Sexy Real-Time Analytics with Reinvigorate

To best serve your website’s audience, you need to understand them as best you can. The best way to do that? Analytics. There’s a few ways to track your website’s traffic, though Google Analytics is probably the most popular due to its price — free.

However, Google Analytics has several important features missing that other analytics providers offer; namely real-time stats and heatmaps. Reinvigorate is one of those providers, which we’ll take a look at today.

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So what makes Reinvigorate different than other analytics providers, namely the ever-so-popular Google Analytics? Well, here’s a few features for starters.

  • Real-time traffic and user reporting
  • Registered user identification with NameTags
  • Estimated end of day traffic
  • Heatmaps


Real-time Traffic and User Reporting

You may not realize it but if your analytics provider doesn’t offer you real-time traffic reporting, you’re missing out.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Although you probably won’t be ogling your site’s live traffic every day, the ability to see what’s going on right now is very beneficial to better understanding your visitors and how they’re consuming your content. When you can see today, not yesterday or last week, you’ll be able to make changes that will benefit you and your visitors right away rather than a day late.

I’ll be honest, I love watching real-time analytics for my sites and would probably spend more time watching stats come in than I should and I suspect you might as well, at least initially. Realistically though, we don’t have time for that, which is fine considering there are still detailed reports of your traffic up to the last five years.

Traffic Details

Traffic Details

Registered User Identification with NameTags

In addition to real-time traffic reporting, Reinvigorate brings us real-time identification of your site’s registered users. This may seem like an unimportant feature, and it may be for you, but it’s fantastic to have the ability to see your users identified and their browsing (only on your site) reported to you in real-time.

To your users, this may seem big brother’ish, but in reality it’s giving you a better insight into your returning visitors so you can do a better job of giving them what they really want.

Registered Users

Registered Users


Heatmaps can be a hugely beneficial tool to better understand what your visitors are doing from the time they enter your site to the time they leave and everything in between. They give you a better visual guide of the elements and paths your visitors are navigating to.

I have a feeling there are far fewer people taking advantage of heatmaps than there should be, but I suspect it’s largely due to the fact that certain popular analytics providers don’t offer it or don’t make it easy enough. Reinvigorate does.



The heatmap above was viewed after installing the tracking code a few hours prior. No waiting for results!

To get a better idea of a longer term heatmap, check out the one for Reinvigorate’s home page.

Reinvigorate Heatmap

Reinvigorate Heatmap

An interesting point to note is that the heatmap will change along with slideshows, as found on Reinvigorate’s website.


The most common issue I hear from people considering making the switch from Google Analytics to another analytics provider deals with pricing. Maybe the pricing structure is too complicated, or more commonly it’s just too expensive.

Reinvigorate’s pricing certainly isn’t complicated, which I appreciate, but it may be a bit on the steep side for some. Each plan also comes with a free 14-day trial, making it well worth at least trying out.



Don’t want to pay? No worries, they also offer a freebie plan with a few less features. However, I’d like to see a lower level plan that includes real-time reporting for say, $5 per month. It seems for many average bloggers that are interested in analytics, that would be the sweet spot.

User Interface

One of the attracting features of Reinvigorate is its interface design. It was clearly designed by people for people, unlike some other analytics apps available that might be more oriented towards non-visual people. Overall it’s very easy to navigate and find the information necessary to help you improve your content for your visitors.

Visitors Interface

Visitors Interface

I love to nitpick sites in this area but there’s really not much else to say; the design looks good, is easy to navigate and very easy to see relevant information quickly.

Website Integration

Integrating the tracking code in your site is just as easy as Google Analytics, using just a small snippet of JavaScript. There are options for SSL Enabled tracking and a few other advanced options.

The tracking code is delivered via CDN for the best performance, with 18 available locations around the world.

Of course any quality analytics software wouldn’t be complete without WordPress integration. Reinvigorate doesn’t fall short here, although it might be beneficial for them to provide a few other options for popular publishing platforms as well.

Tracking Code Installation

Tracking Code Installation

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Taking Reinvigorate further, a desktop app is provided enabling you to easily look through your stats, users, etc. and even get “dinged” for certain events.

Desktop Snoop

Desktop Snoop

More Features

More Features

Unfortunately there aren’t any mobile apps (that I could find) available yet. But, considering the app is just waking from its beta stage, there are bound to be many more improvements, apps and features already on the way to solidify this as a killer analytics app.

