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I’m a procrastinator. I often put things off to the point where I just forget what needs to be done. As a regular reviewer here at AppStorm, it’s no surprise that I’ve reviewed many task management apps, and you’d think that my solution lies there. However, I’ve really struggled to find one that works for me. Some of them are too bloated and crammed with features that I’m never going to use, some seem perfect until I go to use them and realise that the amount of JavaScript crammed into the interface makes it near-impossible to use.

One contender attempting to shake up the world of task management is TaskUp — a sophisticated app that ensures that task management becomes simple again. Read on to find out more!

Enter, TaskUp

TaskUp is a refreshing new entry into the task managment app market and seeks to ensure that getting things done needn’t be a worry. With an incredibly sleek and well-designed interface, it allows its users to manage tasks in a way which creates for a really pleasant experience. It supports a variety of features that also help to ensure that task management is a breeze so regardless of what needs to be done, TaskUp’s always there to help.



Adding Tasks

After signing into the app for the first time using your Google account (currently the only supported method of registration — I’ll get to this later), you’ll immediately be able to begin adding tasks to the app.



The first required field for each app is the actual task description and this can be as detailed or simple as required. Tags can also be added to each task by separating each with commas and by clicking the Priority button, a priority level can be assigned to each to allow for better delegation of time afterwards.

Adding New Tasks

Adding New Tasks

A completion date can also be added to each of these to ensure that you’re always up to date with tasks by displaying a “x days left” notice on each and to provide useful email notifications if enabled.

Task Details

Task Details

Organising Tasks

TaskUp offers various methods of organising tasks within the app itself. In the left side of the interface, it offers different tabs to display each status of the tasks. For outstanding tasks that require completion soon, these are automatically placed in the Outstanding tab. In addition to this, a Someday tab exists for tasks that perhaps don’t have a set due date or may be ongoing or unfeasible for the time being. All completed tasks are also immediately placed in the Archived section.

Outstanding Tasks

Outstanding Tasks

In addition to this, TaskUp also provides users with the option of organising tasks into lists. These can be especially useful if you’d like to split up the tasks into the various aspects of your life that they pertain to — whether they be personal everyday tasks that you could do with completing or business and work-oriented things. It ensures that regardless of workflow or personal preference when it comes to getting things done, everything can be accommodated.

Organising with Lists

Organising with Lists

Searching Tasks

Right, your current tasks are all added and you’re ready to start working — what now?

Luckily, TaskUp offers various ways to search and sort tasks so that you know just what’s got to be done. In addition to an incredibly fast search feature, it also gives users an easy way to sort their tasks based on elements assigned when creating each such as the priority, due date and even each one’s alphabetical order. This means that whether you’re pressed for time or you just want the high priority stuff out of the way, you can be sure that TaskUp will provide you with your tasks in a helpful order.

Searching Tags

Searching Tags

Back to the search feature, it’s fairly standard for any app that allows users to add content to provide a search feature but a lot of these can be fairly slow and not always show the required results. TaskUp, however, has built search right into its interface and when the user starts typing, immediately shows results. Though probably quite a small design enhancement, it’s one that makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant when compared with some similar tools.


Whether you’re an individual just trying to ensure that you don’t forget to complete important tasks or working as part of a business or organisation, TaskUp paves the way for non-clunky and outdated interfaces that it realises can have an effect on the overall experience. Its very nice but not overbloated feature set make the app a breeze to use and overall, I was incredibly impressed with how much I warmed to TaskUp when compared with some others. However, there were a few minor problems I encountered with the app.

The app prides itself on completely removing the ‘Save’ button and having everything update automatically but this quickly became a problem when creating new tasks. Usually, with forms like the task and list creation, you’d be able to click ‘New Task’ and then if you didn’t want to add it, you’d simply do nothing. With this autosave feature, if you so much as click the New Task button, a task is created and it’s automatically saved — even if it’s blank — requiring an additional step to delete. Though this could be placed solely on the fact that this is the first version of the app, I hope this gets fixed! In addition, the app requires a Google account to use it and though these external registration and login options are becoming increasingly popular (though usually using Facebook and Twitter), it would be nice if they offered an alternative for those that don’t use a Google account.

These aside, I believe that TaskUp is a very successful take on the task management app sector and it seems to provide every feature one would need to just manage what needs to be done.


Manage your tasks in style with TaskUp. It features an intuitive and well-designed interface that prevents task management from getting boring.



