Do It (Tomorrow) – A Beautiful and Simple Task List

In today’s mobile and tablet-centric world, it often feels like the best apps come out only for smartphones. Web apps and traditional PC apps often aren’t as fancy as their mobile counterparts. Plus, they’re often much more expensive than the dollar or two you might pay for a high quality mobile app.

This morning on Hacker News, I came across a new web app from the developers of a popular mobile to-do list app, Do It (Tomorrow). It turned out to be an impressive example that web apps don’t have to be saddled with bland interfaces. Best of all, it’s been designed to make it easier to manage your tasks, so it’s an elegant UI with a purpose. Keep reading to get a quick tour of Do It Tomorrow and see if this free web app is the to-do list you’ve been needing.

Do It Tomorrow is a popular mobile app that has made it’s way to the world of web apps. Each of their apps has nearly the same interface, and are designed to make it incredibly simple to keep up with what you need to do today and tomorrow. Rather than forcing you to organize tasks into projects, add tags or locations, and more, Do It Tomorrow simply has two plain text lists of the tasks you need to do today and tomorrow. Can’t finish something today? It’ll automatically be added to tomorrow’s list, ready for you to conquer later.

Do it Tomorrow can now work from any browser at their brilliant address, The app’s beautiful interface has been brought over to the web. In fact, it could easily be mistaken for a premium iPad app.

Beautiful, natural interface right in your browser

Ready to try it out? Just click the bottom right corner of the book, and it will open to reveal task lists for today and tomorrow’s tasks. If you’re using a Webkit-powered browser such as Chrome or Safari, the book will animate while it’s opening just like a real book. This has been designed using CSS 3D tranforms, and it will be exciting to see how developers use features like this in the future to make even more natural interfaces in the browser. The only problem is, you can’t use the app in Internet Explorer (but you weren’t going to anyhow, right? 😉 ).

The task book opens with CSS 3D transforms

Getting Your Account

You can go ahead and start adding tasks without an account, but since Do It (Tomorrow) is free, you can make an account and keep your tasks forever on any device. Just click the I am a new user button on the right, enter your email and a password, and click Register. Right away, without refreshing your page, you’ll be logged in and can start adding new tasks to your account. Unfortunately, if you typed in any tasks before you registered, these won’t be imported into your account right now. Hopefully that will be changed in the future.

You can then choose for the app to keep you logged in, though in my tests, it’s currently logging you out every time you close the tab whether you check the box or not. Still, it’s about the easiest signup process I’ve ever seen on a web app.

Signup in one step

Today & Tomorrow

Keeping up with the things you need to do isn’t much harder. Just type in the things you want to do today or tomorrow in the top line on their respective pages. Hit enter to add the task, and you can then immediately start typing in your next task. Each of the tasks looks somewhat like they’re written by hand, with the Vavont font and drawn arrows.

Add tasks for today and tomorrow quickly

Once you’ve finished a task, just click it to scratch it off. Or, if you decide to put something off until tomorrow, or want to do one of tomorrow’s tasks today, just click the arrow on the task to push it to the next page. You can also delete tasks: click the edit button, then click the iOS style delete button beside the task you want to remove.

Mark off finished tasks, or put them off until tomorrow

That’s all there is to it. Do it Tomorrow is a dead-simple way to keep up with the basic things you need to do. If you need to keep track of advanced projects and deadlines, it’s likely not the app you need. But,  most of us need to keep up with some of the smaller things that need done each day that we’d otherwise forget. Even if you use a more advanced task manager, it can be nice to see what you really need to get done today, and put everything else off.

That’s where this app comes in handy. It’s easy to manage, and won’t take hours to learn how to use it. Plus, if you don’t get something done today, it’ll automatically get pushed to the next day’s list until you get it done. Just jot down those things you need to get done, and quit worrying about forgetting them.

Take Your Tasks With You

Do it Tomorrow came out first as a mobile app, and the web app is the latest addition to the suite. If you’d like to keep up with your tasks on the go, be sure to check out their mobile apps. You can download a free Android app or a basic iPhone version to try it out, or get the premium version that works on iPhone and iPad. Sign in with the account you just made, and your tasks from your browser will be ready to be finished on the go.

Also, I tried out the web app on an iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 4.3, and it worked amazingly well. So, if there’s not a mobile app for your smartphone, you could give the web app a try and see if it works in your browser. If it’s Webkit-based, it just might work.

Use Do It (Tomorrow) on your smartphone or iPad


There’s no lack of project and task management apps, and sometimes it seems like there’s more than anyone could possibly use. The great thing is, that means there’s likely an app out there that will fit your precise work style. It’s nice to see such a well designed app be brought to the web, while still feeling like a modern smartphone or tablet app.

Be sure to give a try! It’s beautiful, free, and, hey, it just might help you keep up with what you need to do. Tomorrow.


Do it (Tomorrow) is an impressively simple to-do list that only makes you think about what you need to do today and tomorrow. Use it from your browser, then take your tasks with you with native smartphone apps.



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  • The one I use lately is because it combines simple and powerful task management. Unfortunately, it does not support files yet but I hope that they will include it near future.

    And whats most important it’s FREE :-)

  • Hmm…

    In IE it doesn’t work right now; seems the css file can’t be loaded.
    In FF it works, however it’s too simple; can’t compete with

    Crap? At least I don’t understand why this one gets 9/10. Anyone?

    • I gave them a point boost for innovative design. Hey, some things aren’t very useful, but it’s neat to see them push the bar. Think of it like a Pixar short versus a very good other short video. I’d rate the Pixar short better usually.

      But, that said, it’s not powerful enough for my needs. I’m someone who could almost use Basecamp personally and get by better :)

    • No, I’m with the reviewer on this one. Having tried Do It (Tomorrow) for a few days, I happily junked Wunderlist. Why? Because simplicity is the essence of goodness and Wunderlist strays into the dark side of scheduling. And scheduling is one of the main devices that procrastinators (like me) use to beat themselves up rather than doing stuff.

  • I love this app!! I have other apps goiter more detailed and categorized lists, but this is perfect for three basic stuff I need to remember *right now.* out takes the place of that little notepad our piece of paper usually in your wallet our pocket. *love*