Wunderkit Beta: A Beautiful Task Management System

Last year, we saw the rise of a startup company that began with the simple idea that everyone needs a way to remember, organize, and prioritize what they want to get done. They took that idea, and built an app called Wunderlist that was both beautiful and functional. However, the company, 6Wunderkinder, knew that they could take that idea a step further, and began to work on a bigger product: Wunderkit.

Wunderkit has been carefully designed by the team at 6Wunderkinder, and over the past year as they’ve released updates to Wunderlist, they’ve also been working away at designing Wunderkit. It’s finally in private beta, and we’ve been able to get in and try out out. Keep reading to see our first impressions of Wunderkit.

Wunderkit is a task management system that helps you have control over all of your projects. From start to finish, you’ll be able to direct every aspect of whatever you happen to be working on. Wunderkit is able to work in a variety of situations, but it is by design meant to be used by groups of people – this is where it truly excels. The social aspects of Wunderkit, which we’ll discuss later, are fantastic, and a fundamental part of the whole system.

Wunderkit Home Screen

Wunderkit Home Screen

Right off the bat, you can see the amazing level of detail 6Wunderkinder put into Wunderkit. This is not just a functional web app, but a beautiful one as well. The home screen of Wunderkit provides a general view of your most recent actions, events, and your most urgent tasks. On the left side of the screen is a sidebar which gives you access to workspaces, which is where you’ll be spending most of your time.




The workspace forms the core of Wunderkit. Every workspace you create is meant to represent a different aspect or category: for example, you could have a workspace for chores that need to be done around the house, a separate one for the vacation you’ve been planning, and another for your fitness goals.

Each workspace is divided into three categories: the dashboard, tasks, and notes. The dashboard is very similar to the home screen in that it shows a overview of everything that’s happening within that workspace.



The tasks section draws on many elements of Wunderlist, and is filled with ways to organize each task. For example, you can group together similar tasks by creating a list, or folder, and adding tasks to that particular list. You can tag each individual task with whatever keywords you choose, so that whenever you search for a certain item all the tasks related to that item will come up.

There are several ways to assign a due date to a task: Wunderkit recognizes dates written within the task itself. For example, if I write “Mow the lawn by next week” in the task entry box, it’ll detect that the due date is a week from today. If you’d rather not type the due date, however, you can easily select the date from the calendar.

Assigning tasks to people is just as easy as setting due dates. If you click the on the small person icon to the right of the entry box, a small popup appears that lets you search for any users and assign the task to them.

Once you’ve assigned a task to someone (or been assigned a task yourself), you can comment on the task, which is great for asking questions or giving additional information.



The notes section of each workspace allows you to jot down any of your plans or thoughts for your project. Just like tasks, you can comment and tag each note. Deleting a note is as simple as hitting the recycle bin in the bottom right and confirming.

Social Task Management

My Profile

My Profile

6Wunderkinder decided to try something rather new when they created Wunderkit. When you create a workspace, you have the option to make it public. If you do, then whatever you put on your profile is visible for all users. Imagine how cool this could be; you could see the steps your favorite band is making to make their new album!

The main problem with this is that it’s not entirely clear how widely Wunderkit will be adopted to use. However, adding a social aspect to Wunderkit allows it to have much greater potential, and seeing how popular Wunderlist is, I don’t doubt that Wunderkit will also become widely known and used.


Wunderkit isn’t perfect, and it won’t work for everyone. There isn’t any kind of chat system for instant and fast communication, there isn’t a consolidated calendar or list so you can see everyone’s tasks in one place, and there is no mobile support. Nonetheless, it’s very polished and well designed, and 6Wunderkinder is known for releasing consistent and substantial updates to their products to keep them fresh and on top of the game. Scheduled to be released to the public within the next few weeks, Wunderkit is a tool that you should definitely check out.


A wonderfully designed social task management system.



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  • Any word on wether they’ll have a desktop app?

    • I’ve been diligently following the development of Wunderkit, and as far as I know, they intend on rolling it out natively to most, if not all, of the same platforms on which Wunderlist is currently available.

      • Correct. There will be a Mac app coming within the next two weeks or so.

      • Not really a native app. It’s just a browser window.

  • Anyone know if this is a subscription type app or a one time purchase. If its available on several platforms I’m guessing the latter, but I’ve heard otherwise. Thanks.

    • Subscription it seems but not sure how – could be per user….. would be interesting if they make a business / enterprise tier so u buy a ‘team’ access maybe?

    • Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be a subscription based pricing.

  • @Damon: they have a subscription type. It will be rolled out once it is made public.

    I have tried Wunderkit and indeed it is a beautiful app. But I don’t think it is for serious types like enterprises. I am not going to adopt it fully as I don’t want Facebook like features. I don’t want to manage my professional projects in Wunderkit. I currently use Asana and it is more serious on managing Professional Projects.

    Wunderkit might be good to use for personal projects like the band example.

    • Asana is HORRRRRIBLE. Buggy, awful UI, slow email notification. If I ever do work with someone using that pile of dog’s dinner, I assume they have no idea what they’re doing.

  • From some of the questions and answers on the public Wunderkit workspace ( using their own app to track dev of their own app = AMAZING ) looks like :

    – Will be native to all devices over next few months,
    – A consolidated calendar view is coming to see appointments
    – Task assignee’s
    – Addition of time on dates for tasks ( great for meetings etc )
    – Possible import / export of data….

    Additional things l’d like :

    – Assign tasks to people not in Wunderkit
    – Ability to have tasks change to urgent if not completed by a deadline
    – Task Deadlines
    – Slightly different task interface for meetings / conference calls?
    – Daily Summary 😀

    All in all its this good now and can only get better 😀

    • “( using their own app to track dev of their own app = AMAZING )”

      It is not that amazing. Back in the mid 90’s the interface for the 3d program Bryce was created and rendered with the app itself.

