Facebook’s New Messages

On November 15th, Facebook announced a new messaging system they’d be rolling out to all users, making it easier than ever to manage not only messages sent to you on Facebook, but conversations taking place via email, chat, and SMS.

Eventually you’ll be automatically upgraded to this new way of messaging, but you can try to get in on it early by requesting an invitation. I did just that, and a few days later was invited to try it out. Here’s what I found.

What Is the New Facebook Messages?

According to Facebook, the new Messages interweaves your chats, texts and emails. It’s a central place to control all of your private communication, both on and off Facebook. Simply put, it can be a single inbox for all of your messages, no matter how you choose to send them.

How do I get it? Facebook is slowly rolling out new Messages to all users. You can try and expedite the process by clicking here and pressing the Request an Invitation button.

You can ask for an invite to new Messages on this page.

You can ask for an invite to new Messages on this page.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to invite friends by scrolling to the bottom of your Messages inbox and clicking, Invite Friends.

If/when you do get an invite, you’ll be asked to choose a facebook.com email address, enable SMS (text messaging), and enable chat. Each of these steps are optional.

What do I get? Facebook’s new Messages comes with a whole host of new features that transform it from a simple list of messages to a full blown inbox & communications panel.

A New Interface

As you can see from the screenshots below, the new interface is cleaner and more streamlined. There’s more of a focus on both who and what; this means less clutter and therefore more room for the important information.

This is the current version of Messages, which is getting phased out

This is the current version of Messages, which is getting phased out.

This is what you get when you're invited to upgrade. Eventually, all users will see this

This is what you get when you're invited to upgrade. Eventually, all users will see this.

Most notably, Facebook has removed the subject line, citing that new Messages is “more informal” than tradition email and more like a conversation, where a subject might not always be relevant.

A facebook.com Email Address

The most significant feature is the addition of a facebook.com email address. Setting this up will enable you to send a message to anyone with an email address (not just people on Facebook) from the new Messages interface. It also enables people to both respond to those messages or send you new ones, even if they don’t have Facebook. Previously you were able to send messages to any email address but that person would have to sign up for Facebook in order to respond.

This is a conversation I had using my Facebook account and another email address I own.

This is a conversation I had using my Facebook account and another email address I own.

You would do this the same way you’d send an inter-Facebook message (note: inter-Facebook is definitely a term I just made up). Simply press the New Message button and type the user’s email address in the “To” field. The message is added to your Messages Inbox and the receiver gets an email. When he or she replies it will show up in your Messages Inbox.

When will I use this? This is a good question, considering most of us probably already have well established email addresses (I’ve had my GMail address for 6 and a half years!). I can imagine that if you’re trying to organize a party, event, or class project where most of the collaborators are on Facebook but a few are not, this could be very handy.

SMS From Facebook

Another major renovation to Messages is the ability to send and receive text messages right from the Messages Inbox. Once you enable SMS (and add a phone number that can receive text messages), you get SMS Notification options in your account settings. You can changes these by going to Account -> Account Settings ->Notifications.

This is something currently available to all users, but signing up for new Messages makes enabling it a little easier.

Once you enable SMS, you'll have the ability to control which notifications you get text messages for.

Once you enable SMS, you'll have the ability to control which notifications you get text messages for.

With SMS enabled, you now have the ability to send a text message to any of your friends who also have SMS enabled (as far as I can tell, you cannot just send a text message to any cell phone by putting a number in the “To” field). To do this, when creating a new message check the box next to the cell phone icon. Then your message will also be sent as a text message.

Checking this box will send your message as via SMS as well.

Checking this box will send your message as via SMS as well.

On top of sending messages from Facebook to a cell phone, you can send Facebook messages from your cell phone. To do this, text 32665 (FBOOK) in the following format: msg friend name your message. You can read more about this, including other commands to send, here.

Facebook says that once you turn on text messaging, the texts you exchange with friends are incorporated into your conversations along with your message and chat history, which some may feel is unclear as to whether they mean all text messages between you and friends or just the ones sent via Facebook. As far as I can tell, it’s just the ones sent via Facebook—the former would be incredibly invasive & I haven’t seen or heard anything to tell me otherwise.

Chat History

One thing I felt was missing from Facebook Chat was a chat history—something I’ve grown accustomed to in GChat and AIM. I’m happy to say they’ve finally integrated it and in an interesting way. Your chats and messages for a person are combined into one thread. That means if you message John Smith and later chat with him, it will all be in the same conversation in your inbox.

