Make Multiple Blogs Manageable with ManageWP

Whether you run your own blog network built around the open source WordPress platform or you just manage a few blogs for clients, you’ll probably understand how hard it is to manually maintain these through each one’s separate admin panels. It appears that the developers of ManageWP have decided to do something about this and have developed an app that takes care of the issue for those finding it to be a problem.

ManageWP allows bloggers and webmasters alike to manage multiple WordPress-powered websites easily within one central admin panel. With support for network-wide upgrades and the installing of additional plugins and themes to all blogs, it can be a real help to those finding this to be the case.


ManageWP is an app to remove any multiple website manager’s worries. It provides an interface for those placed in charge of maintaining WordPress websites to easily allow bulk actions to be performed and each website easily manageable inside a single admin panel. It supports the installing of themes and plugins across various blogs, statistics for them and more. In addition to this, it comes with an incredibly useful backup feature that means data loss should never be a major worry.



Adding a Site

Once the account is created, ManageWP allows users to jump straight in and add a blog to their account. The only information it requires is the URL of that website and the admin username. It also provides the ability to assign a colour to that site and choose a group for it to be added to, meaning that the website can easily be found within the ManageWP interface if it’s grouped with other similar websites on the account.

Adding a Site

Adding a Site

Once this is complete, the website will then automatically appear within the app. Note: you’ll also have to install the ManageWP worker plugin before the blog can be added so if this hasn’t already been done, you’ll be prompted about it beforehand. You can add more websites using this method and the app even supports the bulk adding of blogs – showing its dedication to making these tasks much simpler than ever. Once this step’s complete, you can begin to make use of the app.



Plugins and Themes

One area where ManageWP excels it its ability to do an everyday action on a set of blogs at one time. An example is the app’s ability to install plugins and themes across a variety of blogs in a single click. When accessing this part of the app, users are given the option of having the addons installed to either a chosen range of websites picked individually or whole groups. This can be especially useful if you’d like a feature added to all of your sites that is made possible by a plugin and don’t want to do this manually. The same goes for themes, this being more useful for blog networks that generally have the same sort of theme spread out across multiple websites – like AppStorm, for example.

Installing Themes

Installing Themes


Arguably one of the most important features that ManageWP throws into the mix is the ability to update several websites at once. Not just the software, though. Themes, plugins and the WordPress core itself. This is an incredibly good security measure for blogs and can ensure that no sites within the network are comprised due to running an older and less secure version of either the WordPress core or the plugins contained within each. Should updates be available for any of the websites added to the ManageWP account, they can easily be seen within the app and a count total will be displayed. Should users want to view just the number of updates available for a single website within the various ones available, this data can then be filtered down on a per-site basis.

Blogs Full Update

Blogs Full Update

Bulk Posts

Similarly to the updates feature of the app, ManageWP also allows for more bulk actions to be performed on various sites added to the account. A useful one of these is the bulk posting feature. It provides an interface, similar to that of the WordPress admin panel itself, for any webmaster to add a post to several blogs at once. This can in useful should you be running a network and want a post to be visible on several blogs at once. Of course, this can be done manually but with this, it can also consume a fair bit of time.

Creating Bulk Posts

Creating Bulk Posts


In the inevitable event that you want to ensure that you do not lose any of the websites’ data should it ever be lost, ManageWP offers users the ability to automatically backup their files and database at set intervals. When a new backup task is added, the app allows users to choose which parts of the websites they’d like backing up and then which particular blogs the task applies to.

New Backup Task

New Backup Task

The default storage option is to have the backup hosted on the user’s server but the app then offers a variety of alternative methods to store these. The backups can be sent via email, added to a Dropbox account or even uploaded to an Amazon S3 server. Overall, it offers a neat array of options to ensure that no website loses its precious information.


In my opinion, there is a significant need for this type of app. It’s apparent that blog networks are becoming really big (hey, look at Envato) so there is definitely a lot of demand for an app that can sort out all of this. ManageWP seems to do this job quite well and comes with a nice range of features that could benefit anyone in charge of several blogs and the fact that it shows updates for all blogs and allows just about any typical action usually needed to be performed on multiple blogs at once, making maintenance incredibly easy. There are a couple of drawbacks with the app, though. The interface itself can seem a bit cluttered and confusing at first sight but when you get used to it, it’s pretty much follows the same sort of design as the WordPress admin panel itself. This aside, overall, I deem this app to be perfect for those managing websites for clients and networks alike! Good job.


ManageWP allows just about anyone to manage multiple WordPress installations in a single interface. No need to worry about updating each blog individually. ManageWP allows bulk actions to be performed with a couple of clicks!



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  • I was a beta test for this service and I can attest to the fact that it makes multi-site management a breeze.

    The features are top notch, and the support folks are quick to respond, usually within a few hours!

    The backup system is brilliant! The real nice bit is not just plugin management, but there’s a plugin bookmarking tool of sorts that allows you to mass deploy your favorite plugins from a library you build. Very handy for getting client sites going.

    Sadly, the pricing is a bit extreme for the service they offer. To support all my clients I’d be pouring money down them. In place of ManageWP I use the free (albeit not as feature rich)

    It has many of the bulk management tools that make ManageWP attractive, but sadly does not feature as robust backups, or theme & plugin management (updates, no libraries).

    ~ Dr. Peril

    • I’m sorry to hear about this, Dr. Peril.

      If you ever have any suggestions on how we can make it right, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected].

  • I have also been using WP Remote and I love it. It’s very helpful for updating and backups. I’m just waiting for scheduled backups to become available.

    If ManageWP included backup support in the standard package, I would consider it.

    • Hi Sydney,

      Unfortunately, the cost of backups is something that we had to consider when determining the pricing of our service. We can’t afford to operate at a loss, as you surely understand. We have an incredible amount of overhead with a staff count that continues to grow. We have created our service to provide as much value as possible with as little cost as possible.

      But we know that people who value their time and their businesses understand that the value they extract from ManageWP is incredibly valuable.

      If you ever want to make the switch to ManageWP, shoot me an email at [email protected] — and perhaps we can talk more about this.


  • Thanks so much for the incredible review Ryan! I’m James, CMO at ManageWP.

    I just want to let everyone know that we are working on an incredible suite of features and have so much more fascinating functionality in the pipeline that will keep increasing the value of ManageWP over time. We are so happy with the work we have accomplished and our customers are so passionate and supportive.

    We know that people who take their businesses seriously extract so much value from our services, and we are doing everything we can to support them in their efforts.

    Feel free to email [email protected] if you ever have any questions or comments about ManageWP. I’ll also be sure to help get anyone setup with an account. :)