Swydo: Project Management for Online Marketers

There are countless project management apps out there in the cloud. They all range from being minimal to unnecessarily bloated. Picking the right one that suits your workflow is a painstaking process. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to pick a project management app for co-ordinating my online marketing efforts.

I was saddened by the high prices, lack of features and the usability of the stalwarts. Like every other over crowded market, new entrants have started to focus on niche verticals to get noticed. Online marketing is booming and has a workflow that’s changing at every turn. Swydo is a task management and easy reporting app for online marketers, professional digital agencies and online marketing departments.

Let’s see how it stacks up against the other front-runners in project management.




Ha! The app sports a Euro price tag. I’m not an American, but when I don’t see a dollar sign in front of the price tag online, I start doubting the global availability of the app. Starting at 60 Euros a month (about $76) for 3 users and 20 clients, Swydo is pricey. The free plan that doesn’t require a credit card is a perk, but there was no mention of how many users and clients that are allowed in that account.

Getting Started

Task List

Task List

I loved that the app came with sample data. The user interface looked professional and is devoid of any distracting web 2.0 elements. A prominently placed task list is where our journey begins. The sample tasks in the list represent the order in which it’s optimal to work with Swydo.

By default, all tasks assigned to you across all projects are listed. Toggle the project names in the left pane to see tasks from the respective projects.


Swydo is divided into three parts and Worksheet is where all your task creation and management lies. Each task can be assigned to a member from your team with a set due date. An activity feed keeps track of all the actions you perform and serves as a forum to leave comments for others to see.

Task Details and Activity Feed

Task Details and Activity Feed

If you keep track of time spent on each task diligently, then you’ll love the time tracking field in each task. Unfortunately, time spent has to be entered by hand. Recurring tasks is one rare, but oft sought feature that’s not commonly available in many competing apps and I was delighted to see it here.

Swydo loves Google. The app syncs with Google Calendar and makes document attachments painless with Google Docs integration.

Work Hours Report

Work Hours Report

Toggle to the Progress tab to see the overall performance on a monthly basis. It’s good that there is graphical representation of data, but daily or even weekly charts would go a long way in looking deep into the team’s performance.

Tracking Online Marketing

Coming to the flagship online marketing section of Swydo, it’s a showcase with lots of graphs and charts for you to take advantage of. Create your own dashboard by activating or hiding the predefined widgets. However, a Google Analytics and Adwords account play a central role in keeping this section of Swydo alive.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Integrating with the Google Account was painless and there was even a drop down to pick the right domain among the many in my account to track. Multiple domains can be monitored with ease and the charts come to life instantly.

Variety of Metrics to Track

Variety of Metrics to Track

There are a variety of metrics to track and you can see the key metrics without having to put multiple data points together every single time. Knowing Google, there should be a way to analyze your data any which way you want. And the one thing I am not sure is how many custom charts/widgets, that are unique to Swydo are available for users.

Social media tracking and measurement is conspicuously absent in Swydo. Google Adwords is important, but online marketing is now a mix of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube campaigns. When you start claiming the title as an online marketing assistant, social media campaigns are indispensable and it’s time developers start looking into ways to get it integrated into the app.

Final Thoughts

A project management app for online marketers has to be flexible and offer insightful analytics. By both measures, I would say Swydo does a decent job. However, if you are looking for a general purpose project management app, you will find the app very capable of handling those projects with gusto as well. To compare, it comes close to Asana in features and workflow.

Sure, the Google Analytics and Adwords integration is unusual in a standard project management app. But, every business has a website and many of them use Google Ads to grab eyeballs. So it makes sense to keep an eye on things from a single app. As long as you are okay with the steep pricing, Swydo should help you get things done whether you are into online marketing or not.


Swydo is a task management and easy reporting app for online marketers, professional digital agencies and online marketing departments.



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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reviewing Swydo. The free version includes 2 consultants and 10 clients. And …apparently we overlooked the Euro sign in the pricing page. That should be dollars. So that saves > 20% :).

    On the roadmap we have a further integration of tasks and online marketing metrics. And surely social media should be integrated too in the nearby future. Dropbox integration will soon be released.

    It is our vision to create a dedicated, vertical task and reporting solution for online marketers.

    Jeroen, Swydo

  • Swydo is an excellent tool for project management that I have started using it recently. It is very simple and effective tool which comes available with google chrome web store. It has got integration with most of the google apps. It is very easy to integrate with your google analytics from swydo.

    I have recently launched my new website, i have used swydo for managing the complete project. Creating the tasks,timeline management is very simple and effective. Create the task list for the daily,weekly and invite your collegues to assign the tasks. We can see the progress of each task under the progress tab.
    Swydo allows analysis of google adwords campaigns, creation of custom reports and pulling a pdf report is very easy.

    Swydo is a perfect tool for project management and online marketing analysis.