Elegant Feed Management with Feedingo

Everyone has their favorite blogs but it often can turn into an irritating task to have to manually check each one for new content. Most blog owners tend to equip their blogs with RSS feeds to collate their latest posts for increased accessibility of their content and it’s easy to take advantage of this technology to easily access the freshest content but what if you want everything in one place – maybe from multiple blogs?

This is where feed aggregators come in and Feedingo is a real contender in being one of the best web apps that does the job.


Feedingo is an online feed reader app that brands itself as a “clean, easy and fun” and it’s exactly that. The app takes everything that’s great about the most popular feed readers and presents them in a simplified and visually pleasing way. Though it’s only recently left the exclusive private beta, the app is extremely professional but presented in a format and a means that anyone can grasp.




Feedingo employs the “freemium” model for its pricing with each free account equipped with the capacity to add 10 feeds. This can easily be upgraded and they offer a no-frills annual upgrade of $29 for 100 feeds. If you’re a casual blog-reader, this is a more than worthwhile investment and is certainly one of the most affordable and inexpensive alternatives to the more well-known apps built for the same purpose like Google Reader.

In a nutshell, Feedingo is well worth the $29 price tag but even if you don’t have that sort of money to spend on services like this, their free version is just enough to get you by too and has all of the same great features as the paid version.


I first want to talk about the general user-interface of the app because it’s one of the most well designed apps I’ve come across so far. When you first begin using the app, it is clear that a lot of thought and planning has gone into the design as the user interface is possibly the simplest (and the most effective) to reside in an app like this.

Feedingo User-Interface

Feedingo User-Interface

Everything in sight is laid out perfectly and is organized to minimize the time spent trawling through the content you don’t want so you can identify quickly the important stuff and then have it available and ready to read when you want. The main actions available to perform on each feed are completed inline and without the requirement of a page load; improving usability and above all, getting you connected with your favorite content in the shortest amount of time possible.

Getting Started

The registration process for the website is quick, easy and straight to the point. Once you’ve entered some very basic details, your account is all set and ready to go. You are then taken to the Reader which is the central hub for all of your feeds and from where you can do pretty much everything relating to the management of the feeds in question.

Feedingo Registration

Feedingo Registration

It’s really quick and straightforward to add your favourite feeds to your Feedingo stream. Simply click “Add a Feed” in the sidebar and you’ll be presented with a form that does just that. If you want to quickly add a feed without knowing the full URL of the feed, you can simply enter the URL of the website or blog you wish to subscribe to and the app automatically searches the site and after detecting the feed, adds it to your Feedingo stream. It really is that simple.

Add a Site or Feed

Add a Site or Feed

Feed Management

One of its main strengths is Feedingo’s way of dealing with your beloved feeds and allowing you full control over how they are displayed. Inside the reader, all of your posts are organised based on the date they were published instead of by feed so that the content is clearly structured to ensure you can differentiate between the new and the old; also allowing for posts to be marked as read. Of course, you can reverse this and display the oldest posts first but it does complicate things a bit – especially when you’re after the latest stuff.

Feedingo Post Status Sorting

Feedingo Post Status Sorting

A quirky little feature that I found was the ability to save posts for later. If you’re in a rush but you’ve seen a post that catches your eye but you don’t have the time to read it, Feedingo’s useful little post saving function allows you to select those posts and save them for access via the “Saved Posts” filter in the right column.

Feedingo Saved Posts Feature

Feedingo Saved Posts Feature

Amongst others, one of my favorite features was the ability to “love” posts. This is a really simple way for you to identify the best posts from your feeds and flag them as one of your favourites so that you can access the best content from your feeds whenever you want. This is once again a great way of organising your favorite content and another way Feedingo is showing off its true usability performance.


A small feature worth noting in Feedingo is the ability to share feed posts. Underneath each feed post is a menu that allows you to share your favourite posts through various popular social network and bookmarking site; making everything that little bit more social. This is a great feature that can not only benefit you as a reader to show off cool things you’ve found with your friends but to also give the author or blog-owner that little bit of extra exposure in exchange for their interesting content.

Feedingo Post Sharing

Feedingo Post Sharing


Feedingo is a brilliant feed management app and could seriously be considered as a killer web app that has a lot of potential. Though it is obviously going to be compared to apps like Google Reader, Feedingo certainly brings a lot more to the table than the others and provides the most enjoyable and smooth user experiences I have ever come across. Everything about the app just seems right and for what it does, I can’t think of many improvements that could be made.

If the developers decided in the future to employ too many advanced features, I think it could seem quite overcrowded and the main selling point of this app is its mere simplicity and ability to do exactly what it needs to do.

Overall, this is a must-have app for any blog fanatic and can be a great addition to those apps that you just need to check regularly. Great work!


Feedingo is a clean, easy and fun Feed Reader that saves you time by publishing your online content in one place.



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  • What are the exact unique selling points of Feedingo? You don’t mention anything besides the great interface. So is it just another online RSS reader? Don’t understand, why I should pay 30$ when all the other very (!!) good readers are free. Or is there some kind of unique feature set like Fever offers (which somehow justifies its steep price tag as there is no other reader with its hot list).

    • Feedingo’s main selling point is the interface. There are a lot of features planned going forward, but we are taking extra care in making sure that the interface will remain clean and easy to use.

      That being said, we do recognize that the price is too steep and are currently working out a different model. In the next few weeks we will be giving more away for free and the pricing will be more gradual. ( starting at $5 ).

      Feedingo is still pretty new, so we’ll be constantly improving and learning from our mistakes. Thanks!

      • I hate to crush on a new start-up, but $30 for a nice design?

        But that isnt even the worst of it… most of these sites/services that go the “freemium” route actually do offer quite a bit for free… but 10 feeds? 10.. as in a one followed by a single zero? That’s a borderline spit in the face.

        I have over 30 feeds in just my Sports category… and that is only my third largest category. I cant respect anything that limits the amount of feeds. Which even the paid service still carries.

        I am new to AppStorm and I am really digging the site, but this post alone has me really questioning their credibility… How can this “service” receive such high praise?

    • yeah, I totally agree, this seems no better, even a bit worse, than my feed reader of choice, feedly, which displays feeds like magazines and integrates with google reader so it’s completely free, plus I like the green/gray color scheme better

  • I’m with Dorian also, the price does not make any sense. Google reader allows you to view any amount of feeds you want for free. It’s “loved” action seems to just be a clone of Google’s “like” action. While the interface is nice, i still think that $30 is unjustified and the owner should probably rethink the pricing or think of adding some very unique features that could help justify the price.

    PS. On the hompage it lists its “features” as “Save Time”, “Stay Up To Date”, “Easy To Use” and “It Looks Great”, but 3 out of four “features” describe any RSS Reader.

  • Sorry, Feedly is free and just as good or better (and syncs with google reader which allows me to read my feeds on other devices as well).

    • I second that. Feedly is great, awesome, and all the good stuff. In fact, Feedly led me to this blog :)

  • I think it could seem quite overcrowded and the main selling point of this app is its mere simplicity and ability to do exactly what it needs to do