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If you’ve been using the web over the past decade you’ll remember how difficult it used to be to send large files to people online. Either your file’s size wasn’t supported by the service you chose or the upload would time out, leaving you in the lurch. Since then, our ISP bandwidths have increased and so have our file sharing needs. Does an elegant file transfer service exist?

WeTransfer is the answer you’re looking for. This beautiful app has been around since late 2009 and has served over 100 million files since its inception. It allows you to send files up to 2GB in size and offers companies unique branding opportunities. And the best part? It’s free! Let’s go find some of our biggest files and see if WeTransfer can handle them, shall we?

The Wetransfer homepage features a responsive background

The Wetransfer homepage features a responsive background


WeTransfer is a simple app that allows you to send files to anyone with an email address for free. Unlike most other file transfer services, you can send files up to 2GB in size and don’t need to sign up to do so. There are no banner ads or pop-ups either – the only advertising you’ll come across is the branded background that companies can pay to display to users.

The interface

The first thing you’ll notice about WeTransfer is how clean and clutter-free the interface is. There aren’t any ads except for the background which (which sometimes displays the app logo), and there’s a small floating panel to add files and email addresses. The same panel later displays your file upload progress and finally a confirmation that your upload is complete. Plus, it supports 9 European languages.

A file upload in progress

A file upload in progress

Using WeTransfer

Sending a file using WeTransfer takes no time at all, since you don’t need to sign up – just browse and select your files, enter up to 20 recipients’ email addresses, your own email address and an optional message to go with it, and you’re done. Each transfer can take up to 2GB of files, whether it’s a single file or several. Your files will be stored for two weeks before they’re deleted from WeTransfer’s servers.

Once your file has been uploaded, you’ll receive an email confirmation with options to forward the files to more people and even a link to the download that you can share via IM or on social networks. You’ll also receive email notifications when your recipients download your files. The emails sent out to to your recipients are neat and professional and don’t go to spam folders.

The professional-looking email sent to your file recipients

The professional-looking email sent to your file recipients

The biggest advantage of using WeTransfer is that you don’t have to wait till uploads complete to enter your recipients’ email addresses, which means you can set a large file to upload without having to wait around to actually send it – and the email alerting you of your successful file upload is reassuring. Plus, there aren’t any misleading banner ads that might confuse or annoy your recipients (particularly if they’re clients of yours).

The band Studio Killers promoting their new album via WeTransfer

The band Studio Killers promoting their new album via WeTransfer

Advertising on WeTransfer

There are two ways that brands can promote themselves on WeTransfer: by signing up to display a custom clickable background on the main WeTransfer site, or by registering their own Channel – a branded subdomain (e.g. that displays up to three custom backgrounds (in rotation) along with a link to the brand’s site at the bottom of the page.

When you send files using a channel, the emails sent to recipients will feature your custom background and will be brought to your subdomain to download files. In addition, your files will be available for four weeks instead of two. This service costs a nominal US$120 a year and can be used by companies/freelancers to share files professionally with clients and vendors. It’s also a great way to promote one’s brand when giving away free downloads.

A branded WeTransfer Channel

A branded WeTransfer Channel


WeTransfer works as quickly as your ISP will allow and I found it to be as fast an unencumbered Dropbox upload. The app currently runs on Flash, doesn’t display file previews or information, doesn’t support mobile devices too well and you can’t drag and drop files into it – but a HTML version is already in the works so we should be able to see those features soon.

There’s plenty of fierce competition but few apps offer the elegance, ease of use and file size support that WeTransfer does. DropSend allows files up to 2GB in size for free but only 5 times a month; 4shared‘s download page looks like this:

A 4shared download page with distracting ads and pop-ups

A 4shared download page with distracting ads and pop-ups

In the page shown above, the actual download link is hidden by an irrelevant pop-up ad, there’s a whole toolbar of things to promote 4shared (which is probably not what your client is on this page for), and there are several ads, including a NSFW ad as well.

I sometimes use Dropbox to send files but I prefer using WeTransfer because I don’t have to clog my hard drive and cloud storage with files that only my clients need. Also, WeTransfer’s notification emails keep me in the loop as when my file upload has completed and when my recipients have actually downloaded the files – a big plus over sharing via Dropbox or other cloud-based storage services.


WeTransfer is easily one of the best file transfer apps ever created. It’s great that their business model not only generates revenue but also ensures a better user experience for end customers. Everything, from the responsive background to the upload interface to the notification emails, looks great and works really well. And at the great price of free, it really can’t be beat. If you’re sending files, look good while you’re at it with WeTransfer.

BONUS! You can head to WeTransfer’s info page to download some sweet wallpapers for your desktop – get them now!

Free wallpapers from WeTransfer

Free wallpapers from WeTransfer


WeTransfer is a simple app that allows you to send files of up to 2GB in size to anyone with an email address for free.



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  • This is probably just me nitpicking, but 10 for an app which hasn’t yet developed their HTML alternative seems a little generous. A 9 would still be a very good score, but 10, to me at least, is like saying «this app is perfect, don’t touch anything else».

    Different services like and offer similarly easy access to basic uploading of files, but subscription offers added benefits like tracking of files, folders and stats.

    Then again, seeing how some clients of mine have had difficulties uploading files to those site, I can clearly see the advantage of pointing them towards WeTransfer.

  • Very nice. I think its like

  • I agree with the nitpicker above, mainly because he wasn’t really nitpicking. I wish there was an option to just get the link as soon as you drag and drop a file in.

  • WeTransfer IS a 10. It’s the easiest, most efficient way I have EVER sent a file to a client or friend. No guess work, no silly questions, no riddles AND no guesswork. There will always be people that want more or figure something else they needed for a service Therefore EVERYTHING is a 9 and 10 would never be reached… So I think this is a 10 and it has served me well for the past month that I was introduced to it. Keep on going We!!!

  • WeTransfer is great, but there should be a way to resume the uploading process if the computer shutsdown or the net get disconnected midway.

  • Is there a way to delete files once uploaded?

  • I have 2 files from we transfer and I can not open either can some one phone me on my mobile please 334 201 9316

  • ocan we retrieve photos that was send by WETRANSFER ON THE 26/27 fEBRUARY 2013?