JotForm + Dropbox = New Favorite App

We all know how great Dropbox is and the many, many different ways it can be used to simplify your life. As great as Dropbox is, there are ways it could be even better and JotForm has done just that.

JotForm has made it drop dead simple to create a form you can simply link to or embed elsewhere that allows people to submit files directly to your Dropbox account! We’ll take a look at how easy this is and why you’ll want to use it, so read on!

What is JotForm?

JotForm is a dead simple drag and drop web form builder. I mean really, JotForm is easy! You don’t even have to sign up to create your a form and if you have basic needs for forms, you can just stick with a free account. If you use forms more frequently (or your site visitors do), then their pricing plans will provide the extra options you need at very affordable prices.



You’ll notice JotForm is one of our site advertisers if you take a peek at the right sidebar. With that in mind, I want to clarify that this is not a paid review or anything of the like. They are an advertiser on our site, and we appreciate it, but if their app(s) were crap, we would certainly say so.

Having said that, I really do like JotForm and will be recommending it to others when the opportunity arises. It’s simple, easy and works.

JotForm + Dropbox

The JotForm team recognized a demand and decided to do something about it. More specifically, they created an easier way for Dropbox users to allow a wider range of people to send files directly to their Dropbox account. People use Dropbox for all sorts of reasons — sharing files being a big one — so tons of people already use Dropbox, but it’s not quite easy enough for large numbers of people to send Dropbox users files. JotForm has changed that.

JotForm Dropbox Forms

JotForm Dropbox Forms

Set It Up

So let’s jump right to it and get a form setup that will allow people to send files to your Dropbox account. Head over to and click the big orange button that says, “Create a Dropbox Form.” You’ll get an overlay popup telling you they need API access to your Dropbox account.

Create Dropbox Form

Create Dropbox Form

Don’t worry! JotForm isn’t gaining access to your account and your account security isn’t being compromised. The process uses OAuth so you’re safe and secure.

Once you’ve logged into Dropbox and allowed JotForm access to the API they will setup integration and create a sample form for you. The process only takes a few seconds and you’ll be ready to go. If you want to further customize your form, you’ll be able to sign up for an account later or you can do that first and then add Dropbox integration later.



When your form is ready they’ll provide you with a link you can share or some code to embed the form into your website or somewhere else. Also note that you can preview your sample form to decide whether or not you want to further customize it.

Form Code

Form Code

The sample form is clean and simple, including the information most necessary; name, email address, description and file(s) to upload. Once submitted, the user will be directed to a basic “Thank You” page letting them know their submission has been received.

Sample Form

Sample Form

Note that files are uploaded with progress indicators for each one which allows for adding more files before sending.

The files will appear in a JotForm directory inside your Dropbox directory. A PDF is created which contains the information submitted with the form along with a list of the files. And don’t worry, each submission is contained in it’s own session directory rather than thrown into one big pile of unorganized files!

Submissions to Dropbox accounts are limited to 300 MB due to Dropbox’s API. If you need more for your submissions, JotForm allows up to 1 GB per submission.

Final Thoughts

JotForm’s Dropbox forms are awesome and so is JotForm’s regular forms. Like I said earlier, this will definitely be on my list of recommended apps. Although I’ve only covered the Dropbox form feature in this review, JotForm is well worth trying out if you’re looking for an easy and affordable web forms solution. They have a free plan so you really have nothing to lose.

Since JotForm is so great, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the full app in another review, so stay tuned! If you’ve already used the Dropbox form feature or plan on using it soon, let us know what you thought via comment below or Facebook.


JotForm Dropbox forms offers a quick, simple and free way to link to or embed a form that allows users to send files directly to your Dropbox account.



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  • That is a coincidence! I was just using Jotform today and was thinking it would be awesome if you could upload files to a Dropbox account. This will be especially handy when a client has a lot of files that won’t fit on an email.

  • This is great! I occasionally have clients who tried to send massive files via email. This could solve the problem. Many thanks for an interesting informative post and for sharing this great sounding application :)

  • This looks promising, but for the price I think I’ll stick with

    • free?

  • Really good… I started creating a new submission form for Aetuts+, but as I went through it… I think I’m just gonna keep this for personal stuff. I really appreciate you bringing this to us!

  • This is marvellous. I’ve been using a small hack to let people upload files to my Dropbox account but this is far more stable. I will definitely be using this in the future.

  • How about something even better and more useful – a website builder and Content Management System (CMS) that uses Dropbox; ***** see *****
    You can also use jotforms by simply embedding your finished jotforms source script url. Seriously, this is one of the best ideas that I have ever come across because it is so simple to use.
    I am not the author of this service – I’m not clever enough – but it really is so simple to build your own website and then use Dropbox / DropPages to manage the content and then add some jotforms.
    Finally, if you use the Chrome Browser and an add-on called SourceKit (src:kit) you can edit your content in one browser tab and view the resulting website in another tab,…… genius!!!

  • I just did this today- Now my blog readers can upload straight to my dropbox without ever having to register!!

    I know so many people who are just too proud to register for dropbox/you send it or etc…

    Also I received a big file from a government agency too!

    Beats the days of the email limit!

  • I also forgot to mention- You can also add a password to your Jotform (Esp. if you have form embedded) and then just email it out to those who need it.