Quick Look: PSDvoid
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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting PSDvoid. Here’s how the developer describes PSDvoid.

Just entering our 3rd phase of testing we have started our invite only Open Beta of the world’s first PSD Publishing, Sharing, and Collaboration web app. Our site does all the work of creating thumbnails and preview files to cut down on your time. We allow you to license your work with a Copyright, Creative Commons, or Public Domain, select a category, and tags.

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About the App

Here are the top five features you can expect to see in the latest version:

  1. Upload PSD and PSB file and preview images are automatically created behind the scenes.
  2. Preview validated PSDs that are guaranteed to be valid files.
  3. The ability to follow users, categories, and tags all or view all PSDs uploaded by everyone.
  4. Ability to Collaborate with other designers online. (coming soon)
  5. Ability to export your work to external applications such as Twitter (twitpic), Facebook, Forrst, Myows, ect. (coming soon).

Requirements: Web Browser and Photoshop
Price: Free
Developer: Jonathan Yarbor

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  • “of the world’s first PSD Publishing, Sharing, and Collaboration web app”

    That’s a joke, is it? There are a lot web apps and services like this.

    • No other application does all of the above with PSDs alone. There are applications that include PSDs in their flow, but none that natively work with PSD files.

      • How is this different than DesignMoo, 365PSD, Littlepsd, or Dribbble?

  • Follow and Tweet @psdvoid to get an invite. (giving 10 invites out!)

    • I feel like this isn’t useful at all, especially since Dribbble just launched a file upload system, where you can share, get feedback on PSD’s or any zip file. The idea is neat, but good luck getting users to actually use it.


      Also, I would like to mention, you need to get some design built into your site.


      • Thanks for the feedback. This site has some history almost a year and a half back. It was built for a school competition and went to nationals. I reworked the entire site again as I had a lot more flexibly from what the competition required of our site. I’ve been trying to find a designer who is interested however it has been unfruitful. I felt the important thing was to launch it before more sites launched making us look even more like a copy.

        The idea behind the site is more of a safe and easier sharing environment. We validate and convert the PSDs server-side to ensure what you are downloading is safe. We have extensive plans for the site, but are still working out the basics right now. Also the site’s functionality is for sharing and collaboration – not getting feedback or showing off your work.

  • Already done. @meydjer

  • It’s done…. @ministrypixel

  • What’s so special about this? I don’t find it very useful. And the PSD’s that are public are poorly designed!

    • Not all of them, some are as we don’t control quality, but we definitely have some great works uploaded.

    • I took some advise from what you said and changed the homepage from the most recent to the most popular. Now you should see the best of the best without having to dig around too much.

      • How is this different than 365psd, DesignMoo, Littlepsd, Premium Pixels, or any other psd sharing resource? At 365psd you can upload psds, just like you can on your site, and their site is much friendlier. I wouldn’t mind trying your site out thought.

        Do you have a beta key or something?

      • How is this different? Our site actually goes into detail of reading PSDs, validating that they are in fact a real PSD, converting them into a browser friendly version that anyone can see WITHOUT A PREVIEW IMAGE, and creates a panel for designers to collaborate with one another – seamlessly.

        You can share PSDs on many sites including DeviantART, 365psd, DesignMoo, Littlepsd, Premium Pixels, your own website, and ect. The problem is that your users don’t have validation of the PSD, no visual to see what they are actually downloading, and that is more work for the sharing party.