Pancake: The Self-Hosted Invoice Solution

Invoices are used all of the time by various organisation types. From freelancers to large businesses, a lot of people rely on the need to present a total cost for their services in a standard document form. There are quite a few web apps that make this task so much simpler by providing an online interface to both create and manage these. However, if funds get low and you can’t afford to fork out monthly for access to your favourite invoice app, there are plenty of solutions to solve this predicament.

One of these is Pancake. You pay once, install on your own server and can use the app without limits to your heart’s content. Read on to find out more about this powerful new contender in the invoicing field.


Pancake is a self-hosted invoice management web app that provides businesses or freelancers with a web-based control panel for their invoicing needs. It doesn’t limit the number of clients, invoices or just about anything else that competing hosted apps do – making it perfect for those who find themselves in trouble when they have too many clients for their web app’s current pricing package.



It’s packed with every feature you could possibly need and can be customised to match your branding, meaning that when the clients come to pay, even your invoices ooze professionalism.



Getting Started

Because the app is self-hosted, you’re going to need a web server or hosting package that meets the minimal requirements of having up-to-date PHP and MySQL installed. To install the app, simply log into your Pancake account and download the latest version of the software. Once you’ve uploaded and extracted the package onto the server in a folder of your choice (a typical example being, you’ll be ready to begin the installation.

Installing the App

Installing the App

The app will check that you meet the minimum requirements and then asks for the database connection settings. After you’ve entered this and some details about the website – including the administrator account login details and the license key – you’ll then be taken to the app itself.

Database Connection Settings

Database Connection Settings

Installation Details

Installation Details


With traditional invoicing, time can be wasted copying a client’s information into each invoice individually and this can become a painfully boring task, especially if you’re sending a lot of invoices. Want a solution? Pancake’s got it sorted. It offers a client system where clients can be added to Pancake and once there, can easily be assigned invoices. In the ‘Clients’ view, there is also a ‘Health Check’ feature to instantly view a summarised payment reputation (something I’ve not seen elsewhere) as well as the total costs that have been paid and still awaiting payment for that client. This can make it incredibly easy to find out which clients have the best reputation for dealing with payments swiftly and makes for a pretty useful section of the app.

Managing Clients

Managing Clients

Creating Invoices

Pancake doesn’t take the direction of many other apps and attempt to tackle many tasks at once, instead it just focuses on one area and does so extremely well. This is, of course, invoicing. It offers a straightforward way to create invoices in the system and supports three different types: simple (a standard invoice with a price total), detailed (one with multiple items that are billed together to make one total) and an estimate (detailed invoices that aren’t created to be sent to a client and payment requested – instead, simply for reference). Pancake also allows you to define tax costs and have these automatically calculated as part of the invoice.

Creating Invoices

Creating Invoices

Files can be added as attachments to invoices, too, so you can be sure there’s no delay on getting the work sent to the client once they’ve paid. Pancake also makes it extremely easy to allow payments for invoices to be made through a couple of the most popular payment gateways and this is all fully-integrated into the app – ensuring that your clients don’t have to worry about looking for your payment details and then processing this manually.

Once added, the system will generate a unique URL for the invoice for sending to the client and allows an email to be sent to inform them of the due payment. Should you want to send a hard copy to the client, this can also be done and a PDF version of the invoice is ready to be sent, complete with an additional page detailing the payment method.

Viewing Invoices

Viewing Invoices

Other Features

As well as the clear invoiced-based focus the app takes, it also sports a couple of other features that could be quite useful should the need to use them arise.


As well as managing invoices, the app also provides some handy features for managing projects, too. When created, they can be assigned to clients and are especially useful for managing tasks. Hourly rates for tasks can be defined and once the start and completion times have been added either manually or with the use of the timer, can be generated into an invoice that reflects the exact amount of time spent on a project.

Managing Projects, Tasks and Timers

Managing Projects, Tasks and Timers


These can be viewed inside Pancake and show various graphs that show the amount of unpaid invoices in comparison to the paid ones and various other bits of information. These can both be viewed on a client-specific basis or for the whole system.

Viewing Reports

Viewing Reports

Final Thoughts

I was quite impressed with the quality of the app. Because it can be installed on its customers’ servers as opposed to residing solely on their website, it’s incredibly useful for those who can’t afford to constantly fork out cash just to be able to view and manage their invoices. Admittedly, a server is required to install the app onto but web hosting can be purchased for next to nothing nowadays. The interface is really nice and practical, laying out everything perfectly to ensure no learning curve whatsoever is present when using the app for the first time. Overall, I think Pancake is a really good app. It takes some of the useful features of competing apps and removes the ones that aren’t quite relevant for the majority of its users, overall ensuring a pleasant experience.


