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The web has made it possible to be able to share anything we want to show off to close friends and people we may not even know. The problem is, it’s not so easy to share large files with everyone, and social networks and email aren’t designed for sharing much more than smallish pictures and documents. There’s Dropbox, but then you have to manage files and folders, and keep everything on your computer still.

I have tried out a variety of apps that can let you send big files, but they all seem to have a “catch” to them. For the past few days, I have been able to play around with Dropify, a new sharing service, and the one thing that I appreciate about it is the ease at which I could get a file on there and share it with the world. It made sending files a breeze. If you need to send large files, you need to read further.

Adding and Sharing Your File

At first glance, Dropify is strikingly similar to Droplr and CloudApp, two services most of us already know of for sharing files. It’s aimed at letting you quickly upload files, but the similarities end there. Dropify goes further than both other the other services by letting you add a description to the things you share, publish directly to your social networks, and more.

Even without signing up at first, you can immediately drag and drop a file into Dropify’s web app and start your upload instantly. Once your file is uploaded, you can customize the title of it, select the type of file and the description of it. What makes Dropify nice is that you can upload just about any type of file. Simple documents, pictures, and even video or audio files work great. And signing up for a full account is easy; all it takes is your Facebook account.

Adding a file

Adding a file

You can now do a variety of things with your file, including sharing it with others on your social networks. You can also add a button on your website where people can click on it and download the file that you uploaded. When people go to download the file, they can also subscribe to you so that any time you upload something to Dropify, they will get notified of it. Files can have a description, the copyright you want, and you’ll even see a preview of how file will look on Facebook.

Features of your drop on Dropify

Features of your drop on Dropify

What Makes It Different?

Like I had mentioned there are other web apps that let you upload big files and then share them with others, so what makes Dropify so different than the competition? Well, first off, it is aimed at individuals and brands that want to promote themselves. Let say you like to make music, but you haven’t hit it big yet and you want to get your music out to people. You can upload it to Dropify and promote it and have people download and listen to it. Or maybe you are an aspiring photographer that wants to get your images out and promote it to others, this is a great way to do this.

Sharing your file

Sharing your file

Dropify is all about promoting the things that you upload to their site. It is a great way for you to not only share with people files, but it is a great way to show people the things you create. They have a section where you can search other people’s drops and there are some really cool things there. Photographers put up their images, musicians put songs that they want people to hear, app developers put out their apps for people to beta test, and much more.

Browsing other drops

Browsing other drops


Although I definitely like the concept of Dropify, it definitely doesn’t come for free. There are four plans that you can choose from ranging from free to $99/month. With the free plan you get three uploads a month up to 25mb per file. From there they have paid plans that give you unlimited uploads, along with increasing file sizes.

Pricing Chart

Pricing Chart

As you can see, these prices are definitely geared toward small and big businesses so that they can promote their brand. I wish they had put in a plan that was created for individuals that maybe needed to upload big files and share them, but not necessarily from a business perspective. The pricing is more granular than Droplr and ClourApp, but far more expensive, too.

Can It Work?

Unfortunately, since I am not a business owner that needs to promote something, I am not the target audience for this type of app. But, when I talked to my wife, a photographer, about it, she also wasn’t sure she would spend the money for something like this. Her response was “there are other, more cost effective alternatives.” To some degree, I agreed with her, and I think this is where Dropify will have to convince people to stick with their service. Think about it: if I am a musician that is trying to promote my music, would I want to put it up on Dropify where I have to pay upwards of $10 a month? I upload my songs to Soundcloud or YouTube for free and get just as many if not more hits.

Overall, Dropify itself is a great app and I really like the concept of Dropify and the ease of use. I was able to get a file uploaded and ready to share in less than a couple of minutes. Dropify worked well, there were no problems, and the interface was very clean. All good qualities to have if you want to produce a solid app that people will want to use. The question is, will people use this over the alternatives? What do you guys think?


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  • Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for the review!

    To clear things up: The main benefit of using dropify is the integration with Facebook. Whenever a file is published via Dropify, we automatically create a so called Facebook Open Graph object of it. You’ve likely seen these Facebook status updates from radio apps where it reads “John is listening to XYZ” along with a visual preview of the song and a short description. That’s exactly what we do with files. However, we support ALL file types, creating countless opportunities for awesome marketing campaigns.


  • I love the idea. Personally, the social aspect of it doesn’t interest me so much… so it does bother me a bit when I see a cost of $10.00 a month. I don’t think I spend that much on my own web hosting service. Even CloudApp has their plan at $5 a month. But that could just be me being a penny pincher, hehe.