50 Fantastic Free Web Apps

A lot of the web apps we review here at Web.AppStorm hold price tags, but there’s still a plethora of free ones available that do stellar jobs. In this roundup, we’re going to showcase fifty fantastic web apps that not only do a great job, but do it for free. While a lot of them do offer paid and premium versions, we’ve chosen them all because we think you can survive on the free version forever.

Let’s dive in…

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We’re going to kick off this roundup with an app that’s probably one of the most used worldwide: Gmail.

Gmail is, of course, Google’s mail offering, with over 350 million active users worldwide. Recently redesigned as part of Google’s new universal branding, Gmail features numerous features you might like including highly praised spam prevention, conversation-centric organisation and the beta “Priority Inbox” feature.

Alternatively, if you’re not a big fan of what Google has on offer, Yahoo! also offers a web-based mail client that similarly touts strong spam protection and performance, in addition to unlimited storage so you never need archive or delete a mail message again. It might not be the most classy email tool in 2012, but it is still a nice, dependable service.

Developer: Google

Google Reader

Transitioning from e-mail, we arrive at a RSS client, Google Reader. Google’s RSS product is a top notch free RSS reader that is probably the only web app you should consider for the job.

Reflecting the definition of RSS, Google Reader’s clean interface does a great job at managing your RSS subscriptions and keeping you updated. Plus, third-party services can easily interface Google Reader into alternative views if you’re not too keen on the standard.

Developer: Google


When you think about cloud-based storage, you likely think of Dropbox. The two go hand-in-hand, and for good reason since Dropbox offers up a fantastic set of features for free. While you’re naturally able to pay for more storage space, I’ve never needed more than the free 2GB of space provided. If you do, you can always refer friends to get more space within your free allowance.

Plus, with the free desktop app, you can keep a Dropbox folder on your computer to allow for a “physical” destination on your desktop to manage your Dropbox files. Or, if you want to go web apps the whole way, you could just use it from their site with new drag-and-drop goodness.

Developer: Dropbox

Google Drive/Docs

Alternatively, you can checkout Google Drive which offers a similar cloud-based storage space for your files. Google Drive builds upon the incredibly popular Google Docs, the company’s web-based office suite which we’ve all come to know by now.

Google’s offering is amicable with Dropbox, but, if you’re invested in the Google ecosystem already [which you’ll most likely be by the end of this roundup], Google Drive may be a more natural choice for you. It’s also being integrated with lots of newer web apps, which might be an advantage if you use web apps all the time like we do.

Developer: Google


There’s a lot of image sharing sites out there. However, the free service Minus offers is the simplest I’ve found, allowing you to select or drag-and-drop a file to see it instantly uploaded. They’ll even provide you with a shortlink straightaway, so there’s not even a need to do that yourself.

And all this without needing to signup equals image sharing bliss.

Developer: Minus


You’ve probably been sent a Pastebin link at least once or twice, so you’re likely not too unfamiliar with what Pastebin does. Pastebin is essentially an easy way to share your pasteboard; you paste in text into the field on Pastebin’s homepage, hit submit and then share the link. An incredibly simple, free app.

Developer: Pastebin


ifttt advertises itself with the line “put the internet to work for you”, being a service that automates some internet-based tasks for you. Maybe you want to upload your Instagram photos straight to Dropbox, or archive your Foursquare checkins in Evernote. If so, ifttt (if this then that) will do it all for you, without any intervention from yourself.

Developer: ifttt


When I mention YouTube, you probably think of watching videos. However, while YouTube is great destination for viewing content, Google’s service also hosts a simple video editor that allows users to edit, transition, remix and title video (your own or content uploaded to the site with a Creative Commons license).

Developer: Google


SlideRocket is an office app that offers stellar quality online presentation production. You can create brand new presentations right within the service, or import PowerPoint files created elsewhere. You can share and collaborate too, much like alternative presentation software available on the web.

Developer: SlideRocket

Wunderkit Icon


Wunderkit is a productivity app that offers you the tools to manage a project and collaborate as part of a team. Similar to it’s brother Wunderlist, Wunderkit is all about keeping you organised, but handling multiple projects at once within one, easy dashboard.

Developer: 6wunderkinder



OhLife is essentially a journal app that will send you a friendly email each day which, when you reply, is archived into your own private record. Then, simply return to OhLife to browse your past entries.

Developer: Reman Child and Shawn Gupta


Calepin is a pretty cool app that finds Markdown, plain text files in a special folder in your Dropbox account, and then converts them into blog posts on your own personal site. Calepin does all the work of converting plain files into your blog, which is especially useful if you love Markdown or maybe want a great way to pen posts offline.

