15 Awesome & Funny Web Comics

Who doesn’t love a funny comic strip? From those with the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel to the members of the Jane Austin book club, everyone has a couple of minutes to spare for a good comic. Born on newspapers, comic strips have featured largely mainstream topics due to the shackles of censorship.

But on the web it’s a riot. Niche after niche, every possible topic of interest is being made fun at by talented people. True, a lot of them tend not to be kid friendly or controversy free, but so is literature. We’ve put together a list of awesome web comics created by some truly brilliant people online. Care to join us?

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal

People go gaga over this one-man hilarity vending machine. Don’t believe me? Just check the shares & tweets in the social media. From arguing about how useful it would be to date a Unicorn, to what it’s really like to own an Apple product, the comics mock both the geek & the folk relentlessly. There are no solid traffic numbers to compare with the rest of web comic outlets, but The Oatmeal seems to be the daily diet of about everyone these days!

garfield minus garfield

garfield minus garfield

I’ve been a die hard fan of the adorable, fat, orange cat all my life and Garfield’s charm is a major reason for the success of the series. The entire idea of removing Garfield from the comic strip is in order to reveal the existential angst of young Mr. Jon Arbuckle, Garfield’s owner (I argue it’s the other way round). It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb. Despite the description that sounds too deep, the strips are still funny.



I never thought stick figures could be so funny. xkcd is updated three times a week and has a huge fan following. The strips are often funny and some deeply thought provoking, just like the one here.

The Brads

The Brads

Beautifully drawn, brilliantly colored and funny as hell are the USPs of The Brads. Drawn by the talented Brad Callow, the comic strips of genuinely funny and does not use offensive words.

Least I Could Do

Least I Could Do

Least I Could Do is funny to say the least (Couldn’t resist the mild pun). With a hero obsessed so much with Star Wars, I thought it would be another Geek comic on the block. But when I started diging through the rest of the week’s posts that included one outrageously hilarious how it all began and how the state of Alabama explains evolution, I was so hooked.

The Joy of Tech

The Joy of Tech

Published three times a week, The Joy of Tech pokes fun at technology and pop culture. The comic strip has been around for 10 awesome years now. Apple fanboys beware! Nitrozac and Snaggy love to pull your legs often and they don’t even leave Steve Jobs alone for that matter.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal or SMBC is a drawn on a single panel and has is full of twisted & dark humor. Occasionally a bit geeky and a bit offensive, but is fairly thought provoking in most cases.



Based around a naive Ethan, an avid gamer who happens to be working at a game store, Ctrl+Alt+Del, known fondly as CAD, is a treat for gaming & sci-fi fans.

8-Bit Theater

8-Bit Theater

Loosely based around the storyline and characters of the famous RPG Final Fantasy, 8-Bit Theater looks stunning with an art inspired from the old games but is hilarious nevertheless.

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade

Another comic with a lot of gaming references but pretty understandable and funny to non-gamers alike. Sometimes swearing is involved and is definitely not for kids. I found myself ROFL’ing with the Dukem Nukem Forever wager joke published last week.



Truthful to its name, Sinfest is indeed not for firm believers of religion, politics, relationships or anything else for that matter. The strips are short and concise, on top being funny. If you don’t mind being offended on grounds of some of your beliefs, Sinfest is a guaranteed place have a laugh.

Diesel Sweeties

Diesel Sweeties

Diesel Sweeties is set in a world were human beings and robots co-exist. Need I say how awesome that would be? Barring the artwork that is slightly reminiscent of 8-Bit Theater, there some dynamite robot jokes out there.



Player vs. Player aka. PvPonline is a long running (since 1998) web comic that revels on making fun of the geek life and pop culture. Its huge success online has spawned a number of print versions as well.

Cat & Girl

Cat & Girl

Cat & Girl follows the life and (mis)adventures of a girl and her eight foot tall talking cat. The comedy isn’t slaptstick but is mostly wordplay.

Questionable Content

Questionable Content

I was surprised with the abundance of dialogues in these strips. Questionable Content is centered around young hipsters and the boy-girl dynamics in some of the strips are absolutely hilarious.