The ‘Other’ Subfolder

To keep your Messages Inbox neat and tidy, the new Messages includes an Other subfolder, which is where messages from groups, pages, events and people that aren’t friends or friends of friends reside. You have the ability to move messages to and from this folder.

Actions Button

When viewing an individual message you’ll see an Actions button, which adds a ton of functionality previously missing from Messages.

Here is the new Actions button…in action.

Here is the new Actions button…in action.

  • Forward: This functions the same way it does in traditional email. Click it and choose a friend or email address to send the message to.
  • Add People: You have the ability to include other friends or email addresses in the conversation (only available in multi-person messages).
  • Leave Conversation: I’ve wanted this feature for a long time. When you’re added to a mass message, you might like the information originally sent, but not all of the responses that follow. You now have the ability to remove yourself from those messages. Others in the conversation will see that you’ve left, and you will no longer receive notifications or responses pertaining to that message (only available in multi-person messages).
  • Archive: Like GMail, archiving will remove a message from your Messages Inbox, but keep it tucked away for you incase you need to find it later. You can access archived messages by clicking the the Search icon and choosing ‘Archived Messages’ from the drop down menu.
Facebook's new search options for Messages

Facebook's new search options for Messages.


As far as privacy goes, the new Messages doesn’t alter your current settings. To double check everything, go to Account->Privacy Settings.


Facebook’s new Messages is a really big push forward for online communication. By integrating email, chat, and SMS, you can keep a nice message history and stay organized, however you prefer to correspond. In the introductory post, Facebook mentions that soon we’ll probably all stop using arbitrary ten digit numbers and bizarre sequences of characters to contact each other. We will just select friends by name and be able to share with them instantly. We aren’t there yet, but the changes today are a small first step.. They certainly are.

You can read more about Facebook Messages at Facebook’s FAQs page

There are some huge improvements and major feature adds here. My three requests are the ability to add a person to a 2-person conversation, mass edit mode for archiving/deleting multiple messages, and the ability to send a text message to any cell phone number—the same way you do for email addresses (though truthfully, I can see how this could be a privacy/security issue). I can’t wait for more of my friends to get the new Messages!


Facebook Messages interweaves your chats, texts and emails. It’s a central place to control all of your private communication, both on and off Facebook.



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  • So, it’s like Compuserve & AOL but without the internet service (for now).

  • soon we’ll probably all stop using arbitrary ten digit numbers and bizarre sequences of characters to contact each other. We will just select friends by name and be able to share with them instantly. We aren’t there yet, but the changes today are a small first step..

    This is a great thought to put forward while designing a messaging system. Witnessing the way Facebook has evolved over the years from being just another social network with a cluttered interface to the social network to reckon with, I do think that Facebook Messages will be a revolutionary, converged way to communicate with people.
    I’ve applied for an invitation. Lets see what happens…

  • Will Facebook email be able to be checked externally via IMAP?

    • I think I read somewhere that initially there won’t be any IMAP support of any kind.

  • Currently, no- right now you can only check via facebook.com. They haven’t mentioned anything about IMAP (or POP3 actually), but my guess if they were to add this, it would be after everyone has been switched to new Messages.

    • Does Facebook really have any incentive to add IMAP or POP3 support? If Facebook had its way, I doubt that they would. And I don’t really see anyone forcing Facebook to support it – even if 1 million people demand it, that leaves several hundred million who don’t care.

    • good

  • Thanks for the overview. Looks like facebook’s really trying to become the place for all social communication. As for the service I wouldn’t use it just because I like contacting people through different ways and im not a big fan of putting all my eggs in one basket…

  • Right now, facebook account disabling is common practice for reaching a threshold of 1,000 connections or other “active” use of facebook.

    Any concern around that? Instead of just losing pictures and friends, imagine losing your entire gmail inbox. Right now, short of sending spam, this is not at risk with yahoo, google, or hotmail.

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you suggesting that once we hit a certain number of friends/likes/pages, accounts are getting disabled?

      I know people with well over 1,000 friends (one is close to 4,000) and several people who just like everything. Their accounts are still alive and well.

      • I think what he/she means is that every once in a while some people get their facebook disabled (I’m still not entirely sure for what reason they happen really). So losing friends, pictures, chats, messages, wall-posts & emails (and perhaps texts) it would be a HUGE loss.