Developer: Calepin

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

In the world of to-do list apps, you’ve probably heard of Remember The Milk already. Remember The Milk is a popular minimalist to-do app, that integrates with a number of services and with mobile integration on major platforms.

Developer: Remember The Milk


LastPass is a password management service that stores all your credentials in one place and then dealing them out on request (to you only, of course). That way, you can create much more difficult to remember passwords without ever needing to actually remember them yourself.

Developer: LastPass


Apple launched iCloud last October, a service for keeping all your data and content in sync between devices. However, Apple also published a suite of web apps for accessing email, contacts and calendar all for free.

Recent leaks also suggest Apple plans to bring web apps for notetaking and Reminders to iCloud in a future update. There’s only one snag: you need to signup from an iOS device or Mac computer, so it’s really only free for Apple’s customers. You could signup for a free account from a Mac or iPad in an Apple store if you really wanted, though…

Developer: Apple

Picfull icon


Instagram has been a huge hit, so much so that there’s a number of similar apps that have spawned onto various app marketplaces. Picfull is a similar service, but this time on the web, allowing you to upload a photo and apply a number of filters and styles to it. Then, it’s simple to share with your favourite social networks.

Developer: Picfull


Grammarly is a university-trusted spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker that allows for automated proofreading of your text, and then presents you with a score and a breakdown of what’s wrong with your piece (if anything).

Developer: Grammarly

Simplenote logo


If you want a notes app that focuses on plain text and markdown notes, and works with a number of different native apps, Simplenote might be just what you’re looking for. It has a great web app for storing your text notes, and even lets you share notes with the public or privately with your friends and colleagues.

Developer: Simplenote


Evernote is a digital notetaking and archiving app, as part of a wide suite of software. Storing notes of various formats, Evernote has become a significantly popular, enough so to garner 11 million users as of July 2011.

Developer: Evernote


Kodingen is a cloud-based IDE with support for a number of languages (including PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails) in addition to online collaboration tools.

Developer: Kodingen

Aviary Advanced Image Editor

Aviary Phoenix

Aviary’s Phoenix web app is their quasi-flagship web app that allows you to edit and tweak photos right within your browser, emulating core features of a desktop editing suite right within a web-based application.

Developer: Aviary

deviantART muro

deviantART muro

deviantART muro is another image production app, but this is one much more oriented towards artists starting new digital paintings on a fresh canvas. If you’re a budding artist without a physical canvas, the free deviantART muro app is worth considering.

Developer: deviantART


Aviary Roc

Like Aviary’s Phoenix for images, Aviary Roc is all about simple, browser-based music creation. Aviary Roc features over 50 instrustments which you’ll be able to combine into an exportable track to use and share.

Developer: Aviary


Aviary Toucon

Aviary Toucon is another web app in Aviary’s fantastic suite of cloud-based creative tools. This one is all about colour: matching them, choosing them and creating palettes of them.

Developer: Aviary


Desk.com is a customer support product from Salesforce that helps you easily manage customer enquires and tickets, as well as being able to easily public support documentation and even organise your work to do. It’s free for the first full-time agent, certainly enough for, say, a freelancer, although it’s paid from there.

Developer: Salesforce

Office Web Apps

Microsoft’s suite of Office apps came to web in SkyDrive, which allows you to create documents and presentations right from within your browser. Albeit limited when compared to their native counterparts, these web apps still do a stellar job of doing what they do.

Developer: Microsoft


Minimalist writing apps have became pretty popular in the last few years, with the advent of apps on native platforms like iA Writer. QuietWrite is a free web app that satisfies a similar category of app, but based in the browser. You can easily export writings to your WordPress blog, too, which is a bonus.

Developer: QuietWrite


Mint is an incredibly popular personal finance manager that helps you keep track of your finances right in your browser. The free app got awarded a 9/10 rating in our review, so it’s definately worth checking out.

Developer: Intuit


Keeping with the financial theme, FreshBooks is an online invoicing, accounting and billing service that boasts it’s ability to speedily falicitate billing of your clients. The service is used by over 4,500,000, so they must be doing something right!

Developer: 2ndSite Inc


The original music network, Last.fm makes it easy to share the music you’ve been listening to. It’ll then help you find new music you’ll enjoy based on the music you already love.

Developer: Last.fm Ltd


1DayLater is a web app for tracking time, business miles and expenses The finance management app has garned signficiant attention from around the web, even from the BBC.