Have a favorite web comic that makes your belly ache? Share it with us in the comments section.


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  • Sweet list, I already follow most of these comics, just one or two that I don’t check regularly. I have over four dozen webcomics bookmarked which I check regularly =)

    You should also check out my own webcomic, we started it a little over a month ago and we release a page every monday!

    • Hi! What’s your webcomic called, and do you have a webiste I could check out?

      • You should click his avatar. It takes you right to the site.

  • Seriously? You put CAD on this list?

    Zero credibility. ZERO.


  • Something Positive. http://www.somethingpositive.net/


  • I love LICD. They’re comic is the best. Organized, hosted, drawn, and powered by Blind Ferret Entertainment. I’ve been reading their comic ever since it was launched in 2004. Since then, I’ve been monitoring their progress and working with other web entertainment companies. They have other webcomics too; http://www.lfgcomic.com and http://www.the-gutters.com

  • I mean it’s one thing to put unfunny stuff like CAD on this list, but LICD is like, rampantly sexist, and basically revolves around the little bald man who writes it’s inability to cope with real people.

  • Guilded Age http://guildedage.net/
    OGLAF http://www.oglaf.com/ Not Safe For Work

  • Cyanide and Happiness?

    • Cyanide & Happiness was in my first draft among a few others. There were a few jokes making fun of the physically challenged and some had explicit references to gross things. So it didn’t make it in the list. But to their credit, they have got quite a few good ones too.

  • Are Cartoons Apps? Strange post here

    • Ofcourse cartoons and comics aren’t apps Mark. We cover all things Internet here.

      • Well most of the content here are apps/tools related. If you ask me this isn’t the right Envato site for this kind of articles, but this is just my opinion ofcourse.


  • OrneryBoy.com – The only webcomic to be truly designed for the web – it has animated flash panel. Brilliant!

  • A Softer World…so amazing. Don’t read it if you’re feeling down though…might push you over the edge.

  • excellent comics! can we have a roundup for best apps to view comics on? for mac and idevics? i am over using RSS to do that.

  • The Optimist rocks steady. http://www.the-opt.com

  • If we’re gonna talk about comics, we’ve got to talk about “Bridget over troubled Waters” It’s a true comic, by which I mean it is actually funny, not some anime inspired adventure/superhero/quest/magic/drama/humanoid cat-fox person thing that (has merit in its own right, just ought not to be labeled a “comic” as “comics” by definition supposed to be funny)

    Bridget over troubled Waters is a true comic in the line of Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts. I think it’s updated like 5 days a week or something too. Always makes me snicker. Very intelligent humor.

    Why am I going on about this so much? Because I’m really tired of opening up the newspaper and reading the garbage in there. Bridget needs to be seen so other comic artists will rise to the fxcking occasion!!!


  • I started a web comic after years of internal debating and I hope you guys check it out! its called ClassNoteComics (because I draw them all in class).


    and btw I had never seen the oatmeal before, its pretty awesome.

  • Pictures for Sad Children?

  • lol the joy of tech is da funniest one

  • These things are so funny I could pee my pants

  • u people r sad!!!!!

  • cool this rocks

  • I saw this website:


    It’s something like an interactive comics.
    All stories are extra ordinary and very funny.
    Just worth to share :)


  • Girls With Slingshots. Sooo funny, although worth reading through the archives first as they have a lot of ongoing in-jokes.

  • I love reading comics. They are really funny when you’re not feeling well, and you need a good laugh. I love the logical jokes, that make me go “Oh wow!” when I eventually figure out what they mean. :) Thanks for sharing!

  • A app-tip: read all these comics with the app Comic Avenue http://itunes.apple.com/se/app/comic-avenue/id527016627?mt=8

    I found the app the other day, and i thought of this page!

  • lol

  • Definitely worth checking out.

  • Homestuck

  • Yeah… All are boring. You forgot to include the best comic…

  • i like comics

  • What about morning glory comics? They are my favorite!

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  • http://Www.thehell.ru always makes me chuckle.