        Point being not why the pages get disabled but more that the information you have, keep & receive on FaceBook doesn’t seem near as safe as other options.

        Personaly I will just stick with Gmail, I don’t see any added value to having a FB email address (and quite honestly it looks a bit off as well to have an address @facebook.com)

        kind of offtopic : is there a way in facebook to save your entire page just like you can save settings & emails in gmail or whatever other email site you use.

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    • will there be a way to disable the chat archiving feature? i don’t want my chats archived!!!

    • i so agree…i think everyone should give fb their feedback on that..If a lot of people say that want the old fb back i guess they will do something about it

  • this is a very good concept. but my question is how much it will take for reaching us.

  • Please please please, someone tell me how to get rid of the new messaging system! Its confusing me! :(


    • As with just about every FaceBook update there is no way of going back. They see it as an evolution and honestly, if they kept the option of going back to the previous system there would be way to many combinations or options for them to maintain and make the whole system even more unstable…

      p.s. No need to shout (capslock)

      • But it’s useless and we don’t want it !! and i don’t think that will be an evolution because evolution is always to the better!!!! so how can we go bac ?

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  • like everyone else.. i absolutely hate this new facebook ‘feature’ if that is what you want to call it!! i dont think its possible to go back to the old one!

  • This may be an upgrade for some people, but not me.. I want to know how to go back to normal and if there isn’t then facebook you need to give the option.
    I really don’t see the point in alerting me that i have a message every time i get an IM besides the little noise and the flashing blue, its really not needed at all.
    And personally I don’t want my IMs logged if i did i would copy paste. simple as that
    So for the people like me you need to make it an option to have it. Looking at the comments I can tell I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

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    and that did “really” well.

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    How un -user friendly can a social networking site get?!!!! :@

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    I ‘REALLY HATE’ the new upgraded messageing system…I want to go back to the old version…OMFG facebook, you should give everyone a choice if they want the upgrade or not…& also let them be able to degrade back to the old version…if they want too…
    There’s more problems with you upgradeing every stinkin thing..than you not upgradeing…So STOP upgradeing every little thing there is…it all is VERY MEANINGLESS!!!!!! See to me everything else was fine just right when you meaninglessly mess with the messageing system..You made ALOT of people ANGRY!!!!!
    so ya…
    PS. Facebook..i hope you read this & realize NO ONE likes the new upgraded messageing system..so NOW give us an option to degrade back to the old messageing system…

  • How do we delete old messages? Mine only shows archive. And how do we start a new message thread without all of the old ones coming up? And I can’t message a “list” anymore- I have to type in every single name! Why did they think this was an upgrade?

    And who wants to save all of their chats? This is SO stupid! And I never “accepted” anything- it just changed it for me.

  • I really hate that I can’t just automatically delete my messages, it gives me the option to archive. I don’t want to archive more then most of them! I just want to delete the poo without having to open the conversation to delete it. I just want the old option back!

    Did I miss something? Can I just change my settings back to the original?

  • i really want to have the old messaging back to normal so badly im not even kidding. please give the option!

  • So I HATE the new message system on facebook. I have a friend I wanted to write to that I am just starting to get on better terms with again. Well I CAN’T WRITE to her without all of our OLD messages popping up. I HATE IT ! Guess I’ll just have to go back to my old emailing days….

  • thnx

  • Why is it that my facebook message is not upgraded? I cant upgrade because there’s no button everywhere!

  • I’m waiting for a new person who could make another social networking site like the old facebook one.. All these upgrades really sucks starting from the new profile, Photo views, and even uploading videos won’t work sometimes for me now. they’re making all things really complicated. Can’t you just degrade facebook back to it’s original??

  • I HATEEEEEE this new message thing. I want my old messages back! It deleted all of my older messages, including ones from friends that have passed away and very important ones to me! I want my old system back. I NEVER signed up for anything to change, it did it automatically! Not happy!

    • i just received a message to upgrade as well and when i went into my inbox all my old messages as well as my sent messages are GONE..did yours ever come back? is there any way of getting them back? this really sucks!! :*(

  • It is an invitation to spammers, as the email address you get is based on your Facebook link. So guessing email addresses has never been easier. So your Facebook profile link is, say, http://facebook.com/thisismybloodyprofile1234567? Well then, your email is [email protected]. I wonder if Facebook have actually thought about that. With 800 million users worldwide, they will have to deal with a huge amount of spam in the future.

