Dragdis: The Simple Way to Save the Web

When it comes to saving things from the web, there are a lot of different ways to do this. For me, when it comes to saving articles, I am a huge fan of Pocket for many reasons that I won’t get into here. But, now that I am going back to school, I find that I am having to save a lot more information from the web than I have in a long time. The main reason why I don’t use a service like Pocket or Instapaper for this is because I want a place where I can dump whatever I find into something temporarily. I don’t like to mix up the articles that I want to read or save for later with my snippets of research for my thesis.

I have used Evernote before for this purpose, but then I came along a web app called Dragdis, which takes a different approach to saving things online. Instead of saving articles or texts to a service, it lets you drag and drop what you want to save so that you can come back to it later. It is actually a pretty neat idea and with some help from HTML 5, this is a slick app to use. Let me show you more about what it can do.

Getting Stuff Into Dragdis

This feature is probably the single most thing that attracted me to using this bookmarking tool in the first place. Instead of saving websites, you can actually save different parts of them. The first thing you need to do is get the extension for the browser that you are using, they have one for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Then you can now let the magic begin. Let’s say you want to save some text into Dragdis, all you have to do is highlight it and then drag it to the right and out will appear your folders where you can now drop that piece of text into a specific one.

Highlighting and dragging text to Dragdis

Highlighting and dragging text to Dragdis

You can also drag and drop videos from both YouTube and Vimeo as well as images from just about any where to your Dragdis account. We also can’t forget that if you just want to use it as a plain, old bookmarking system, you can save websites to specific folders also.

Saving videos to Dragdis

Saving videos to Dragdis

Reading What You Put Into Dragdis

When you are ready to retrieve what you put into Dragdis, you can head over to the website and discover what you put in there. What is nice is that anything that you have saved can be viewed right inside of the web app, except for links. So, if you saved a YouTube video or a piece of text, you can view them from within the site, which is very nice to be able to do.

Watching a video in the Dragdis site

Watching a video in the Dragdis site

Some other cool features that you can use when you are in the Dragdis site, is that you can also share anything you have collected to your social networks, mainly Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. You are also given a unique url that can be shared with others too. There is also a section to enter any notes that you want to have and you can also add tags to the things you save.

Sharing to social networks, adding notes, and tags

Sharing to social networks, adding notes, and tags

Plain, Simple, and Just Works

The things that I can appreciate about Dragdis are exactly that, plain, simple, and it just works. When you use the app, you will notice that there is nothing fancy about it and it actually looks somewhat plain. But, the more I started to use it, I came to rely on it because it just always worked for me. Whenever I am scouring the internet for research or just want to save an image or video for later, I can just easily drop it into Dragdis. It is one of those apps that you can just take for granted because it is always there, but after a while, you appreciate just how valuable it can be to your workflow.

Final Thoughts

Currently, Dragdis is in beta and there are a few bugs here and there, but nothing major that I could find. I know if you go to their homepage, they give a great demonstration of how their app works and there are some features that they mention that are not actually in the app just yet. For example, they have a discovery feature that has yet to be implemented. As always, I would love to see a Dragdis iOS app where I could view the things that I saved on my computer. It would also be cool if it could be somehow integrated into iOS where I could save things when I am browsing the mobile Safari on my iPhone or iPad.

Like I had mentioned, Dragdis is currently in beta and they are accepting sign ups at the moment. If I remember correctly, I got in pretty quickly after I signed up, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. It is also free to use and I am not sure if they have some kind of pay model going forward. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to save the things you want from the web, you have to go and check our Dragdis.


Save text, images, videos, and links from the web and get to them later with Dragdis



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  • So, how is this better than Evernote?

  • Thanks for the review Shaun!

    I got my invite two days after signing up, that’s quiet fast indeed.
    The browser plugin works great, and is better than a bookmarklet used by similar services. (an iOS app is planned, btw)

    You might want to check out “iceber.gs”, a similar service with a great interface and some more features (like the ability to upload and share files). Iceber.gs is in private beta too right now and it took a couple weeks to get the invite, but the service is great. (although it’s using “just” a bookmarklet instad of a browser plugin)


  • Got the invite after a day or two and have been using it since. I love how easy it is to use, and the flexibility of saving text segments, entire articles, and videos. The only drawback I’ve seen so far is that it doesn’t work for all embedded videos – works best with Youtube.