Instant Copyright Protection with Myows

As a digital media author and HTML/CSS template reviewer at, I know first hand how frustrating copyright can be — especially for those who pay their bills with the works they create. It’s difficult, at best, to keep an eye out for people infringing on your works let alone attempting to do something about it. Even worse, authors can be accused of copyright infringement by those who may know nothing about it, causing serious problems for (an often innocent) author.

The solution? Well, there really isn’t any clearcut solution but the closest you’ll come to one (without hiring your own copyright lawyer) is Myows [mee-o-s]. Myows is probably the easiest and fastest solution as well. It’s a new service but none-the-less promising.

Today we’ll take a look at Myows, their site’s functionality and sexy design.

Presentation Quality

You can generally get a decent idea for how serious a service’s creators are by the quality of their presentation (their website). While this isn’t always the case, it tends to be a good starting point. Right off the bat, I’ll say Myows has taken the time to create an interface that isn’t intimidating — it’s straight forward, simple and looks fantastic.

Myows Home

Myows Home

To add a little weight at proving they aren’t messing around, they add some news clippings from very reliable and trusted sources in the industry. This is some great information to display along with the straight forward home page.

News Clippings

News Clippings


Generally, I’m heavily critical on the ease of signup at websites like this. Myows doesn’t let me down either. I’m not a big fan of scrolling within a popup window but I do love the fact that the page doesn’t require reloading, and, let’s face it — we’re all used to scrolling so a bit of it won’t hurt.



Popup JavaScript windows don’t have close buttons. That’s okay, you don’t need one — just click the dark overlay area to close the popup.

Signup is quick and painless, requiring only the necessary information. You’re sent an activation email, which, once activated, takes you straight to logging in. This is how signups should be. Easy.



Your Account

Once you’ve logged in, Myows keeps it straight forward and sharp looking — which is a refreshing start to handling copyright.

Account Home

Account Home

You may have noticed the sidebar information in the screenshot above. Information like this is available on almost all pages, including additional features like search forms. This is great for situations where you have a basic question, which you will.


Myows actually stands for “My Original Works” with your uploads called “OWs” (Original Works). In my opinion, this is creative use of branding that ties things together nicely.

Register a new OW (Original Work)

Registering a new OW, is pretty basic. Select the type (file or flat text), select your file(s) to upload and the form uploads your work. You’ll then be asked for some additional information to help further protect your work. You’ll notice the form requires no page reloads and sports lots of great JavaScript implementation for a seamless user experience.

OW Registration

OW Registration

Your OWs

Once you’ve registered a new OW, you’re taken to the OWs page which is where you’ll browse and manage your OWs.

Your OWs

Your OWs

Search, sort, view and edit your OWs here. Hovering over a registered OW will display links to view/edit, file a new case, create a new license or delete the OW. This might be a touch confusing at first but it keeps the design uncluttered of unnecessary information until it’s needed.

OW on Mouse Hover

OW on Mouse Hover

View/Edit OW

Clicking the view/edit link on an OW gives you a closer look at your OW information with several additional options in the sidebar including licensing your OW and opening a copyright violation case.

OW Details

OW Details

As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve added several additional supporting files for my OW including Photoshop designs, documentation, etc. This will further help protect your OWs.

Again, Myows maintains the straight forward user interface and great looking design elements. For many, this may not be important but it does make using the site more of a pleasure. However, I would very much like to have the ability to upload multiple supporting files at once. Clicking the “upload another” link should automatically open the file selection dialog, effectively eliminating an extra click.

Multi-file uploads are on the way (along with other features), see Account Options below.

License Your OW

Attempting to license your OW, will leave you feeling a bit empty handed after the great user experience so far. However, the service is still in beta and while they don’t have any example licenses to offer yet, they’re on the way after being approved by their legal team (a very good sign of legal review).



You can rest assured, this area will be quite filled in with licenses and sidebar help before Myows leaves the beta stage.

Creating Licenses

Once you’ve created custom licenses, you’ll be able to view and edit them via the Licenses page.

Custom Licenses

Custom Licenses

Get a OW Certificate

Getting a certificate simply brings you to a certificate page, unique to your OW, with the option to email the certificate to anyone of your choice. The certificate includes basic information such as OW title, author name, date registered and some legal info. stating Myows attests to the validity of the certificate.

OW Certificate

OW Certificate

Each OW certificate is protected by a unique (and long) password, which you (the author) can change if you want.

The certificate includes a download link at the bottom-right of the page (with password), for comparison purposes. This is something you would only give to a court, attorneys, or the support staff for a site like to verify copyright information.

While this may not be enough to save you in a serious copyright infringement case, it will go a long ways towards helping you fight your case and will stop most disputes in their tracks.

Your OW’s Banner

Myows generates a banner for your OW with your OW’s ID. Include this in places you show or sell your work as a form of warning or verification that your work is copyright protected by Myows.

OW Banner

OW Banner

This alone will help in deterring some from doing more than thinking about infringing on your copyrighted work.

Copyright Cases

Creating a new copyright case is pretty straight forward. Select the OW in relation to the case you’re opening and enter some basic details to build your case. You’ll also have the option of grabbing a screenshot of the infringing website.

Build Your Case

Build Your Case

Then you’ll enter your infringer’s details with the option of running a WHOIS search on their website or attempting to determine who the web host is if you can’t find the website owner.

Infringer's Details

Infringer's Details

Next, you’ll be able to view a cease and desist letter to send to the infringing parties.

Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist

Once you’ve done that, you’ll wait for a response from the infringer and log it. If the case has been solved, you’d simply click the button to mark the case as solved.