  • The new message sucks, bring back the old message, its better if they put an option so the user can choose if they want to use the old message or the new message, all the upgrades in facebook is making the facebook ugly.

  • Anyone else think there should have been a more clear indication of the change? I had no idea that I was even using New Messages until the interface told me the person I was chatting with wasn’t.

    I’m also sort of shocked to see that all of my chats (not inbox messages) have been recorded and stored since I started my account (2007). Of course in hindsight it seems obvious that the chats would somehow be maintained and recorded, but I feel like users should have been explicitly told this. While using the chat function before I had always wondered where my messages went when I logged off, but I had just figured that they were deleted as they didn’t appear again when I would chat with that same person the next time I logged in.

  • Double post – but I’m also a little against having the “Archive” button as an “x.” We all associate the “x” with delete in that context. Hovering over the x displays that it is in fact the button to archive, not delete the message. I haven’t done this to see if you can then delete the message, however I still think that having the interface set up that way is rather misleading.

  • I really hate this new upgrade, I want the old message system back, so many others agree too, you should change it back, it was so simple to just delete a message, but now I have to go to actions, select delete message then actually delete, before I could scroll down and delete about 10 entire conversations at one time….So please if you have any sense to go back, not many people do like this…and I just want to be able to change it back to the old way of sending a message…….

  • I srsly don’t like this! It’s driving me crazy! PLEASE JUST LET US KNOW HOW TO DISABLE THIS?!

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  • Will everyone recive the new email like the new profile?

  • Ok, here’s the plan. Have everyone you know who has upgraded to the new messaging system and didn’t like it send a complaint to Facebook and also tell all of your friends to tell all of their friends and so forth. One more thing you can do to help, go to all the other websites talking about this and spread the word. Hopefully, If enough people complain, Thay will change it back or at least give the option of changing back.

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  • I hate this new messaging system. This is the most idiotic ‘upgrade’ that Facebook has implemented. I did not ask for this so please tell me how to go back to the old messaging system and stop pushing this out to users! AWEFUL!!!!

  • I hate this new messaging system. This is the most idiotic ‘upgrade’ that Facebook has implemented. I did not ask for this so please tell me how to go back to the old messaging system and stop pushing this out to users! TERRIBLE!!!

  • i don’t like the new settings of chat and messages, its annoying and misleading.
    i can see now the old messages nor chat, i used to delete before. tsk!

  • I don’t like the new version of messaging/chat/sms, give people to go back to old version, this is really annoying
    Thank you
    Please do something as soon as poosible

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  • Everyone should e-mail facebook and complain about giving everyone an option to change back to the original settings.

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    I don not like the new one, GIVE US BACK THE OLD ONE.

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  • hey this is really annoying… may i have the previous messaging system back . ? i really don’t like the new one .. please do something about it .. it bothers me alot .. hope u will sort our problem… for this reason i wud appreciate orkut.. it gives option 2 its users with the older version or the new orkut.. bt facebook i thought u will do sumthing in this respect as soon as possible…. i cannot afford a new account for faceook.. so pls do us a favour by rolling back …thanks and god bless u

  • please face book help me get back the older version and face of face book…i think i clicked on a button that has turned things a mess…i really use face book to communicate to almost all people throughout the day ..please help me am so desperate…LOIS UGANDA..EAST AFRICA

  • I ****DESPISE**** the “upgraded” messaging system. I had no idea what the hell I was being asked to do when I was forced to upgrade. THIS IS AWFUL!!!

    HOW DO YOU GET RID OF IT???????????????

  • So Damn Stupid Of U Facebook!! GIve Us Back The Old Version!!

  • I just hate facebooks new message settings. I want an older version of fb how can i make it.

  • I hate new message settings in facebook… i lost all message! i wanna older version please… go back to how it was before:(

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      • pakistan

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  • these new message settings are sooo dumb… why did i ever upgrade!!!! facebook tricked me into thinking that i was actually going UPgrade in some way!!! someone please figure out how to go back to the origional settings and let me know. this is way too confusing i absolut;y hatttteee it!!

  • The merged conversations are a great idea… until you remember that messages are not ongoing conversations.

