10 Fun and Free Browser-Based Games

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from work and do something a little more enjoyable — like play games! Of course your employer probably won’t allow you to install a desktop game on your computer but fret not, there are plenty of browser-based games to keep you entertained.

We’ve pulled together ten great browser-based games you should definitely check out.

Update: We’ve added a couple reader submitted game sites! You can submit your favorites too.


Many of these games attempt to duplicate (to a lesser degree) desktop games, which require significantly higher computer hardware capabilities. The specifics on minimum requirements for hardware can be difficult to say (especially for browser-based games), so in general you’ll need a relatively capable computer and updated browser. Of course, another common requirement will be broadband internet. I’ve tried to list the main requirements for each game but your system may vary.

Quake Live

Quake Live

Quake Live

If you’ve played any of the desktop versions of Quake, you’ll already be familiar with the browser-based version as it’s quite similar. Quake is a fast paced first-person shooter, focused on multiplayer. The game is currently in beta but having played it a bit, it seems to work really well and is tons of fun.

  • Requirements: IE 7 or higher, FireFox 2.0 or higher (I played in Safari without issues)
  • Developer: Id Software LLC.




RuneScape is Java powered and offers a certain level of 3D rendering. It is a fantasy MMORPG that allows players to travel through different kingdoms, cities, etc. using magic, spells and other fantasy themed gameplay activities.

Fallen Empire: Legions

Fallen Empire: Legions

Fallen Empire: Legions

Fallen Empire: Legions is a first-person shooter where players can fly around using a jetpack, dodging enemy fire and shooting enemies in deathmatch mode. You’ll be able to play with up to 32 players, live. The game has some pretty good 3D graphics, especially for a browser-based game.

Power Soccer

Power Soccer

Power Soccer

Power Soccer gives players live control of a soccer team in real-time 3D. You’ll be able to challenge other teams, play thousands of other players, get involved in online leagues, connect with other soccer fans and much more.

  • Requirements: Flash 9.0+, Browser supporting Java 1.1+
  • Developer: Power Challenge




ORANGEfps is a first-person shooter with decent 3D graphics for a browser-based game that allows players to play in multi or single player modes. The system requirements are a little unclear and it looks like it only supports Windows right now, but from what I can tell — it looks like a lot of fun.

  • Requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Developer: ORANGEfps

Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is a cartoonish-themed MMO where players have access to 22 character types, ranging from bear-like creatures to rabbit-like creatures. Characters can be customized and players are able to roam through lots of different 3D landscape types while combating other players.




Phosphor is a first-person shooter currently in its second beta. It runs on Shockwave and the 3D graphics aren’t anything you’ll gawk over but it can be a pretty fun online multiplayer game.

  • Requirements: Adobe Shockwave 11.5.1
  • Developer: Rasterwerks

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heros is another cartoonish-themed 3D shooter, which is being developed by EA (a pretty big name in the gaming industry). The graphics look pretty great and players are able to customize their characters while ranking up as they play.

Gilfor’s Tales

Gilfor's Tales

Gilfor's Tales

Gilfor’s Tales is another fantasy-themed game with some pretty decent 2D/2.5D graphics and 3D characters, although Flash rendered. The characters are supposedly rendered in real-time, giving it a more immersive experience. Players create a team, explores and battles through the different landscapes, creatures and characters.




Imperion is a space-themed game based in the year 2137 where three species fight to dominate the universe. Players develop new technologies, space ships, buildings, etc. It seems to have some pretty good graphics and fun gameplay but was released in mid-2009, so it’s still a very new game.

Reader Submitted Games

A few of our readers have submitted a couple browser-based games that would be great additions to the list, so we’ve added them below. We’ll keep adding game submissions from readers for awhile so keep’em comin!




InstantAction is a video game network sporting quite a few multiplayer titles, no downloads required. From what I hear, it’s workplace productivity poison so beware! (And have fun!) A few of the games include Fallen Empire: Legions, Marble Blast, Galcon, Rokkitball, Ace of Aces, Lore: Aftermath and more.

Submitted by John. Thanks!

Inix Game – Kal Online

Inix Game

Inix Game

Inix Game is offering Kal Online (reader submitted) and Project Shinru, both fantasy-themed games sporting pretty good graphics (although I haven’t played either yet). From what I could find, both games offer real-time 3D graphics but may be Windows only.

Submitted by Klaus. Thanks!

  • Requirements: Flash?, Not listed
  • Developer: INix Soft

Have Fun!

Games are a perfect example of how quickly web applications have advanced over the last few years and are increasingly advancing with time. There are tons of fun browser-based games available though so if you have a favorite, please share it with us in the comments below!


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  • ORANGEfps looks awesome. Will only work on Windows though. Mac here :(

    • Yeah, same here. I plan on giving it a try in Parallels though.

      • If you want to play games, you’re using the wrong platform. That includes browser based games — also limited for Macs.