Infringer's Response

Infringer's Response

Myows maintains a complete (and downloadable) case history for your records or if the case develops into something more serious. Now imagine trying to do this all yourself or paying legal fees to accomplish this!

Once you’ve created a case, you can also go back and add files or additional information to help support your case if necessary.

Account Options

Currently Myows offers 512MB of data storage with no options for more. However, as previously stated, Myows is in beta so some leniency is deserved here. In addition to that, paid accounts are on the way. Paid accounts will be very reasonably priced and will offer additional storage, multi-file uploads, multi-users and more features well worth the price.

Max Guedy, director and designer for Myows, has been kind enough to offer a special treat for Web.AppStorm readers which we’ll be releasing the details of in a competition later this week. So stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

In terms of web applications, Myows does a fantastic job of presenting a straight forward and sexy design that is very easy to use and implements the power of JavaScript where and when it’s needed. The overall user experience is pretty seamless and makes handling copyright actually somewhat pleasurable (which I thought was impossible).

The service is still in beta so you can expect to see many more improvements and new features soon — but for a start, these guys definitely have something great going here.

In terms of the service Myows provides, it’s somewhat of a niche market being an all-online copyright solution — and as far as I can tell, they’re doing their absolute best to make sure they do it right the first time keeping legality first and foremost in mind. There are a few missing features I think could be implemented such as an API and infringement detection, but what they have is a fantastic start.

For U.S. citizens, this isn’t quite a replacement for the U.S. Copyright Office but will go a long ways in aiding you in fighting your copyright battles. For people who don’t proactively take copyright protection seriously, Myows is going to be a lifesaver, not to mention a massive time saver.

Stay tuned later this week for the Myows competition!


Instant online copyright management for anyone who creates original works to protect themselves and fight copyright infringement cases.



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  • Looks like a very nice system, though it would be tough to copyright things like movies and large amounts of picture through this system. But for web or design stuff this looks golden!

    • Thank you for the review Jarel, you’ve put a lot of effort into it and I’m very grateful.

      To answer Anthony’s remark, currently with a free 500MB you can store about 2500 pictures or logos (we have a picture resizing function which results in images that weigh less than 200kb). That should be enough to keep most professionals going. Ad agencies and larger companies will be able to subscribe to affordable plans that will best suit their needs.

      For movies, well you can almost store the content of an entire cd-rom on a free account. I’ve seen cd-roms with a dozen divX feature films (no need to upload the full quality). We figured our users who work with video would be able to make a plan to protect their movies or animations.

      Also, youtube has a “download mpeg4” function which you can then upload to Myows with a fair amount of compression.

      We’ll be working on better integrating video.

  • Awesome review Jarel!!!

    I wil definately be using Myows as it looks like the perfect tool to aid me in protecting my web files :)

  • I already have seen this site on the forums, but nice to share this inof with us 😉

  • I think I shall be having to sign up to this one!

  • I’m a bit baffled as to what this service is bringing to me? I still don’t really understand. If someone steals my web design work I’ve always just sent a DMCA notice to the web host and anybody else upstream… it always seems to work just fine?

    • Yup, that’ll work too. Many people aren’t familiar with DMCA’s and it can be a pain to keep track and log everything.

      Also, if you’re the one being accused of copyright infringement, Myows serves as a method for aiding in proving your innocence. So, as a whole, Myows is bringing overall copyright management to you that’s super easy.

      Keep in mind, it’s in beta so it will be further improved before leaving the beta stages. :-)

      • Ok cheers, too bad Myows doesn’t serve much use to me right now (I don’t run into these problems personally) – Appstorm is always in my bookmarks though :)

  • hi!
    it looks great! how can i get it?

  • Like that is covers musicians!

    my username is verbena1

  • I signed up… un: DJBoyd

  • This is great, I definitely will be using this service.

  • Love the concept and how cleanly they have built this out! I have tried other services and this looks like it just might be “the One”!!
    Great work…

  • Nice post :-)

  • Hi,

    I dont really like licence that are not free like the GPL that a lot of opensource projects use.

    I dont know exactly how the creative commons licence work bu I think you should check :



  • Thanks everyone for the words of support. Edi, we’ve integrated creative commons licenses, and you can also apply a GPL license to your work, but thanks for the link.

  • Earlier today, I called the Copyright office in Washington, DC. to see if this would truly protect any created work. I was told that unless a “work” is registered through the copyright office in Washington, it IS NOT legally copyright material. However should an infringement case be brought upon an alleged infringing party, this service may help in any court action taken upon such party, but the work is still technicall not copyright protected unless rgeistered legally.

    • Thanks for sharing Zcast!

      I just wanted to clarify that once a work has been created, it is copyrighted. So technically your work is copyrighted once you’ve created it but that’s hard to legally enforce. So while you do retain a form of copyright on your work, you do want to get it registered for legal benefits.

      Edit: Some better clarification from the pros at Myows:

  • Thanks for a great review and Myows is amazing. i personally use it everyday to copyright my images and photos. In several cases it has even helped me manage cases of people stealing my copyrighted material. Great tool and best so far in my opinion.

  • i thought I’d let you know that we’re running an API challenge : I would love your input to make Myows the perfect copyright management app.

  • So technically your work is copyrighted once you’ve created it but that’s hard to legally enforce

  • Thanks for such an indepth review. Myows looks to be a solid investment for exactly my area of interest. Agreed it will not go the full way to total copyright protection, but it makes a strong starting point with which you can at least defend your works!