    Each message is a new topic, with a new subject line. They should NOT be merged together. How can I have two different ongoing conversations, about two different topics, with the same person? With Facebook’s new system, I can’t. The human thought process is being dictated by limited functionality.

    Also, the new archive of messages is terribly confusing and almost impossible to search through. For instance: I’m trying to find a conversation I had with Bob, Billy and Brian. Not so easy with the new inbox.

  • I still don’t have the new email…. it’s been awhile since I’ve requested one.

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  • _+ is there anyone knows how to put another line or enter (on what we call while using keyboard) while using facebook in mobile phones?

    TNX for the responses.. :)

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  • How do you get this, I clicked on the link and said would be notified? how long? Is there a faster way?

  • Everything is fine except it saves all chat history in your inbox. I hate it. It must have an option to disable this feature.

  • The new messaging option is stupid, I HATE IT!!! Why are they making us keep an entire conversation history? what if we want to delete some messages and keep others? with this new saving the whole conversation history u can’t delete parts of it. See many people left myspace for the changes now facebook is doing the same.

  • i like seriously want it and i havent gotetn it and i sent the request a REALLY long time ago. help please?

  • The “New Messages” is one of if not THE worst thing to ever happen to ‘my’ FaceBook … no subject line so now I have absolutely no idea who sent me what or when or locating a specific email and those typing monkeys are hard at work figuring out how to screw it up even more … EPIC FAIL!!!

  • i asked for invitation for new message 2weeks ago but i’m not receiving any invitation yet. i want the upgraded version of messaging. how can i get it?

  • i dont have facebook mobile but the messages i send to someone on the computer get recieved on the phone if he has facebook mobile, right? or not?

  • i dont like this new message upgrade this is really annoying please remove it as soon as possible please………….

  • i hate the archived messages…yeah its cool that its there but it needs a “permantly delete” button after its archived or whatever….that would be SOO much better

  • Its all part of some stupid plan to archive everthing and have everyones electronic footprint available – not cool Facebook! Another reason why I am now regretting my Facebook account. Originally, you were an amazing social networking interface that was changing the way we were interacting with the world – now, its seems like a pseudo-policed institution. Facebook can no longer be called a corporation because so many people rely on it for almost ALL apsects of their lives, any major changes (especially epic fails ones like this damn message downgrade) needs majority wins and can be vetoed by a citizens mass vote. And right now the people are speaking. We hate this stupid form of invasion of privacy mildly disguised as “streamlining our social networking”. Our private chats do not need to be recorded, we are not kleptomaniacs wishing to keep every scrap of every conversation ever recorded – there is enough crap on the internet, why waste more space to house conversations no body wants

  • I hate the new system as well. I POSTIVELY hate the so-called ‘Conversation’ system, the biggest problem I had with gmail that almost made me abandon it as a mail service until they restored the option to revert to standard emails.

    Conversation is a stupid idea that only works for short chats with people that you chat with on a frequent basis. It’s totally useless and maddening email-like messaging on specific issues or subjects because it makes it so much harder to actually manage.

  • I like everything about it EXCEPT the messages no longer come to my cox.net account. Right? that was really important to me.

  • I think its wrong that u took my facebook page away from ive been working on my games going on to years and i want it back i dident do anything wrong that was not right please give me my page back

  • I was wondering,….
    1- Do really old messages that have been received and sent months/years automatically delete?
    2- If you deleted a Facebook account would all the sent messages be deleted of the receiving persons inbox too?
    3-Ways of deleting recieved messages of friends facebook?

  • can i get a deleted message back on my face book is that possible ?

  • this is stupid!!! i “deleted” messages i didnt want my boyfriend to see…and on the full site facebook i cant see them, but on my cell phone app it showed them!!!

  • WTH??? Other People can see and read other Facebook users Text Messages thru the Facebook?!!! What is up with this? Isn’t texting suppose to be private??? Facebook really needs to fix this if it is a bug, or if it is infact true that this is the way the new Facebook messaging works, then why would anyone want to use Facebook at all???
    Someone may try to sue Facebook for this if they don’t change it! (Invasion of Privacy) I may just delete my account and i am sure more people will delete their facebook account too!

  • I had an archived facebook message that I wanted to keep. When I clicked move it disappeared !

    Where did it go and how can I get it back ???

  • does this cost ?

