TeamGantt: Stunning Project Management With Gantt Charts

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There are way too many project managements apps in the market. In fact, project management web apps are one of the proud inventions of the Web 2.0 era. These apps come in all shapes and sizes, with most of them having almost identical featuresets. I often wonder if they all use the same code and use just a custom CSS!

That’s why it isn’t surprising to see that developers these days are coming up with innovative names for their apps dropping the word “project” from the description. Gantt charts are part and parcel of managing projects. These charts offer a bird’s eye view of how well the project is planned and how exactly the tasks are coming along.

Most modern day project management apps give this mission critical feature a miss. But not TeamGantt. TeamGantt is the fresh new easy way to use gantt chart software online. Is it simple enough to use?




With TeamGantt, you can now manage your projects with an easy to use Gantt chart. The web app gives you the ability to quickly and easily plan your projects through simple drag and drop. Besides offering a quick and easy way to communicate and share with your team, the app also make it easy for you to invite teammates and friends to view and edit the Gantt chart too!




Pricing is key for potential customers to zero in on a project management app and TeamGantt has subscription plans that suits the budget of every strata. Plans start from a very affordable $10 Starter plan to the $79 true Unlimited plan. The more projects and users you want to manage, the more you will have to pay. Now, for those who want to test the app out, a free 30 trial period with unlimited access should really be useful!

Getting Started

Creating a Project

Creating a Project

After logging in, you could either watch the video demos to learn the ropes or just start right away by creating a new project. One major highlight that grabbed my attention was Templates. Apparently you can create custom templates or blueprints (or use a couple of stock ones) depending upon the nature of the project. This could end up saving you a lot of time and enhance the productivity of the team as well.

It’s nice to have the option to import notes and comments from a template too. I chose a stock template and was stunned to see the level of attention the developers have put in after seeing it on the screen.

Working the Template

A Sample Template

A Sample Template

Tasks and milestones are neatly arranged in the left pane and the Gantt chart is to the right. Since this is a template, you might not find the tasks very relevant to yours. So, start double clicking on milestones and tasks and edit them to fit your needs.

Editing Tasks and Milestones

Editing Tasks and Milestones

Updating your progress as you go is equally simple. Simply edit your percent complete or have others in your project update their progress. These changes also reflect in the chart instantly and the bars will change their sizes accordingly.

Editing the Chart

Editing the Chart

The bars in the graph represent their respective task from the left pane. As soon as you add the completion percentage of a task, the bar is filled relatively too. Similarly, the length of each bar indicates the duration of each task and this can be changed effortlessly by elongating or shortening a bar by dragging its edges.

You can link tasks to create an ordered sequence by quickly linking the respective bars in the graph together. Could there be a much simpler of way of doing this? I don’t think so!

Comments and Sharing

Communicating with the Team

Communicating with the Team

Without doubt, TeamGantt comes with other standard features like commenting on tasks and file sharing. Look for the chat bubble icon beside each task and add your thoughts every step of the way. Email summary of what happened the day before and the tasks still in progress will be added to the app real soon.



Filters at the top of the screen are a powerful way to quickly drill down the various aspects of the project. I found this feature to be extremely useful and this is something that would take a longtime to figure out in other modern day PM web apps.

Graphs don’t stop at the individual project level. If you have multiple projects going, the dashboard is the fastest way to see the overall progress of all your projects at once.

Final Thoughts

In the past couple of years, I have reviewed a fair share of project management apps and at one point I stopped doing them just because there wasn’t anything interesting to say anymore about them. When I discovered TeamGantt, I liked their guts for diving right into Gantt charts, all the while managing to keep the app simple enough to understand and use.

It’s not just me that’s impressed with TeamGantt. My fellow reviewer Vasu has some nice things to say about their support. His bug submissions were promptly addressed and he even got a wonderful response from the Co founder too. I tried the app for a while, but surprisingly couldn’t find any serious shortcomings with TeamGantt. That’s something I don’t get to say often!

Want a free TeamGantt Subscription?

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TeamGantt is the fresh new easy way to use gantt chart software online. You can now manage your projects with this super easy to use gantt software.



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  • I’d love to use TeamGantt for both my client and personal projects. Being able to view my progress through comprehensive gantt charts may be what I need to stay on track with my projects.!/stefgonzaga/status/188451180626718720

  • Seems like TeamGantt has more features than the one i’m using right now and their prices are better too!
    I’d love to switch to TeamGantt. As always a big thanks for GiveAways, here’s my tweet!/egzonche/status/188526781236658177

  • It seems very useful. I’m going to try it for both personal and work projects.!/alberteddu/status/188555362935390209

  • I’ve used a variety of goal setting and project management software apps in the past. Most of them have been very unintuitive, which has actually hurt my productivity.

    TeamGantt appear to have hit that perfectly delicious soft squishy spot right in the middle of the project management cake that naturally balances features, design and usability.

    TeamGantt’s sophisticated yet practical approach to project management will hopefully keep me motivated and productive as I work through my projects.!/adamsicinski/status/188559141604823040

  • Finally a tool that looks like putting the primairy goal on the first place: getting an overview of your project and it’s status. I’d love to give it a serious and professional try in my programs!
    Here is my tweet:!/rgottgens/status/188617533807534081

  • TeamGantt is the best way to successfully reach the end of our projects, planning, implementing and controlling them with this wonderful tool!!/lfspaulo/status/188646329508048896

  • I am so sick of “pricing plans” for web apps. Why doesn’t ANYONE offer their services on a one-to-one basis? Meaning… Why can’t I have a plan with 1 user and unlimited projects with 20GB of space? Or 5 users, with 20 projects and 200GB space? Companies would make exponential amounts of money if they catered to people who don’t want to sign up for their “Business” plan and want an individual plan instead. There is practically NO individual account maintenance involved with sites like this. Some support, but they pretty much run by themselves. There would be no overhead in adding such a pricing structure to your sites.
    This is a call to ALL developers to start doing this!

  • Team Gannt Looks awesome! I’d love to give it a try! Here is my entry to the contest:!/Crisnoble/status/188823218952474625

  • Our company desperatly need a subscription of this new project management app. Maybe it can save us…Everything is going down the drain, because the boss lacks the skill to plan our projects – he plan everything in his own head and then from time to time let us other know bits and pieces.
    Its a disaster and the crash are getting closer and closer…
    Please let us try this app, you should make a big contribution with a relative small effort. It could be the app who saves the day for us…!/RobertWidholm/status/188819891250409472

  • Been looking for a web app exactly like this! Have kinda been using Tom’s Planner but this UI looks more sexy! Would love to switch :)

  • It’s been a while since I started searching for a collab tool that integrates a simple and well designed gannt chart, and TeamGannt seems to be it. I’d like to try it for my Creative Team.!/fatlox/status/189138242505940993

  • I’d love to use it. I have tried it and it is great! Sorry i made a mistake in the other post of mine so i am posting again.

  • This tool seems to be quite useful, would love to put it up to a test. Greetings from good ole Europe.

  • Any free plans available for lets say 2 projects?

  • Very simple and useful interface. Would love to use it for all my future projects.