    • game isnt as good as it looks no multi and only 2 maps and all u do is go against bots

    • but can it run on windows

    • then get windows, srry to break the news to you man, but macs suck ;P

      • What an original, non-ignorant reply!! We are truly blessed to be in the presence of such a bright individual,

    • they have now released a mac version. click download on there website and in thee bottom right cornor there is a link that says ‘uber strike for mac click it and then download your game 😀

  • Any suggestions on long turn-based “fun but won’t take all your time at work” games? Throwing down strategy/troops/etc is a little easier to pull off in a meeting than… quake.

    • Try Hyperiums, it’s the perfect browser-based strategy MMOG for those who want to fill their boredom times at work (and at home!) :-)

    • Try Caesary. Easy to start but tough to put down… Evil browser games ^^

    • If you like strategy games that don’t take up all your time try Kingdoms at War. It’s an awesome game. There’s also an ipod touch app for it so you can play either on a computer or ipod

  • those are some pretty cool games :) i think i’ll try a few

  • Earth Eternal is only available for Windows systems :(

    • Could you shoot me a link to where you found that info? I’ll update the article and credit you for it if you do. Thanks!

      Contact form: http://j.mp/a6DnzS

      • I found out when I tried to play it and it asked me to download an exe 😀

        But YES http://www.playauditorium.com/

        I had totally forgotten about that game!

  • Another game, Auditorium: http://www.playauditorium.com/

    • Hmm… Doesn’t seem to be loading. I’ll have to check it out later when their server is back online.

  • Hmmm lots of FPS games, which don’t play especially well in a browser do they? And since windows games don’t play on a mac, this list is hardly a list of real browser games in my opinion.

    • I played a couple of the FPS’s and they played fine. Also, I’m on a Mac and most of these are compatible; if one isn’t then I just jump into Parallels.

  • I prefer Instant Action: http://www.instantaction.com/

    • They’ve got some cool stuff. The third game listed here is actually from that site. I was trying it out and it’s pretty cool.

  • I think Dofus it’s a really nice game too 😀 http://www.dofus.com/en

  • I can’t believe you missed out on http://www.kingdomofloathing.com/ ! And the graphics put all the other options here to shame.

    An adventurer is you!

    • I can definitely agree

      the graphics here are definitely something you’ll want to check out

      that, and the general hilarity 😀

  • Kingdom of Loathing (kingdomofloathing.com) is, um, unique. It’s a lot of fun if you grew-up in that weird cusp area of infocom and the early days of public internet.

  • Jarel,

    Thank you very much for putting my game ORANGEfps onto this list, it’s always nice to see when it’s recognized around the web.


    Max Thomas

    • such fantastic games, im not suprised it has so many comments attached to it., great site.

  • ahh eu gosto muito de jogos de pc

  • World Golf Tour is really sweet. http://wgt.com/

    • good game. thanks for you post.. :)

  • Fallen Empire: Legions website is not working.

  • As a soccer games fan i must say that Power Soccer controls are not that good, the graphic is awesome for a flash game, but my favorite soccer flash game is still Ragdoll Goalie – you can this game and many other online soccer games at – http://www.bgames.com/games/soccer-games-1.html

    If you have more source for flash soccer games, please share.

  • If you like solitaire card games, you should check out http://AceCardGames.com

    You can play full-screen and it works on any computer (mac and linux included).

  • Awesome list, now I have a reason to stay late at work :)

  • great list. i like the second one…

  • http://www.elementsthegame.com

    It’s a card game, similar to Magic: The Gathering, but streamlined.

  • Very cool list, but it takes some times to load..

  • Amazingly fun, well put together browser based game. Try it!

  • Battlefield Heroes is not a browser game. It downloads a full blown stand-alone client. It’s also not free by a long shot – the for-purchase weapons are far superior to their free counterparts to a point where you won’t get far unless you spend at least $5 – $20.

  • Dead Frontier is an awesome Browser based Zombie Apocalypse themed MMO. It’s a top down shooter when journeying within the wasteland to find supplies and to kill zombies. It’s pretty awesome.

  • This site design is ultra bitchin! I’m digging it on many levels. Wow. Did you do this design?

  • cool list. thanks for the share. anyone know of a similar kind of tennis game?

  • Another game : http://www.xemerys.com . Xemerys is a city building browser based strategy game set in a fantasy world. It’s free to play (with premium features) and it’s a mix of Caesar and Civilization with spells! Be aware it’s pretty hard compared to ikariam and like.

  • What about Paradise Paintball?

  • Machinarium!

  • The geo-political online game and economic simulation Ars Regendi (http://www.ars-regendi.com) should also be mentioned, as it has a completely different gameplay and it’s famous for the most realistic economic model of complete states :)

  • Hi, Another fun and free browser based game – it’s my site http://galaxypoker.net. Could you guys have some try out. It’s site for playing poker (both cash and tournament game) 😉 Hope you have fun, my friends!