Final Thoughts

Reinvigorate is definitely an analytics app worth trying out. It may not fulfill all your needs just yet without mobile apps and other features found with other competitors but what it does out of the gate, it does very well. It’s user interface works and looks great, real-time tracking and heatmaps keep you in the know for your site’s traffic and their overall pricing is certainly competitive.

In partnership with (mt) Media Temple and serving sites such as, Reinvigorate has a fantastic start coming out of beta that you know you’ll be able to trust.

However, as great as Reinvigorate already is, it also has improvements that need to be made. Mobile apps, campaign tracking, etc. are a few features they’ll need to offer at some point. They appear to be well aware of that though and are likely already working on more fantastic improvements. In fact, during this review they even launched a performance update, which I was quite happy to welcome.

I definitely recommend giving Reinvigorate a try, even if only to see how fun real-time analytics for your site is.

Discount from the Reinvigorate Team

The Reinvigorate team has been generous enough to offer a massive 50% permanent discount, but only for the next 30 days. After 30 days the discount code will be valid for a 20% permanent discount. With a 14 day free trial, you have nothing to loose. If you try it out and take advantage of the awesome discount, be sure to pop in a thank you comment to the awesome Reinvigorate team below.

Discount code: envatolaunch


Reinvigorate measures your influence on the web in real-time. Gain up-to-the-minute insight into your audience, then adapt to meet their needs and watch your traffic grow.



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  • Yet, another analytics software roaming in the wild.

  • I’ve been testing this service out for the past week and can say that “Clicky”, for me at least, is still a superior stats service, especially when it comes to the real-time tracking.

    • We’re sorry to hear that we aren’t meeting your needs. We’d love to get some feedback on how we can make the system better for you. If you have a moment, stop by and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

  • Wow Jarel, this review is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for the kind words. You are spot on across the board.

    We hope everyone enjoys the discount :)

  • I have been using them since I got my beta invite in 2006. I personally, like it more than everything else out there. But with the 14 day trial, there is nothing to loose.

  • Well, the service looks promising, I will give it a try.

    Thanks for the review, it’s great !

  • I think this is one of the best analytics apps out there. I have been with Reinvigorate since way back when BETA rolled out.

    Nothing beats the KAAA-CHING sound as the purchase is made, in real time :)

  • Tried this app just before, It’s totally WICKED! I love this and planing to keep use it on all my websites.

  • The whole text sounds like a commercial. I was not surprised to find that it’s written on behalve of the creators of the app, and that they happen to offer a “special” arrangement for the readers. Articles like this harm

    Make your choice, either write reviews (and be critical) or write commercials. But if you want to do the first, you are harming your own site by writing this kind of sponsored content.

    • Actually, this wasn’t sponsored at all. The Reinvigorate team did contact us and asked if we’d like to review their app for their launch and they would give our readers a good deal. Of course we want to get our readers the best deals around and reviewing the app sounded great, so we moved on it.

      I can see how you’d think it sounds like a commercial, but any review that sounds genuinely positive and enthusiastic will generally come off that way. Myself nor AppStorm were paid for the review, nor were there any requirements for it to be positive. If the app wasn’t any good, it would’ve been in the review.

      That being said, if you have any criticism for the app, the Reinvigorate team would certainly appreciate hearing it. It gives them an opportunity to improve their app, so it’s appreciated. :)

  • This is simply awesome!
    Services like these make web a better place and set examples for the followers.

    I love the pricing structure the most. Good job Reinvigorate team!


  • User identification is really interesting. Looks like a pretty handy tool!

  • Nice article. I’ve signed up for the 14-day trial. So far so good, except I can’t find any documentation at all. I was most interested in knowing more about the heatmap feature; whether it worked by tracking the x,y coordinates in the viewport, if it happened during clicks, or mouse hoverings, etc. I did open a support case and was able to get some basics on it tho. I’m trying everything; NameTags, purchase and new user submissions, etc. Something that would be nice is to be able to specify a regular expression for IP ignoring rather than having to specify IP’s one by one.

  • I liked this service but sadly they not accepting any other method then credit cards.

    • yep, that’s also what is holding me back from purchasing an account…I don’t get what the problem with paypal is…

    • Me too, I’m a beta tester and the trial expired. I want to change plan but no paypal :(.