Developer: 1DayLater Ltd


Google’s Blogger service is a very simple and straightforward way to setup a blog and get posting, all from within the account you probably already have: your Google one. You pick a name and template and then just get posting.

Developer: Google


An alternative to Blogger is the immensely popular WordPress, one of the world’s most used, if not the most used, content platforms. Similarly to Blogger, you’ll choose a name, select a theme and then be able to get started sharing your thoughts and content with the world. And if you have a hosting account or server, you can run WordPress on your own server for free too.

Developer: Automattic


While it may definitely seem like a very similar service to the previous two, Tumblr’s a bit of a unique concept. Instead of standardised long-form blog posts, Tumblr brings together all sorts of your content into posts formatted just for that type of content, whether it be a quote, an image, audio, a traditional blog post or something else.

Developer: Tumblr

Google Calendar

You’ve, no doubt, heard of Google Calendar, being one of the more popular free Calendar apps on the web. However, it’s popularity isn’t cause enough to exclude a stellar app from this list. Google Calendar features all the things you’d expect in a Calendar, tied right into your Google account and easily integrates fluently into native platforms, both desktop and mobile.

Developer: Google


Net2FTP is a free, basic and straightforward FTP client that lives right inside your browser. Simply type in your FTP credentials and you have access to your server with ease.

Developer: net2ftp

imo instant messenger

imo.im is an instant messaging client that allows you to, inside your browser, chat on a number of different popular IM services, such as Yahoo!, Steam, and Google Chat.

Developer: imo.im


Thoughtboxes is a fantastic little app that allows you to organise your life, by aggregating all sorts of lists onto one, easy to consume page. With sharing and collaboration tools, Thoughtboxes is a fantastic, minimalist to-do app.

Developer: Thoughtboxes


You’ve no doubt heard of Twitter, and possibly TweetDeck, an official client for the social network. TweetDeck separates up your Twitter experience into a number of columns, giving you a dashboard-style view of your activity on the network while making it easy to track topics and more. All this, in your browser.

Developer: Twitter

Seesmic Web

Similar to TweetDeck, but with it’s own spin on things, is Seesmic, another social networking client. Seesmic supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Chatter accounts, all handled through a dashboard in your browser.

Developer: Seesmic


If you come across a time when you want to share a video of what’s happening on your screen, with a bit of commentary thrown in, Screenr is a fantastic way to easily do that. One simply needs to hit the record button, do what they are showing, and then share the link, with nothing to download, install or pay.

Developer: Articulate

Google+ Hangouts

While there’s a lot of video chatting and live streaming solutions out there, you’ve probably already got one you’re signed up to: Google+. With your Google account alone, you can host a free “hangout” on the company’s social network to your circle of friends with relative ease, for free. You can even broadcast your hangout to give you a free way to, say, stream a live conference or event.

Developer: Google


turntable allows you to create a virtual room where users, including self-elected DJs taking up one of five slots per room, play songs for all to enjoy. Users can converse in the associated chat room, while voting songs according to whether they’re “lame” or “awesome”. The more awesome songs you play, the more points you earn, allowing you to upgrade your avatar and add stickers on your virtual laptop (auto-detected according to your OS, too!).

Developer: Turntable.fm


CloudApps allows you to easily share images from your desktop by drag-and-drop, providing a shortened link to share elsewhere.

Developer: Linebreak S.L.


Amazon’s Kindle is available on many platforms, including the web. The web reader takes your Kindle Reader and, obviously, allows you to read them, particularly useful if you don’t have a Kindle device or one of the native apps installed on your device. Books stay in sync with the other platforms you have them on, so you won’t ever lose your place, even if you swap devices.

Of course, books will probably mean you’re going to be paying for this app, but there’s still a catalogue of free content available.

Developer: Amazon


Penzu allows you to create your own person journal and online diary online, penning private blog posts that can be shared only when you feel like it. While the free version will likely be enough, Penzu Pro offers mobile composition tools as well as the ability to email in your posts to be published.

Developer: Penzu Inc


Ever wanted to tweet or share something at a later time, but want to line it up now?

Buffer is a simple app that allows you to queue up posts to your favourite social networks, and then have them automatically be released upon your public and specified timed during the day. That way it’s simple to keep your followers and friends satisfied with content, or as part of a social media market campaign.

Developer: Buffer


Droplr is another one of the simple image sharers, requiring you only to drag-and-drop a file into your browser for it to be uploaded and shared.