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  • Judging by the screenshots, it looks like a rip off of Flow. Just sayin’…

    • Yup, I was thinking that… a ripoff that went for the flat side. It had a few differences, though, so I was still ok having our site run the review

      Disclaimer: I actually worked for Flow doing tech support, as well…

    • Flow is a great app :) and is taking a different approach to a challenging problem that we believe we have a simple and efficient solution to. They’re more of a project management product versus a personal task management system.
      We’re rolling out a few features in the next few weeks that Flow doesn’t have, such as multi-step tasks and task dependencies, as well as analytics and social login on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live (and a few others that you can read about on our blog).

      Our strategy includes releasing applications on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android, as well as the web application, while keeping everything in sync, among other things.

      Disclaimer: TaskUp Founder

      • That’s great to hear, and thanks for stopping by to comment!

      • I see that you’ve taken all the code from Nitro and turned it into TaskUp. Can you please include some credit rather than saying “We’ve built taskup from the ground up”

      • We use a lot of open source software and we’ve never hid that. Look in the source code and wherever we used someone else’s code, we have credit them fully and abide by those open source licensing terms. Sounds like the Nitro authors are unhappy that other projects that use their code are successful in their endeavors- in that case, don’t open source software and don’t license it under a permissive license that permits commercial distribution.
        We have a rewritten version coming out this week that sucks less, is open sourced, under the permissive BSD license, and we promise not to harass people who fork our code base or want our name plastered everywhere!

    • It also looks similar to Producteev from the screenshots, which is my favorite task manager right now.

      I don’t think it’s a big deal when software developers mimic the look of competitors or even non-competitors. This sort of thing happens all the time in every industry.

  • Good, solid and easy-to-use Task Manager! Does what it says and that very efficient. I like that one. The Features promised in the above post make it somehow stand above some other mentioned Task Managers!


  • I used the tool before and it is not bad, but in fact it has a limited number of features which include working with tasks only. I moved to Comindware task manager and I can say that I am more satisfied in general with it.

    • Guys/Ryan,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and review the app! We’re a couple minutes away from launching our first major upgrade release and wanted to let you guys know about it.

      In this release we’ve fixed some bugs, tweaked our task management logic and also introduced new features some of which were voted for by our existing user base.

      Our new features include:

      Sync Meter

      – The Sync Meter enables you to see the last time all your data was synced with TaskUp.
      – Clicking the sync icon also allows you to manually sync updates as needed.


      – Plan Ahead! The calendar presents a bird’s eye view of all completed and pending task counts by priority.

      Smart Lists 2.0

      – Inbox: Where “incoming” tasks start off
      – Today: Tasks that are Overdue or Due Today
      – Pending: All incomplete tasks
      – Completed: All completed tasks
      – Someday: Tasks that you’d like to get to in the future

      Checking off the boxes

      – Simply check off a task to mark it as complete.
      – Check the Completed smart list and give yourself a pat on the back!

      Own your data

      – Export, sort, manage, and run reports your own way.

      Social Login

      – Signing up just became easier! Get connected now with your favorite social media logins and more.

      Unlimited Undo

      – Don’t worry, we got you covered.
      – Rest assured that any change you make can be undone.

      We hope you enjoy this!

      As always, please feel free to direct your questions/comments/concerns to us at [email protected]

      Happy Tasking!

      -Divesh Gidwani
      Co-founder at TaskUp

  • Hey there!

    The TaskUp team has been heads-down in Boston working on making TaskUp awesome so we thought we’d provide you a quick update!

    Overall: 2 new features, a new blog & a whole lot of bug fixes & UI enhancements!

    1. Tasks by Email

    Tired of having work/friend’s emails just sit in your mailbox?
    TaskUp now allows you to turn your emails into tasks for yourself and your co-workers & friends!

    Ever find yourself wishing you could transform incoming emails into tasks, automatically?
    You can now add up to 5 additional email addresses through which you can receive tasks in your account.
    That’s more than plenty for all your personal and work email accounts!

    – To create a task for yourself:
    Reply or Forward the email to/cc/bcc ‘[email protected]

    – To Create a task for someone else:
    Reply or Forward the email to the person e.g. [email protected] and cc/bcc: [email protected]
    Note: The subject of the email becomes the ‘Task Name’ and the email content appears in the ‘Notes’

    To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your additional email addresses in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.

    2. Tasks by Text Message (SMS)

    As we continue to develop our mobile apps, we wanted to give our users an alternate way to get their tasks in on the go.
    Enter task by Text Message!

    To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your cell phone number in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.
    Once set up, text (617) 300-0437 with your tasks and they will be automatically created in your inbox!

    3. Blog

    Stay tuned in to what the team is doing at

    Happy Tasking,
    Andrei, Divesh & the TaskUp Team

    Visit us!

    As always, for issues/feedback, email us at [email protected]

  • TaskUp is changing the game by paying customers to get things done. The task list reinvented.