on the list. It’s got Github integration, jsfiddle/bin/gist embeds, and a ton more. Plus, it looks amazing.

  • I like redmine and kanbantool ( http://kanbantool.com/ ). I’m used to KanbanTool. I use it at work. It provides extensive charts and diagrams that give me an overview of work status and a good visibility of potential/current bugs,problems and buttlenecks.

  • BugHerd.com is different to all the others as its more focussed on visual annotation of bugs. Its a nice interface though and our clients have loved it.