Developer: Droplr


GiftDish is more a niche app in that you might not use it every day, but it’s still pretty awesome. GiftDish presents you with a view of you’re friend’s birthdays (powered through Facebook), and then allows you to pick out a gift and send it to your friend. Of course, the gift’s will cost, but the app is free.

Developer: GiftDish


Prezi allows you create presentations that don’t conform to the traditional PowerPoint-style corporate template. Instead, Prezi gives you the tools to create dynamic presentations rich in both media and animations that could keep your audience interested and informed.

Developer: Prezi

There you go, fifty of our favourite free web apps! If you’ve got your own preferences that we’ve missed, be sure to share them in the comments section below!

  • http://www.bhall.com Brian Hall

    May I add one to the list? WishyBox (http://WishyBox.com), is a free, universal, social wish list that you can use to coordinate gift giving activities with friends and family, as well as just keep track of stuff you want using a slick drag-and-drop interface.

  • Kevin

    Just so you know, Grammarly is NOT free. They offer a “free” 7-day trial but beyond that, there’s a fee.

    • krisu

      It is free, if you just check text without registration.

  • http://qoyyuum.blogspot.com Abdul Qoyyuum

    Desk.com’s logo looks a lot like oDesk’s, doesn’t it?

  • http://qoyyuum.blogspot.com Abdul Qoyyuum

    Just wanna add 2 more here:
    1. WappWolf (www.wappwolf.com) – Automate your cloud storages to do stuff.
    2. Schemer or 43things (www.schemer.com or http://www.43things.com) – Both are social goal-setters and takers to get somethings done either together or with support.

  • http://pakwing.com kamal ashraf

    you don’t mention box.com

  • Patrick

    Very nice list, but you have to change the description of Lastfm. ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/suebrettell Sue

    Great list Connor! Most of my faves there, and a few I didn’t know about. Just a teensy glitch: you might want to update the Last.fm entry which is a copy of Freshbooks.

  • Jdog

    Might wanna double-check that paragraph about Last.fm…

  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    Oh my. I just got the Last.fm entry changed. Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry for not catching that sooner!

  • http://www.userreport.com Uffe

    I think that http://www.userreport.com is missing on the list! Free online survey and user feedback tool.

  • http://www.candova.com Mary Albright

    Hootsuite is a free app up to a point.

  • http://www.freshdesk.com sreelesh

    How about http://freshdesk.com/ – free forever for the first agent and also integrates with two from this list – Gmail and Freshbooks.

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  • Colin

    another winner is one that I got the heads up on the other day from Appstorm is Fluid.

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  • vlad

    I am not a programmer but can create web applications in minutes using Snappii web service. Such apps are easy to update and besides I don’t have to join Apple or Google Developer Programs (that saves me money) and this way I avoid app review process which saves my time. I advice all to try it.

  • Pato

    Guys, sorry to be a bother, but Wunderkit doesn’t exist anymore. It has been discontinued a few months ago by the guys at 6wunderkinder.

    They have, however, released Wunderlist 2, yesterday!. Go have a look at http://www.wunderlist.com

  • jdude

    Umm… just thought it was a good idea to mention that the aviary suite is unavailable as of September 15,2012 so you might want to remove them

  • Daniel

    You should remove wunderkit because it’s going to be ditched any time soon (sadly) and include Wunderlist which had a major update just yesterday.

  • http://stefgonzaga.com/ Stef Gonzaga

    I second Wunderlist. It’s been a breeze using it as a to-do app, considering that I can access my (wunder)lists from the web, my Mac, and my smartphone.

    I’d also throw in Asana (http://asana.com/) and Trello (http://trello.com/) for project management and collaboration.

  • https://www.listorado.com Jimmy

    Check out Listorado instead of wunderlist, dont use any other listapp. Free and has website and mobile version so i think its pretty ok.

  • http://www.fussedblogger.com Ajay

    Great collection!
    I use most of the above web apps and I’d like to appreciate the free services providing by them. some of the above apps don’t even display ads when we access them. Even though the developers has no income with them, they are providing these apps for free.

  • http://www.amazingcigarbargains.com Carl – Amazing Cigar Bargains

    I like Qustody Custody Calendar but it is geared toward parents so maybe it doesn’t have such a wide appeal as the ones in this post.

  • d ch

    Amazing Collection,a few I have not used,so thanks,just found a nice new free app yesterday,maybe useful for anyone needing to create turorials,photograpy,painting,music…in fact anything you want to put info and instructions out into cyberworld…https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/instructo/id646769332?mt=8