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Bookmarking apps are not exactly the rare breed they used to be. A lot has changed over a couple of years. In fact, there is too much supply than demand in the marketplace. On the other hand, the volume of bookmarks are going up exponentially and in nine out of ten cases users are locked into the service they first sign up with.

That probably explains the torrent of new wave bookmarking apps. Grazely is a next generation social bookmarking tool that helps you discover, save, organize and share exciting content on the web, privately or publicly. Is this web app as exceptional as it clams to be? Let us go find out!


Grazely strives to not be the garden variety bookmarking apps that we know already. The web app works by letting you create a single user account to manage all your bookmarks. Sign in from any Internet connected device and you can instantly access all your bookmarks and find the content you need, without hassles.



Grazely also comes with 128-bit encryption that can be enabled at the flip of a button, instantly protecting all of your bookmarks and credentials from prying eyes. Security is something that the rest of competition doesn’t care about!

Ease of Use

When the homepage mentioned about securing bookmarks, I assumed that it’s gonna be a https connection instead of http. But Grazely takes security a notch above the rest of Web 2.0 apps. To start with, you have to generate a secure key (that only you know) by clicking and dragging the mouse across the bookmark key boxes.

Generating Secure Keys

Generating Secure Keys

This step is simple enough and if you are an Android user, then probably you should be familiar with this gesture locking system. Be sure to remember what symbol you drew on the boxes. If you plan to be on the safer side, opt for the Grazely Managed Key option.

That way, when recovering your key, your identity will be confirmed by Grazely staff. This is not an instant process, but atleast you can be rest assured the data can be retrieved at the earliest possible occasion. However, if you choose the User Managed option and then forget it, then you will be locked out of your bookmarks forever, since even Grazely doesn’t store the key in their servers.

Adding Bookmarks

Creating a Bookmark

Creating a Bookmark

After that comes the annoying profile completion wizard. While the wizard mentions that this step is optional, unless you hit save repeatedly, there is no way to move ahead. This wizard is gonna put off a lot of users. Finally, at the end of all this comes the Create a bookmark page. How many of you guys actually copy and paste the URL into a form to create a bookmark? It’s almost always via a bookmarklet or a plugin, isn’t it?

As soon as you enter the URL, the web app automatically pulls the title of the page for relevancy. Option to add a bookmark to groups and tag auto suggestions are cool additions worth mentioning. Private bookmarks aren’t available in your public timeline, so don’t worry if you don’t find something you have added earlier.

Accessing Bookmarks

Using the Bookmarklet

Using the Bookmarklet

The Grazely bookmarklet works in a familiar way. Find a page you like? Click the bookmarklet, add some tags, notes and save it to the group of your choice.

Bookmarks View

Bookmarks View

All bookmarks are presented elegantly in the Bookmarks section of the app. If you haven’t marked a bookmark as private, you can share them with your friends at Twitter or Facebook instantly using the social sharing icons.


Latest Groups

Latest Groups

Taking advantage of Grazely’s unique Groups feature, you can organize your contacts and share content with those members within your group.

List of Members

List of Members

Members section comes with an interesting twist. From what I saw, I guess all the registered members are listed in this section, unless they have explicitly disabled the option. From here you can checkout all the public bookmarks and the social profile of the user. A follow option is clearly missing though!

Final Thoughts

Bookmarking has gone mainstream now. Whether they are going to look at them later or not, people just bookmark away. Even in my case, the number of bookmarks have gone up two or threefold after discovering Springpad. Secure group sharing of bookmarks is the major USP of Grazely.

One major disappointment with bookmarking apps in general is that, they tend to stop innovating shortly after launch. New features are hard to come by and if you are really lucky, a version 2.0 might show up after a couple of years. I hope Grazely doesn’t fall into this mould. There might be some who will definitely question the need to secure a bunch of links, but personally I liked their initiative. Way to go Grazely!

Share Your Thoughts!

Which is your go to bookmarking app? Have you ever ditched one bookmarking app for another?


Grazely is a next generation social bookmarking app that will help you discover, organize, and share exciting content on the web, publicly or privately.



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  • Ive seen the demo video for Grazely, and i must admit it looks pretty good!
    I think i will probably invest in Grazely at some point soon, but for now,
    free plan is doing just fine.

  • Certainly my favorite bookmarking app!

  • Bookmarking apps and websites are just dumb. Use the browsers bookmarking. That is the fastest way to get where you want to go. All browsers can sync there bookmarks with either the cloud, other computers, or dropbox now, so forget all these third party things. Then you won’t have to be scared of losing all your bookmarks when the website folds (e’hem… Delicious)

    • But you can’t tag in Browser-based bookmarking. And you can’t easily share links or groups of links in Browser-based bookmarking. I often use Delicious stacks these days to share groups of bookmarks with my clients.

      • Firefox has had tags in their bookmarks for quite some time. At least 2 years now.
        And if you are using a Mac, why do you even need tags? You just search in Spotlight or Alfred and the bookmark you want appears instantly.
        As for sharing, every browser has a share or send link menu item in the file menu to email links to people. True, you cannot email a group of links.
        I dunno, this just seems like a tool no one will use because there are already so many out there. And the majority of people are still just going to Google and typing in the site they are looking for.
        Also, adding bookmarks to this site is way too complex a process I don’t bother with groups, tags or descriptions. I like to click the add bookmark button and be done.

  • Kippt is better and more beautiful.

  • I like simple design of Grazely. I was looking for some alternative for delicious. I don’t like changes made after seperation from Yahoo. Thanks for review I will try it.

  • Lets welcome Grazely in to the world of Bookmarking. There are already plethora of social bookmarking sites/apps on top of the browser based ones. Let me explore this one.