      • Never heard of Bryce, though, so that example isn’t terribly impressive.

  • The only thing I miss in W-kit/W-list is the possibility to import my existing tasks from Remember the milk, RTM. If they peovide that function I will switch instantly.

    • Similarly I use Toodledo and I couldn’t contemplate switching if there wasn’t an easy way to import all of my tasks from there. (Toodledo has an export function so it shouldn’t be too hard)

      • We’ll definitely be looking at making it easier for people on existing products to make the transition smoother. But with all things being beta, we’re working on a million and one other things right now

  • If you want similar functionality for free, try Tracks.


    • Thanks !

    • If by similar, you mean “similar in that it’s free”.

      Because, other than that, they’re nothing alike.

  • If Appstorm is so lyrical about this beta, then I get serious doubt about there other “reviews”. Wunderkit doesn’t have a lot to offer. There are other far more better alternatives.

    • There are a lot of features that you haven’t even seen yet. Be patient. It will deliver :)

    • Ever since Wunderlist came out and was such a hit with consumers, there’s been a lot of interest in how Wunderkit would turn out. And, with its social network leanings and dramatic interface, it might not appeal to everyone, but it’s definitely different enough from many other apps to be of interest. It’s intricately designed, and for people who like natural looking interfaces, it’ll be a hit. And it delivers well on the features they offer, which led to the score it was given. But hey, that’s why it’s great there’s such a wide variety of web apps: we each can find the ones that work best for us.

      Me? I still keep reverting to a daily plain-text to-do list in Simplenote, no matter how many productivity apps I have available.

    • What are some of these alternatives? Wunderkit is far from perfect but it’s still pretty spectacular in several areas.

  • I think it’s too much hype.. and anyways .. I don’t get my stuff done already, why would it get better if you throw in Social-Crap into the Todo-App?

    • Hi Philipp,

      The idea isn’t so much that you transfer the idea of Facebook and Twitter to Wunderkit and post the same things there.

      If you have some sort of group you want to work with (friends, family, colleagues etc), you can work together within the product. Unless you don’t interact with anybody, there probably comes a time where you would organize *something* in your life with someone else, and Wunderkit can be that place if you so choose.

      As the product is currently in beta, there will constantly be improvements and features added. However I won’t lie, if you’re wanting a corporate style project management suite, this isn’t it.

  • Let’s hope they actually spent time developing a native app for each platform and not use one-time-for-all type of software like Titanium (like they did with wunderlist). I hate how unnatural and slow wunderlist feels on mac and on iphone. But that’s because it’s not developed in native code. Follow Evernote’s lead please and you’ll get a customer. I am willing to pay for quality NATIVE apps.

    Am I the only one who likes wunderlist/wunderkit’s design and interface but find the software slow and unnatural like?….

    • Native Wunderkit apps are coming for all major platforms :)

      • @Jared is blackberry platform in the pipeline?

    • Hi Dan,

      While I understand the frustration with Titanium, the only way to get a product on 8 platforms in 12 months with cloud sync and giving it away for free without going bankrupt is to use some clever tools :)

      Wunderkit will be native on all platforms.

  • We use something called Active Collab this works quite well http://www.activecollab.com

  • I have to say, I was really looking forward to Wunderkit. I never liked Wunderlist because of many shortcomings, such as only one line of todo text in the list view and no todo templates. I thought Wunderlist might address issues like this. I am VERY disappointed. They have been working on this for a year and this is all they have? It’s basically a todo manager with Twitter and Facebook integration. No matter what they or anyone else says, that is ALL it is.
    I will not be using this.
    Their interface design is nice, but the functionality of their apps is not. They remind me a lot of Jumsoft, who suffer from that same problem. Hmm, come to think of it, I believe they are from the same country?

    • That was meant to say “I thought Wunderkit might address issues like this”

    • Nice little xenophobic comment near the end, there. What does the country of a particular company have to do with anything?

      • Well, after seeing how both these companies do things, that is what I’m wondering.

    • “No matter what they or anyone else says, that is ALL it is.”

      Wow, you’re smart!

  • Hi Tim,

    The conclusion of this article is very much spot on – it is not for everybody. However there are many people out there who want something to organize their *life*, not their work (not that we discriminate between the two). That’s what Wunderkit is all about, and we believe that all the other solutions out there are targeted purely at larger businesses and corporate markets.

    This is also a beta and only the first release of what will grow into a much larger platform.

    If you have any specific points as to what you were looking for and what you think we’re missing, we’d still love to hear it.

  • I’m a Beta tester too. One thing I allready miss is the ability to format the task notes. When making extended notes you easily lose the overview. But who knows! It’s only a Beta version.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this app for a long time.
    I read their blog, and got more and more excited:

    The Wunderkit show is about to start.
    Grab a front row seat!

    They have been working on this for ages, and this is all there is?

    I’m really disappointed… It seems like Wunderlist, with an extra feature for writing notes, and with some Facebook and Twitter integration – which I don’t need. For real project management I’d recommend http://www.projecturf.com or something.

    Hope the Wunderkinder will add some fireworks, otherwise I think it’s just not meant for me.

  • This is a solid application and I LOVE using it! They know what features they need to integrate, and I have total faith that eventually everything will be almost perfect.

  • nice ux, very usefull for projects management !

  • It’s a very good task

  • Nice article, thanks! We using Cominware task management software. Quite good and multi functional. I like its feature of instant real time reporting.