  • i sent a message to a few of my friends at the same time ,a few of them have since left the conversation,my question is…if i delete the message that was sent if those who didn’t leave the conversation will still have that message and will still be receiving responses,because as we know anyone who received that message will be getting any response any one gives and some of them ,no matter how you explain cant understand how to stop receiving the comments..

  • I added a mobile number to a group conversation and now it gets every message as a SMS message… I can’t figure out how to remove the mobile number from the chat??? Please help!

  • Ok, I have many many friends who get their Facebook messages & notifications sent to their cell, but from a mobile, there seems to be no way to leave a conversation. Is this just an issue for iPhone/Android/SmartPhone users?? I get a lot of messages, which I don’t mind,but most of them are from unhappy users on the list complaining that they can’t get out of the condo from the text…. Are there any options or solutions to this? People are getting all nasty and it would take me more time to block them all then to provide a useful solution so they can just leave unwanted convo’s.


    Ok folks, if you are here b/c you want a way to stop the flood of texts from group messages, just reply to the message, from your mobile with: MUTE

    I spent an hour trying to find this and had to eventually check my old cell that I just switched from… For some reason, the iPhone/Androids/SmartPhone’s don’t advise you of this as the basic phone’s do. So, I hope that helps!

  • im sorry if somebody already answered this, i read halfway but not the entire list of comments


    what i mean is, if somebody sends me an e-mail to my @hotmail, is there a way for it to be automatically sent to my new “messages interface”

    what i really want is to no longer enter http://www.hotmail.com i want to receive all my mail in facebook

    the thing is, is not that easy to make everyone aware that my new e-mail account is @facebook, so what i want is to make sure i receive all my mail on facebook, even if someone carelessly sends an email to my old @hotmail account

    IM QUTE SURE THIS “LINK” BETWEEN ACCOUNTS IS AVAILABLE ON HOTMAIL AND GMAIL, where you can make all your mail go to one or the other.

    PLEASE HELP!, thx!!!

  • new facebook message interface has included a video/image option on the bottom left corner of the message box. it allows you laptop’s webcam to talk pictures and attach it to the message. Question is, where are the images stored after sending the photo/video? tried to check the usual photo/video pages on my personal account but i cant find it. Also when someone sends an image, how come when i click that image, a prompt shows up that the content is currently unavailable. how can i save the images i received if i want to? pls help. thanks

  • I really really really DISLIKE the OTHER box!!!! I hope FB gives us the option to disable that very soon — I mean people from groups I am in send messages and I have to regularly check the other box to see if I have a new message because I am NOT NOTIFIED. I miss out on stuff because I forget to check it every day!!!

  • can we join the conversation again if we have once left the conversation I’m talking about group messages

  • Where is this actions to delete conversations???

  • can they please get rid of message history—-i really don’t need or want to see messages from two years ago.

    • You can archive or delete chats and messages from the “Actions” button on the top right in Facebook when you open a message.

  • I wrote a long message to a friend and it didnt send ,
    it said it sent to a different messaging thing ? I cant find it .
    Do you know where it went

    • sorry bro if i did i would tell

  • why do facebook think we have no mind of our own. remove this new timeline or facebook will be deleted on mass. who would like to join my demo. tell me what you all think?

  • I Hate The New Facebook Message -.- What Absolutely Bothers Me Is That When You Send A Message A Icon Will Appear Saying That Message Sent At (What Ever Time) And The Message Will Sometimes Send An Hour Later Or A Day Later . Well I’m Not Sure If It Just Happens To Me. But I Despise It!

  • For this new facebook message, are you able to see the number of posts in each message? Before it used to give you a total number of messages on the top or an exact number when you went into add people in the conversation. I had that option before, then facebook messages changed and its gone and I’m hoping it will come back with the updated message system!

    • yes it does

  • Hate the fact that all old messages and chats go with every email. Is there any way to start a new message thread without deleting all old messages? I do hate it. Whenever possible, I use an email outside of Facebook so I don’t have to deal with this.

  • I was placed on a no friending list for 15 days, for trying to friend someone whom I did not know….Again tonight someone tried to friend me. We had mutual friends so I went to accept her friendship..I was threatened that I may be permantely taken off of friending people. I know I de friended a person who said her son was secret service and kept threatening me, this is when all my trouble started. Is someone messing with me???? Please let me know I do enjoy fb but will not be punished for things I am not doing that do not warrant the inability to make new friends on fb.