  • Lao Ze: Not very good

  • quake was fun thx, also started playin power soccer

  • Core Exiles – is a Excellent Browser game. Does Not Re-set, Persistent world. You Cannot be Attacked by others while you are away. Many avenues for “career” development per you own natural interests. Ability to build a Settlement, Explore new alien galaxy, interact with other species in other trade approved galaxys, etc etc. Been a Gamer for 30 years; this is a Top Game.


    • sucks….

  • you missed the best game Tankball2 !!


  • the only cool one is rasterwerks but it board me already

  • runescape i say is the best..but it gets oring really quickly unless you have members which is 5$ a month http://runescape.com/ i dont really know any good browser based games out their there isnt many but if you like to download cool games look up Mount and Blade Warband definitaly awsome your can do alot level up fight other armies move aross the map create yor own kingdom get married sounds boring huh? not if you spend the time to play…you can also seige castles! 😀 ps: if you play get throwing axes and hit the enemy in the head its cool ^^ not a kid game btw. a good game website to go to pass time is http://www.addictinggames.com/ another game that you need to download is http://www.roblox.com/Default.aspx it is a game ith building blocks you can do just about anything build ships build space ships fight in arenas play paintball war custimize your character build your own world…onlybad part is deleters they arnt asbad as back then but you could hardly do anything without them deleteing its a good game for 5-15yr olds older then that an you must be really bored…. like i said there isnt many browser based games out there that are very fun most above is download but it is free ps:mount and blade warband cost 30$ to play full version what a drag but still fun if you want a cheat ctrl+alt+f4 you kill about 50 enemies in the battle map…have to activate cheats tho well thats all that i know is fun sory if they are boring

  • what about Minecraft?

  • I pick up a new game every few months. Ive only stayed with one of them for any more than a full year, mostly because its easy to play. Most require full attention for a decent amount of time. Ikariam and oGame are fun but they get old. Runescape and evony annoyed me after a few months. Torn city is the only one i still play.

    My Profiile: http://www.torn.com/913832

    check it out, its fun and it has no “end game” like a lot of mmorpg servers do.

  • Just an FYI that we’ve just launched a blog to review free, unique iTunes applications/games.

    Please Visit Us @ App-O-Plectic

  • very cool collection… cant wait to try them all.

  • Don’t forget Juggernaut: http://www.juggergame.com

    My family loves this one too.

  • Thx for the cool games man!

  • great games MAN!!! but *** ORANGEfps server is always offline

  • Try this:
    Works on mac, 3D graphics, super fun 😀

    And BTW….minecraft isnt a Browser game all yall….

  • Instant Action should be taken down from this list, that company went under not to long ago. aka, there out of business and shut down.

  • I enjoy games that I can actually play at work with other applications running. I find that FPS and 3D action games are not really conducive to my work environment. I do like 2D Browser Games however. Particularly one called Fearless Battle. http://www.fearlessbattle.com It is a 2D strategy mmorpg. The object of the game is to achieve the highest possible Net Worth in a 10 day period. There is about a 2-5 day learning curve. It seems a little complicated at first, but once you learn the ropes, it is quite addicting.

  • Outstanding post, you have pointed out some wonderful points, I too believe this is a very good website.

  • One of the best browser games is Magic Alchmist. Already stole me hours of my life 😉


  • Try out BattleCraft… http://www.GameHydra.com

    Its an Online Collectible Card Game.

  • Playing die2hard.com, I`d put this game on the top of this list.

  • i suggest red crucible 2 it look like call of duty 😀

  • Phosphor’s global servers are currently down…If you want to play multiplayer, you’re going to have to learn how to set up a private match, then find a few people who actually want to play, agree on a time, and then show them how to join your match. (as well as do a bunch of other things I don’t have time to list.) In short, the multiplayer is effectively dead.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the developer has discontinued this game, so I wouldn’t expect a new beta coming out anytime soon…

  • Don’t forget BeGone. It’s a bit like counter-strike.

  • I will suggest Zombie Pandemic – http://www.zombiepandemic.com, its an awesome zombie MMORPG game with deeper gameplay, cooler missions and roleplaying.

  • So……..you advertise no download needed, then every game I try to play requires a download. That’s a crappy move.

  • Uberstrike is a pretty fun browser-based FPS.

  • I heard terrible things about all of these could someone give me a couple good diablo clones something like FATE maybe a mmorpgfps if that exist i just want a game where i can explore and talk to peeps like an online fallout…

  • Anyone try a browser-based game called Einherjar yet? It is built on the Norse myth combined with manga design.

  • I’d suggest BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ONLINE and INTERSTELLAR MARINES on the top 10……both run on Unity,some browser add-on like flash.they’ve got impressive graphics for a browser mmo

  • most Browser based games are blocked by our IT group, except http://www.pelantas.com. Anyone who knows any other Browser based games that are not blocked?