Efficient Task Management with Doit.im

Task management is critical to enhance productivity. Arranging tasks in a sequence and scheduling them is the key to efficient time management. Doit.im promises to make your life efficient by managing your time and tasks. Can you depend entirely on Doit.im to manage your tasks with its ability to delegate tasks to coworkers or friends? We will find out after the jump.


Doit.im is an online time and task management solution that promises to be always online and always be with you. The USP of Doit.im is that it provides stress free task management enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the individual and the team as well.



Doit.im is a free service that is full featured without any pay wall. The sign up happens via a minimal and gorgeous looking form.

Task Management

After signing up. we are shown a page that asks us to activate the Doit.im account. There is also an option to check out the Doit.im experience without going through email activation and being the Nobel prize winning lazy person that I am, it was a no brainer.

Post Signup Page

Post Signup Page

I was shocked to see the dashboard. The app occupies only about two thirds of the screen. Even though it looks well designed with a nice choice of colors, this low screen real estate design is absolutely ridiculous. I thought it may be because I have failed to activate the account and I went ahead with the activation. Nope. No luck even then and still the same teeny tiny app UI in my 19″ LCD monitor. If the resolutions were compared relatively, Doit.im would be a Lilliput in a nation of normal human beings.



Let’s ignore the poor design for now and review the features, assuming that it is a normal web app. Creating a task is a breeze and has all the standard features like repeat, extensive reminders. tagging, priority, etc. You have the option to label the project in the appropriate category. The task created can also be forwarded to your colleagues or friends so that they can keep up with you or help finishing a task for you.

Creating a new task

Creating a new task

You can add tasks immediately without having to input too much meta data by using the quick add box at the top. Tasks added from the quick add box are listed in the Inbox and not in the Calender. Meta data like dates, repeat schedule and reminders can be added to quick tasks at a later time, if you want. All the tasks added update the badge number of uncompleted tasks in their respective folders.

Quick Add

Quick Add

Doit.im allows you to switch between any of the six view modes of tasks. You can also view tasks in based on a certain category – Default, context, project and priority.

View Modes

View Modes

Doit.im allows you to add contacts instantly and share tasks with them. You can also create groups from the lists of contacts and can share the tasks with them. Any messages sent to you regarding the tasks are indicated by an icon at the top right corner of the app.

Processing Page

Processing Page

Final Thoughts

Doit.im is a nicely designed app that helps you tackle your tasks efficiently. However, the app tends to be all over the place and is not intuitive when it comes to using it features. The descriptions of features listed in the homepage under multiple topics are not useful or clear. The app shows a processing standby page (pictured above) almost every time you click on an option. Considering the fact that we are in the age of AJAX, this is totally weird. Doit.im has to streamline the functionality of the app a bit more to score more than a 7/10 in our future reviews.


Doit.im is a Cross-platform task management tool, which can sync with Phones. Under the guidance of excellent task management principles, Doit.im sort your mind out, to get rid of various pending ideas, and helps you organize tasks and focus on items in hand, so that you can closely track your work and feel easy when faced with bulks of complicated projects.



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  • I was just using Doit.im this morning and find it to be a nice and useful app with a clean and simple UI. I don’t really find the small dashboard to be a big deal, I think it makes it feel more desktop like ;). They also have a Adobe Air app to go with it, but it gives me login problems http://bit.ly/cWbn5C .

    • I looked in the support forums and apparently the website is at version 2.1 and the iPhone and Air app are at version 2.0, so they aren’t compatible. Kind of ruins it for me until they update the apps.

  • If the splash screen of a task management app (or any app come to think of it) included the phrase “We provide you professional service…” as indicated by your first screenshot I would be vary wary about going on to sign up. First impressions and all that, and if their attention to detail is so low that they can’t get their first page right what might the rest of their sit, back-end code, etc. be like?

    • They are a non native English speakers as far as I can judge so you shouldn’t be so much uptight so much about grammar.

      • I am using this app, becaouse i like the inferface (a little copy of things, but is realiy good). I reject toodledo poor interface too compiicated.

  • Would be great if it synced with TheHitList on my mac

  • 1) It looks like a bad rip of the Things interface.
    2) They use Comic Sans on their website

    There’s no way I can use this app.

    • Why in the world you are reviewing apps that clearly rip the interface of competitors? + they use comic sans! No way i could support them!

  • I find Remember the Milk (RTM) to be far more efficient than Doit.im — also the RTM app for both iPhone and Android destroys the competition. The Gmail and gCal integration is just icing on the cake that further distances RTM from their competitors.

  • We’re using the air app of doit.im and it works quite well. Since we’re developing as pair we can easily forward tasks towards each other and get noticed when a task is completed.
    For shure it is a copy of things, but its free and does its job quite well.

  • I’m using an Outlook Task Manager that does all the work, because every time I wanted to use a tool for better organizing my activity I found it hard to use it in a browser (I browse alot and I kept closing it by mistake. I used the browser version of a task manager until I got tired to open it again:( )

  • I couldn’t use anything that’s such an obvious rip off of Things’s great user interface.

  • I’m trying it out right now and so far love the idea. The only problem I have is that RTM & Outlook can sync easily and there’s syncing between Google, RTM & Outlook. I think competitors will have to consider users’ wider eco-system to be of any real benefit.

    I do like the ability to assign tasks though.

  • :( they change thir interface…. o dont like it… they forget the clean

    • I know it totally sucks, its slow and its ugly

  • The current version of doit.im (2.5) is excellent, and until the Things crew supports Windows and Android, they can suck it–I’ll take a copy of their interface.

    As for design, Frankly I’m not sure why someone would want their todo list to fill their entire damn monitor, unless they were on a netbook. Doit.im presents things cleanly, easily, with great task sharing. The sync from Android to cloud is seamless (as of v2.5.4), and the latest version has easy integration with Google Calendar.

    I still feel RTM makes it easier to quickly enter tasks, and I really wish doit.im supported context menus for tasks and easier batch tagging etc. but its foolish to write it off just because it cops the feel of another proven app and used comic sans at one point.

    *Sigh* Us Android and Windows users would gladly shell out for Things and/or OmniFocus if they were available. :’-(