Gentlemint: Pinterest For Men

I have to admit, when Pintrest first came out, I thought to myself, there is no way that this thing has any use and will disappear soon. Boy, did I eat my words and then some. It has grown to one of the most popular websites in its very short existence. So after getting rave reviews about it from my wife, I decided to give it a try, and I quickly realized, why so many people liked it so much, and why I didn’t. I felt like I was in a scrapbooking class with nothing but females; I lost interest quick!

The guys over at Gentlemint felt my pain and realized that there was some untapped potential here, so they came out with their version of Pintrest, but this one is strictly for men, at least that is the target audience. What a genius idea, contrary to what others may say, us men love to share cool, manly things that we find on the net with others as well.

How It Works

When you first head over to Gentlemint, if you are familiar with Pinterest, you will notice that it looks somewhat similar to it. The first thing you are going to want to do is to set up an account so that you can start contributing to the manliness that is Gentlemint. Once you do this, you are now on your way to showing off all of the cool things that you can find around the web.

Homepage of Gentlemint

Homepage of Gentlemint

When you want to add something to Gentlemint, there are a couple of ways to do this. You can click on the “Add to the Mint” button and then you can put in the link that you want to share with others. Your other option is to install the “Mint It” bookmarklet on your web browser of choice and then when you come across something that you want to share, you can “Mint It” into Gentlemint.

Adding a link to Gentlemint

Adding a link to Gentlemint

Once the site gets the link, it pulls in images from the page and then you select the image that you want people to see. From there you can add a description of the item and then you are done.

Selecting an image for your post

Selecting an image for your post

Getting Social

Of course no site like this is complete without the opportunity to share your thoughts and comment on other people’s awesome posts. You can comment on each post as well as tweet it, Like it, or +1 the post. Gentlemint also has its own version of liking a post by clicking on a mustache to indicate that you like the post.

Social features of Gentlemint

Social features of Gentlemint

Categorizing and Search

I would love to see some kind of categorizing structure added to the site; maybe have the ability to categorize your post or tag them in a way so that they can be sorted. To go along with this, it would be nice to see a search function. As the site gets bigger and grows, I am noticing I no longer want to just look at the posts that are on the front page, I want to start searching for specific things to see if people posted on them.

Final Thoughts

When I first started to use Gentlemint, I got really excited because this was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for Pinterest. It is a great place to share the amazing things that you come across as well as browse all the other things that people find as well. But, there is more to be desired in this site and I believe that it has great potential if it is able to make the right moves going forward.

The site will grow, there is no doubt about that. It is evident as I was one of the very early adopters to the site and each and every day I am seeing more and more people put up great posts. So far, the guys that run Gentlemint have been able to keep up with the demand and have made some great subtle tweaks to the site to make it better. The big question is, will they do enough to keep the site relevant? Right now, like Pinterest, Gentlemint is invite only. So, if you are interested in using the site, hopefully you know someone who is willing to give you an invite or you can possibly contact the Gentlemint guys and they could let you in.


A place where men can share other manly things they find on the web.



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  • Thanks so much for the writeup! We’re working on making Gentlemint better every day, and you’ve touched on a lot of things that we’re working on at the moment, like categorizations of links and search.

    We’re focusing on building a great experience for the community, and we’re stoked that you found the site useful and fun.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi, how to get in? =)..what if i dont know anyone using it now? =)

  • This is pretty dumb. Why would you want to tear apart an ecosystem that Pinterest has already started and is successfully building? I don’t see how this is offering a big enough difference from Pinterest. Maybe if you restricted it to only allow men to post (how could you even keep track)?
    I think these gentlemen should feel ashamed for basically ripping off what Pinterest was already.

    • Word.

    • What a jerk. Did you make the same complaint when people tried to compete with Google, or should we all just use that one since it’s already been invented?

      I would join Pinterest, but I’m not gay or even effeminate. Thank you, Gentlemint.

  • Can not wait for my invite to arrive. I dig the idea of Pinterest, but too much estrogen. I have to go lift weights and listen to Zeppelin for a while to feel normal again after spending any time on that site.

  • “so they came out with their version of Pintrest, but this one is strictly for men”

    So, it will basically turn into a porn site :)

  • You should really check out Gimmebar – less social, but far better (personal) bookmarking experience!

  • Try its basically like gentlemint but with more features