Pancake is the last invoicing app you'll ever need. It's self-hosted so you avoid regular costs and comes packed with features to make invoicing bearable again.

  • Ryan Giglio

    I’ve been using Pancake for around a year now and it’s been perfect for someone just starting up as a small freelance developer. Besides all the great features, Pancake’s customer support is also pretty incredible. Recently they helped me figure out an issue with my new server configuration, and went so far as to look at my files to discover the problem (which ended up being my fault).

    Awesome team, great app. I totally agree with the rating.

  • Tyent

    Wow thanks for the link. I’ve been looking for an affordable invoice solution for a while that I like and this might be the one. I’m going to check it out in more detail but I appreciate the link to them.

  • Ossama Khayat

    Great review. I believe what makes the app so great, is the development team behind it. They are some of the greatest minds.

  • Adam Jackett

    I’ve been eyeballing Pancake for a while now, and I finally made the leap yesterday. I’ve been using Quickbooks for years, and frankly, I never liked it. They charge $200/year for what I need, yet I only use about 10% of the app. There is so much bloat that I never needed. Plus, you almost need to be a chartered accountant to use it properly.

    But then there’s Pancake. First, the one time fee of $49 is much easier to swallow. Ultimately, all I need to do is send estimates and invoices. The fact that this stores projects, tracks time, has reporting, allows for online payments, that’s all syrup (I’d say gravy, but syrup’s better with pancakes).

    I was able to set it up in a matter of minutes and I’ve already sent out a couple invoices. It’s so effortless, and works almost exactly as I’d expect. I highly recommend this app for anybody who needs to do their own invoicing and is sick of products like Quickbooks.

  • Jordan Austin

    Yeah, I’m new to Pancake app, I bought it a few weeks ago but just installed it 2 days ago. I had some issues with install ALL my on fault. I hopped on the site and Lee helped me figure out the problem in about 30 second. After that it was one of the easiest things to install.

    The interface is really awesome, they put a lot of work into making it enjoyable to look at, which to me isn’t top priority but is a big bonus. The app is super easy to navigate and figure out how to do what – to me there’s no BS or fluffy crap that isn’t needed. Pancake isn’t trying to BE awesome, it just IS awesome.

    So other than it working like you want it to and being a great product, the other HUGE factor as others have said is the fantastic support, if you have an issue they’ll help you through it in a super speedy way.

  • Eureka

    I absolutely love Pancake. I’ve been looking at it for about half a year.and just a few days ago decided I was sick of all the poop alternatives. They were too expensive, or lacked updates, missing basic features…

    I said “The Hell with it!” and purchased Pancake. I’m now an excited and happy customer, who enjoys sending out invoices. It’s beautiful, simple. Doesn’t get in my way. It has all the features I wanted out of paid services or apps.

    There’s just nothing like pancakes in the morning. <3

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  • Richard Jordan

    I found Pancake only recently whilst trying to find a solution for a customer. Pancake blew me away so I snapped it up and am in the process of importing my existing data.I am dumping Curdbee which as a free hosted solution is worth checking out if you can’t afford $49 or don’t have a web hosting account.

    Like the other comments here the Pancake Developers are great and really do listen to user input. Very impressive but don’t just take my word for it. Watch their overview video available at

  • Frank Rizzo

    Functionality is there, its pretty simple, new features are added and the company seems to be developing/listening to its customer base based on reviews and requests being submitted to them.

    No mobility app to use this remotely via cellphone/ipad etc.
    Upgrades kill any customization thats been done.

    Excellent app up until I went and moved it over to our production server, even the latest version 3.6.1 still has issues. Lets not even talk about auto upgrade feature, any customization you do to your files, it blows it away.

    A better coder would do a diff on the files and allow you to integrate new code into your old files manually. Something to consider if you are looking to customize to your liking.

    7 out of 10 stars, still a developing and up and coming application.

  • Park

    I’ve been using Pancake for a while. I’ve tried numerous demos for other solutions, but they either incurred too much overhead costs (monthly payments) or lacked the simplicity I was looking for.

    I’m a freelance developer, and Pancake gets the job done perfectly. They regularly update the App, and there is nothing I can complain about the App. If you’re looking for a simple invoicing platform that you can host on your own, Pancake is definitely the best candidate.